Special free online guided love meditation today – you’re invited

doc flip for pof squareIn the spirit of healing we’re running a free Barefoot Satsang today to which you and anyone else who needs it are invited.

Barefoot Satsangs are live, guided meditations online (audio-visual) and people come from all round the world – it’s a beautiful feeling and boosts everyone up well for the week ahead. The theme today is love and specifically bringing pure love into your love life. Come and join in – it’ll be nurturing, nourishing, encouraging and heartwarming.

Love Life – lovely-ing up the field in which your love life exists to cleanse, clear, heal, generate love afresh.
1800 BST today – Sunday 31st May


If you’ve never been to one of these before, we warm to the theme for 20 minutes by way of informal discourse – then I do an extemporized 20/30 minute guided meditation – and then you can ask questions and I answer live and direct.

Normally people pay a nominal $12 for a session (though I believe they’re easily worth at least $12K if you measured the actual value of its potential to activate change and transformation). But today it’s on the house so come at 18:00BST and get in scot free (if you can’t be there live, register anyway to receive the recording).

My own personal game with the satsangs is to challenge myself by setting up themes that are complex and intellectually exacting so that when it comes to getting on the mic to talk without having a clue what I’m about to say it feels a bit like a bungie jump.

And today is the perfect example because we’re dealing with your love life – and mine and everyone else’s (you’re not being singled out, relax). Deep, up-close lover-on-lover dynamics are a complex business yet at the root lies the simplest of mechanisms.

And once this is found, adjustments can be made within that facilitate new states of mutual clarity and truthfulness, whence of course springs rekindled desire and so forth.

I suspect it’ll be deeply fascinating and of course ultimately, every path leads us back to our original and primary love affair, the love affair with the Tao, of which all other love affairs are expressions.

Come and join us – it’ll be even lovelier with you there.

If on a mobile device download the Go To Webinar app first (that’s the system we use to run the session) and if you’re listening on a computer, log in a few minutes early using the joining link you’re sent when you register – that will give the webinar software time to whirr into action.

Go To Webinar app for mobile devices and tablets – go here

Go To Webinar joining help – go here

Meantime as it’s Sunday (though it’d be the same any day) I say be loving to others, be loving to those far away, be loving to those close, be loving to yourself, and above all be loving to the great invisible Tao informing the entire show and everyone in it, and you’ll be amazed how loving the Tao is in return. It’s the only deal in life really worth doing.

With love, BD

PS make fully free to share this love – share this with friends, relatives and colleagues – anyone who needs it – it’ll be lovely to have as many people as possible benefit from this free session

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