Stress levels rising? Nerves jangling? Feeling out of sorts or over emotional?


with Barefoot Doctor’s sonic healing cycle


Everything is energy. Even as you read the words on this page, an incredible ecosystem of energy is flowing through and around you. When energy takes form, it starts as sound. So primarily you are made of sound and as sonic frequencies pass through your system, they create a range of effects.

You associate particular sounds – like waves lapping on the shore – with feelings of peace, connection and bliss. Whereas sounds like chalk on a blackboard or screeching sirens can leave you feeling edgy, disassociated, jarred.And at this time of global awakening, of shifts in global consciousness, the energy ecosystem is more directly influencing your emotions and desires, and can have a profound effect on your life.

So the question to ask yourself is…..

Is your personal energetic ecosystem working the way it should?

And, importantly, do you know how to influence it? To uplift and empower any aspect of your life quickly, easily and pleasurably?

My sonic healing cycle is a means to reprogram your circuitry at a radical level through frequency and tempo, to encourage healing, the state of wholeness and completion (as opposed to the more fragmented, split-off way we tend to use our consciousness), and while the music element is entertaining and relatively complex, there’s no actual need to get involved with it at that entertainment level if you don’t fancy. I’ll tell you more about it in just a minute, but first it’s helpful to have an understanding of….

Tan tiens , chakras & sound

The Taoist schema sees your personal energetic ecosystem as having three core centres or tan tiens (heaven fields) – your lower belly, heart area and mid-brain. These centres include and control your chakras {think of their relationship as like floors (tan tiens) supporting carpets (chakras)}. Each tan tien controls an area of your life.

Personal power Stimulate the tan tien behind the navel, you stimulate your power – useful if you want to be effective in business or perform better at work to get that raise or promotion.

Relationships Wish you could connect better with the people in your life and eliminate misunderstandings? Focus on healing the center behind the breastbone, whence issues your love and beauty.

Intuition Want to become more consciously aware or improve your intuitive? Connect with the mid-brain, from whence your divine consciousness issues.

Stimulating and balancing your tan tiens is the essence of energy healing and one of the most powerful and pleasurable ways to heal is using sound – sonic healing.

Life force, balance & flow

Sound resets your system at the deepest level, the soul level, after which all the more relatively superficial physical systems reset themselves and symptoms resolve – particularly mental disharmony and emotional upset.Sonic healing happens through your tan tiens – the focal points of your life force, or prana – centres for your holistic well-being. When your tan tiens are each in balance, you are in balance. When one or more are out of balance, you can face challenges, not just with health, but in your relationships, finances, career and sex life.Sonic healing strengthens, harmonises and re-balances your tan tiens to help heal many different areas of your life and get you back in flow. And when you’re balanced and in flow you become like those people who seem to possess the keys to everything they ever want in life.

What are the benefits of balancing your tan tiens?

With a balanced lower tan tien controlling your personal power, you

  • almost effortlessly experience peak performance in your work and play, attracting all the money you need, whilst looking sexy and fabulous doing it
  • enjoy passionate relationships with regular mind-blowing sex, even if life seems extremely busy and/or you’ve been in a relationship for years
  • consistently project an image of unwavering confidence, even in the toughest of situations, so you feel excited and able to play an active role in your family, work and social communities

With a balanced central tan tien controlling your interactions with others, you

  • enjoy deep, loving and understanding relationships with your partner, friends, colleagues – even with your teenage children – solving any problems or disputes amicably
  • always speak your mind, wear your heart on your sleeve and are respected for your authenticity

With a balanced higher tan tien making you more consciously aware, intuitive and empowered, you

  • rely on your ‘gut’ feelings to effectively solve challenges at home and make important decisions at work
  • experience a strong connection to your higher self and the Tao, feeling secure and watched over.

So how does sound help achieve this balance and flow in your life?

It’s all to do with vibrational resonance:

  • sub bass sound affects your pelvic floor, hence your sexual and elimination activities
  • bass affects your navel area – benefitting your kidneys
  • mid range affects your solar plexus and heart, and
  • treble affects your respiratory and brain/nervous system.

This is nothing new, but modern medicinal music like my sonic healing cycle takes it to new levels.

