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Learn to stand still and upright in qigong and you’re able to (literally) withstand all the pressures of life including all the pressure you put on yourself and you’re able (literally) to understand every situation and you (literally) up your standing in life because standing qigong is magic.

It’s also incredibly powerful exercise.

It’s paradoxical because ostensibly you’re not doing anything – just standing there. But in fact standing there like that is a real challenge that requires full concentration and awareness.

And though on the surface of things you’d think it the easiest aspect of qigong to learn because all you do is stand there, it’s actually the most difficult, though simple to follow, and requires the most focus and the effect is the most powerful and hence it’s the most advanced level of qigong practice this side of the actual internal alchemical aspect (which comes next after this).

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Develops super-strength
Yet is also ideal if your movement is impaired and you can’t do QIGONGO or WAYSTRONGO QIGONGO

(let me explain)…


Is a daily practice of rare dynamic strength qigong that ensures optimal strength fitness, tone, flexibility, suppleness, staying power, youthfulness, healing, center, poise, grace, longevity, and overall brilliance with the minimum of daily input – I do it every day without fail.

It takes 21 days to learn the whole sequence then about 18 minutes a day to practice but rather than being a must-do chore it quickly becomes a benign addiction it’s all but impossible to imagine yourself living without.






Is a 90-minute intensive qigong ‘workout’

– more play-out really –

– it takes 5 days’ worth of daily sessions to learn the routine then you do it through in one,

– to practice once a month or so to imbue you with a blast of strength and tone so suddenly dramatically increased it surprises you, to be followed up with daily QIGONGO to keep it growing for you





Is the advanced level because it’s very hard to stand firm and powerful for long.

Traditionally serious martial arts masters insisted the student hold one posture for up to an hour every day for a year and a day before expecting to start learning the martial arts forms.

By the time I started in 1965 this had been reduced to a month – but still.

However owing to our increasingly short patience-spans

the STAND STRONGO QIGONGO training consists of 13 standing postures held from between approximately 3 and 18 minutes

while deploying a combination of alternating dynamic and passive strength, and varying depth of leg-bend to induce a variety of deepened states of meditation, with me jollying you along with instruction and encouragement so you don’t get bored or give up.

You go at your own pace in terms of how much you bend, and how much dynamic strength you deploy and even how long you stand for though recommended you stay with the pace on that when possible for maximum effect.

You learn and experience one posture each day for 13 consecutive days (or broken if you can’t manage consecutive, but consecutive is preferable) and on the 14th day you do the whole sequence in one.

You then practice the whole sequence or sections of it – it comes in sections so is easy to chunk as you like – but running the whole sequence is preferable – once a week, or once a fortnight but once a week is preferable – and combined with QIGONGO and WAYSTRONGO QIGONGO or even just in its own but combined is preferable, you find yourself enjoying , without hyperbole, superhuman strength beyond your wildest dreams.

Of course this is relative to the levels of human strength you’re accustomed to.

But the differential is not incremental – you won’t be just twice or three times as strong – it’s exponential – you’ll be in a different dimension of strength and I mean true core strength all the way out to the surface and beyond, and not just strength of muscle but of mental and emotional processing and in all skills relating to interacting with humanity.

Plus it’s perfect if you can’t move but can stand, perfect for lower back problems as it allows the spine to hang and unfurl with no upward pressure on the sacral bone.

And the strengthening effect on the quadriceps muscles (front of thighs), the ‘sea of blood’ as they’re known by Taoists, is remarkable and has far-reaching benefits – motivational power is increased, circulation is increased, pressure on the heart is reduced, stamina is increased, and of course stability of mind, body, and perhaps most importantly, emotions, is naturally increased.

And all exponentially.

But these are words – the experience goes far beyond words – the benefits go far beyond anything that can be communicated.

And that’s why there’s this training – and its companion trainings – because

until you do it you seriously can’t imagine the effect – until you do it you can’t even have a glimmer of an idea of how powerful this practice is


Stand Strongo Qigongo
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 Stand Strongo Qigongo & Qigongo daily qigong system – together just

$237 (save $57)



Advanced Standing Qigong



Daily Qigong System



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Advanced Standing Qigong

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3 x $33

Daily Qigong System  

instalment plan 

3 x $67

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3 x $79

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What people say about learning with Barefoot Doctor

“One of the most organic, authentically Loving teachers I have the pleasure to experience”

AyAnna, USA

“I just want to say how amazing this whole (qi gong) training is! I feel much more grounded, balanced and even on both sides of the body and really starting to develop muscle tone and all in a relatively short space of time!”


“Everything you teach helps – there is not one thing that you have taught that I have not had results with. Your gift, Sir, is our reward.”

Donna-Marie, Canada

“Really enjoying the (qi gong) practice, and surprised at how effective it is. Even after the first few moves I can feel the effects of more openness in my body and expansion in my mind – like the practice is waking me up. These practices are exactly what this body has been craving! Loving it!”


“The doc’s teachings …well where to start? The techniques I’m learning have helped heal parts of my body… I am unrecognizable to myself from two years ago and this is just the start! Thank you Doc.”

Paul, UK

“I have only gratitude, that I stumbled across your teachings and helped change my life, health and outlook, with love and light,”

Mary, UK

“I have had a chronic problem with a rotor cuff injury. These (qi gong) exercises are working miracles with it. In addition, my energy level and focus are on the rise. Thanks Doc.”


“Stephen you have a Taoist buoyancy and there is such an inner joyfulness in your core essence that it lightens the load of any and everyone you touch. Brightest Blessings of Love and Light Always.”

Richard, USA

“Your way of describing all this wisdom makes it very easy. Thank you for your help.”

Jobst, Germany

Who is Barefoot Doctor?

The Barefoot Doctor, Stephen Russell, began practicing martial arts at the age of eleven. His life has been dedicated to exploring, interpreting, practicing and teaching the methods and philosophy of ancient Taoism ever since.

He’s a master of the Taoist martial arts – tai chi, xing yi, pa kua and white crane and a doctor of Chinese medicine. He has also been an avid student of philosophy, belief systems, spirituality and human potential.

Barefoot studied psychotherapy with RD Laing for three years and shamanism with the native American Indians of Taos, New Mexico for four years.

Returning to London in the early ‘80s, he ran the UK’s busiest acupuncture healing practice for 17 years, growing in acclaim and treating celebrities including Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Jade Jagger, the Pink Floyd etc

As well as being a master sound-healer and music producer, he is author of 16 books including HANDBOOK FOR THE URBAN WARRIOR, LIBERATION, MANIFESTO, and more recently PURE , THE MAN WHO DROVE WITH HIS EYES CLOSED and THE MESSAGE.

He wrote a weekly column for the UK’s national Sunday newspaper The Observer for five years, have been a regular on radio and national TV and hosted my own TV show.

Barefoot now travels the world running workshops and retreats, doing talks, holding club nights, writing, making healing music, as well as teaching the Taoist way through transformational training courses – like Stand Strongo Qigongo

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