As I’m sure you agree, it’s hard being a human being. We need methods and tools to help us navigate the pitfalls of the mind, of the body, and of the world.

THIS IS NOT A SELF-HELP SITE this is where you’ll learn to do it – watch this video and get more of an idea:

You’ve landed at what’s probably the biggest and most comprehensive online school of ancient Taoism made modern in the whole world and you couldn’t have arrived anywhere much better to acquire what you need.

Here is where all the bullshit has been cut through and dispensed with as if with a mighty sword.

this_is_tao_2Taoism is an ancient Chinese system that teaches you to handle life like a true warrior – someone who can rise to every occasion, who can acquit themselves with utter aplomb whether in the middle of a street fight or having tea with the Queen, someone who has learned never to worry again because they’ve found the magic key to draw to themselves with ease all the resources, wherewithal, opportunities and help they need, someone who is utterly confident they’ll handle whatever happens just fine, someone who is centered enough in their own power not to seek or need the validation or approval of others to feel OK about themselves, someone who is well-rounded and globally awake enough to know it all works better with kindness and who has the capacity to be kind without being taken advantage of – and who has the ability and capacity to heal people (including themselves).

Aside from death nothing is certain anymore – careers, plans, the future, none of it – nothing ever really was certain in fact because we live in a transient universe – but it’s seemingly growing more uncertain by the moment. That’s why we need this material and we need it fast – and that’s why we need this school. It teaches you everything you need to know to survive this and even to thrive on it.

It doesn’t take long – a year or so and with enough diligence and practice you’ll be fully equipped to handle even nuclear war and make it feel like fun.

That’s how powerful this Taoist stuff is.

And at a more mundane shopping-mall type level you’ll get better looking, younger looking, more relaxed looking and altogether more desirable a proposition on all levels, so should things work out with less drama, noise and radiation, you’ll be having way more fun than you ever have before.

But at a less mundane, keys-to-paradise type level, the practice of Taoism comes with a promise of immortality – not like a vampire who has to sleep in a coffin by day and act in Hollywood movies at night like some zombie whore for a living but immortal in the sense of your consciousness continuing uninterrupted, in tact, and stupendous even after you’ve shuffled off your mortal coil.

I can’t strictly vouch for this as I don’t recall what happened the last time I died but knowing the integrity levels of these characters my tendency is to roll with that.

Internal Kung Fu For Eternal Life 

Kung fu means working on yourself – internal kung fu means organically building up the daily practice of ordering your mind, your emotions, your physical state and the state of your affairs from deep within, whence you access the power and presence of the Tao (the primary generative force of everything) – the eternal or limitless self within. Once you’ve got that sorted you’re invincible and unstoppable.

What you’ll find here is an encyclopaedic array of self-educative tools and triggers to bring it alive for you and make it happen.

DSC_1132You don’t need help – you’re fine as you are

…you just need to learn to stop running interference on yourself and roll a bit better with what resources you’ve got – and the world will open up to you and give you everything you want.

This is where you’ll learn to do it.

What differentiates this site from the majority of self-help or self-development sites is that I’m not a marketing person who’s seen the potential for selling a pile of self help tools to make as much money as possible.

I’m a teacher and leading expert in my field (you can read about my many and varied career here). I’ve 40+ years experience helping and teaching practical Taoist methods to millions, strictly faithful to the tradition yet translated comprehensively and responsibly into the contemporary context. In short, what I teach has substance.

And its fun to do.

This site is not for stick-in-the-muds – this is for people who want to enjoy the ride and party all the way to the end


… because it’s hard being a human being…

We all make it look easy enough – that’s how showbiz works – but don’t be fooled – behind each and every smiley face is someone suffering from the human condition – without exception.

There are myriad ways touted to manage and ameliorate the human condition and have command of all the challenges arising on the way but possibly none as practical, succinct and bullshit-free as the comprehensive Taoist system.

And it doesn’t matter what you’re into – it doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from, where you are, who you are, how old you are, how rich or poor you are, what gender/s you are, what your beliefs are, what your current practices are – Practical Taoism offers a profoundly simple, elegant down-to-the-nub cosmological and philosophical set of clear principles for reaching full potential to enjoy a long, healthy, productive, magnificent life in good standing among humankind, and provides a cornucopia of master-level effective methods to help you embody these principles so you too can attain to the life-management tricks and skills of the kung fu master and so effortlessly better yourself, better your performance, and better your chances, in every conceivable way.

Practical Taoism rejuvenates you every day in every way – you get younger as you get older

At its highest/deepest ‘Internal Alchemy’ level, the practice of Taoism, the original, proto-historic shamanism-based way of the ancient orient dating back thousands of years, grants immortality of consciousness. And with such a treasure under your belt, hence with the fear of dying significantly reduced and your appreciation of being alive significantly increased, the attainment of every gift life on Earth has to offer is mere child’s play, merely by sitting back and drawing it to you.

This ability to ride the current masterfully enough to catch the prizes with ease is known as TAOIST MAGIC – wu wei, the way of intentionality followed by effortless action.

Whatever you’re into, I have tricks to make it (even) better 

Whatever you wish to achieve, protect, promote, I have tricks or methods to actualize it in the simplest, swiftest, most super-charged way.

fitness of mind, fitness of body, command of communication, clarity and perspective, confidence, motivation, follow-through, stamina, command of resources, connectedness, congruence, contentmentfreedom, fun, fulfilment

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These deep guided meditations lasting up to 30 minutes you can do anytime you like. Each one focuses on a different angle of life and of the Taoist meditation method set to a specially grown undergrowth of sonic frequencies and multiple subliminal positive affirmations to support the experience and enhance the soothing, enlightening effect.




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Covering all aspects of Taoist practice, addressing all aspects of the human condition, and attending to making all the aforementioned improvements ranging all the way from clearing anxiety to becoming a golden immortal and riding the backs of dragons through the seven celestial spheres if you want it.

…and to make it far more loving and human for all of us…


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I’m looking forward to being your brother on the way – may your road be gentle and take you to beautiful places, and may your life be positively affected in great measures of ten thousand increments each from your visits to this site.


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