Sound is one of the earliest energy healing practices

Those Taoists in ancient China, five thousand years ago, knew the power of sound to bring balance – using the six healing sounds and the aum as part of their energy healing techniques. But they were by no means alone.

Across Asia chanting and gongs were used for meditation and transformation. Ancient Egyptians sang vowel sounds to accelerate healing. Babylonians employed drums and rattles, Australian’s Aboriginal people used the vibrational sound of the digeredoo or Yidaki, Pythagorus favoured the lute and lyre.Yet it took the West up until the 1930s to recognise the medical properties of ultrasound and to begin to rediscover the art and science of sound healing.

Now, modern physics has verified that we are all vibrating atomic and sub-atomic particles and that everything has a resonant frequency – the frequency it most naturally vibrates at.In a healthy body every organ, bone and tissue produces balanced frequencies that create a healthy harmonic. But sometimes the band gets out of tune and that’s where sonic healing – call it medicinal music if you will – can bring you back into balance and help your life to flow again.

Sound goes to the deepest level instantaneously – right to the soul. Energy healing at its best does so but tends to be more superficial because there are very few healers that powerful or plugged in, hence these are better for addressing symptoms whereas sound gets you from the ground up.

Sonics, energy & the aum

I’ve always been aware of the power of sonics to change the state. Even as a small child, I’d bang out rhythms on logs, or pots and pans and marvel at the reverberations and how they moved the energy in my body. And even more how they instantly connected me to the source of being – something small children know a lot about.

One day I heard the OM (AUM), the background radiation sound wave, the reflections of which feeding back on each other give rise to light and all phenomena associated with light, including you and I and all humanity to name but one small example. It operates at a full fifty octaves below normal human hearing capacity and is so deep, so loud and so all-enveloping it appears totally silent, just as even with the ferocious speed our planet orbits the sun (66,000mph) and spins on its axis (1,000mph), it feels perfectly still and stable.

We can’t actually hear sound at all – it doesn’t exist – at least not in the way we think it does. What we hear or receive, and then transform into an audio signal, is the echo of sound as it feeds back to itself. When yogis and assorted others, participants in THE BIG OM, for instance, chant the OM, it’s in the silence afterwards they listen for the echo of the actual sound subtending the universe, the ‘voice of God’.

I instinctively knew this when I heard it. Children do. It left me with an imprint for my life-mission: to remind us all we each have this same connection via sound to the source of all being.

Connecting back to source, we are healed, as in we attain to a state of harmonious acceptance of self and universe around, in which state of surrender all systems tend naturally to right themselves to instil a new homeostasis, not just within on the mental, emotion and physical levels, but externally also, in our financial, professional, social and personal health too.

Fusion, frequencies & flow

Being in any case a musician and producer (manipulator of electronic signals), having grown up in a musical family, my father a master percussionist, my cousin, saxophonist and composer Stan Getz, among others, I naturally tended towards a fusion of sonic healing with actual music, and in more recent years also with spoken, chanted or sung narrative to help induce altered states.

Over the years, in various guises, but especially working as house doc at Whirl-y-Gig in the late 80s, early 90s, where the deep ambient music I’d made for Polygram, I developed what I later called ‘conscious clubbing’, allowing for a naturally (non-substance) induced psychedelic experience in the party environment, as I suspect in the celebratory atmosphere of the dance, we’re closer to source than at any other time. I’ve been experimenting ever since with various frequencies to induce different energetic flows in the body and combined this with my experience of energy flow correction through my years as a doctor of acupuncture and teacher of energy-based martial arts, along with my natural musical feel and soul to produce various sorts of musical vehicles through which to transmit it to you for your healing.

Creating the sonic healing cycle

It took the best part of two years mostly constantly in the studio with Alan Zipper as engineer, to create a near three hour cycle of sonic healing music, that takes you from utter stillness, through gentle energizing, all the way to full-blown rousing motivation and re-energization, as if you’d just had a three hour healing session with me to sort you out from head to toe, in to out, and every other which way possible.

You’ll feel a palpable benign alteration in energy flow and frequency, improved mood and outlook, enhanced vitality and a reinforcement of your spirit and courage to tackle the various challenges life throws in your path. And the way the cycle has been ‘architectured’, the sonic effects work just as well, if not even better when the listening volume is turned almost to silent, thus forming a discreet sonic carpet at the base of the consciousness – this works with headphones best but also with a relatively well-rounded external sound delivery system (something with a bit of bottom end).

