Start Achieving Unprecedented Success In All Areas Today

It’s normal for most people to go about concerned primarily with their own success from moment to moment – success in the broadest sense: succeeding in earning a living, standing in good relation to others, earning the respect of others, feeling strong and healthy and living a long life, attaining spiritual integrity and manifesting a life of love, joy and beauty. However this propensity for self-centredness is precisely what blocks, delays and/or limits that very success coming to them.

The key to success in all senses lies in knowing yourself as a nexus of life, love and consciousness in an infinite net of life love and consciousness, one in which each individual nexus is fully interdependent on all others and vice versa.

Mechanically speaking, success comes to you through other people. It’s other people that deliver you what you need to succeed. When those in your orbit feel well, warm and cared for by you, they tend to deliver what you need to succeed far more freely and effectively and it makes them feel good to do so.

Metaphysically speaking, success comes to you when you’re standing in good relation to the whole.

Kill two birds with one stone and start achieving unprecedented success in all areas today by shifting your stance a propos the whole to one where, rather than ego-centric, you devote yourself by intention and action to serving the whole, via serving others. And the way you serve others is to take care of them.

This doesn’t need to comprise aspiring to saintliness in thought, word or deed, but intending warmth, safety, comfort, wellbeing and optimal results for all comers.

So you see yourself as a kindly, responsible member of the collective and you make it your business to think, speak and act with kindness, like a sister or brother who wants to make sure all 6.6 billion siblings are doing as well as can be. It’s enough simply to have and hold that intention. It will inform the way you negotiate your way from moment to moment with others on a micro level and cause you to spontaneously act with helpful kindness.

This in turn will cause the whole to reward you by triggering serendipity at every turn.

Continued in today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop

Today, may you feel the joy of adopting such a stance and so start achieving unprecedented success in all areas of your life.

With love, Doc

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