In-depth guide to the Six Taoist Healing Sounds

BFD at the mic smallAmong their vast panoply of healing techniques the Taoist sages of the ancient orient laid great store in the six healing sounds, which they suggested if practiced daily without fail will add a new layer of efficiency, strength, pep and resilience to your vital organs, which between them command every function of body and mind and even determine the development of external factors, finances, social life, personal life and so on.

The rationale behind it is that the entire universe is predicated on a sound-wave operating at 50 octaves below human hearing, and that sound is the original form of energy or heat.

We call this sound wave the background radiation wave and consider it a result of the radiation of heat from the initial ‘big bang’, that’s still inflating the universe. And if you tap that sound and strike a resonance with it by daily vocal toning practice you benignly affect your own psycho-physical structure.

They suggested this sound wave is comprised of five distinct elements all encased and bound by a connective agent.

img_five-elementsThese elements were described poetically as water, denoting flow; wood, denoting growth (as in trees); fire, denoting excitation; earth, denoting organization and form; and metal, denoting the distinction between the cosmic individual levels of consciousness.

In the body water corresponds with the kidneys, wood, with the liver, fire with the heart, earth with the spleen, and metal with the lungs.

Each of the elements has a sound which combined comprise the background radiation wave. Toning the sound directs the cosmic energy (sound is energy) to the organ.

That’s the premise, however, if only as a device for focusing your consciousness on each organ in turn each day, it’s a valid and efficacious practice just for that, because wherever you send your consciousness, chi follows it, and blood follows the chi.

Join me for this audio-based Taoist Healing Sounds training including:

Full supporting notes – comprehensive explanatory companion notes

Introductory audio – outlining how the sounds work with the body’s organs and how to make, use and practice the sounds

Downloadable audio training – in each of the six Taoist healing sounds
Spleen & pancreas (and stomach)
Lungs (and large intestine)

Plus Healing Sounds Sound Bath – specially created to augment the training

Barefoot Doctor’s Taoist Healing Sounds Training was originally created by popular demand as a useful additional training to work with the fifth part of Barefoot Doctor’s Qigongo in-depth daily Qi Gong system. It is still made available FREE to Qigongo participants.

In addition, again due to popular demand, the Taoist Healing Sounds is now available in its own right. Use in addition to your regular meditation practice, or in conjunction with healing trainings, such as Barefoot Doctor’s Superhealing Training.

Barefoot Doctor’s Taoist Healing Sounds Training

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