How this medicine music works

The music itself is merely the frame for the sonic healing and is just there to both give shape to the experience, to provide context for the various tempos, each of which plays a different role, and to offer entertainment while taking the healing, should you require it and find the style to your taste. But whether you do or don’t, the healing effect will occur regardless.

The cycle begins at with what I term PURE AMBIENT – open, easy meditative soundscapes to entrain the mind into a fully relaxed state. It moves onto DEEP AMBIENT, a slow-tempo series of movements to induce integration of all aspects: soul, spirit, mind, body, external world and so on. And finally into SPEED AMBIENT a rising tempo series of movements to invigorate, motivate and leave you in a triumphant state.The optimal way to take this sonic healing is to let the program run through the full cycle at least three times over a period over say a fortnight, and to repeat every three months or so. The effects are profoundly transformative, as you’ll soon feel.


Pure, original, unadulterated, softly stimulating sonic peace to enhance and deepen all forms of mediation practice and otherwise generally increase air-born, in-through-the-ear, felt-in-the-bones relaxation levels no matter what’s going on or isn’t. A soothing, softening and decelerating effect – sonic enhancement whether you’re sitting meditating, practicing martial arts, yoga, or simply just trying to get to sleep at night. It consists of two pieces, one 28 minutes, the other 20 minutes.

Track 1: Pure Ambient meditation In a tilted A major 7th key for spiritual and energetic uplift at a tempo of 90bpm for settling the emotions. Shimmering piano, fluttering arpeggiated guitar, gently bouncing bells and softly stroked percussion waft you on a warm-smile thermal, carry you past subtly changing scenery all the way to the realm of perfect happiness and eventually land you back in the everyday realm, with a discreetly rousing anthemic outro, refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to greet life with perfect equanimity, magnanimity and poise.

Track 2: Pure Ambient soul cleanse In the key of D minor for pleasantly ‘moody’ internal ambience at a tempo of 90bpm for settling the emotions. It’s gently stirring but not shaking, subtly Latin-Jazz tinged raga with psychedelic hints to take you deeper while holding you at one with the warmth in your heart, softly shunting you through sound-phase after sound-phase, gradually increasing the strength but not speed of your pulse and finally landing you fully restored on a tropical island just in time for sunset celebrations, feeling lighter of spirit, calmer of mind and steadier of nerve.


Mid-tempo groove-based sonic backdrops for everyday life, to hold you steady, calm, uplifted, positive and awake in mind, body and spirit as you work, rest and play

Track 1: Get Here A stately 65bpm to induce deep relaxation, in the key E flat: the key of Eastern sacred music, to induce connection with spiritual realm and lasting almost 18 minutes – enough to take yourself through a full self-healing process. The intended effect is emotional stabilisation, personal empowerment, relaxation amplification. You’re encouraged to arrive in the present moment, fully in your skin, followed by a relaxation deepener, followed by introduction to your own power, followed by a suggestion to feel calm and at peace, followed by a reminder to remain in the present moment, followed by a suggestion to encourage gratitude for your blessings. A gently cacophonous angel choir singing from the primal swirl, gives way to the sweetness of a lone arpeggiated acoustic guitar, swiftly joined by a satisfying beat and heart-massaging bass line of supreme girth and breadth, moving you through elysian fields and discreetly swirling strings of major 7th chords roasted over burning Humbuckers, before dropping you into the mysterious valley of limitless potential and minor chord progressions, then back out into the sunlight for a stirring moment of major 7th warmth, leading to the soothingly mysterious darkness of dub heaven, where you experience the full effect of the Pure Barefoot sonic power stimulator, back out into the elysian fields, opening into a vast soul-rousing melodic vista and finally into an impassioned outro to rejoin the angels briefly to say thankyou and toodlepip.

Track 2: Ease Off With a tempo of 59bpm in the key of B minor you’ll be encouraged to leave fearfulness and stressing behind to reach the peak of your own magnificence. A drone to quell fear and draw the spirit in, draws you out of the everyday trance into a deeper one, ready for a small team of neo-medieval guitars of various heft and hue, riding along on a fat bed of beat and bass, to underscore a delicate piano and sets the tone and perspective for an inner shift. This moves into a passage representing the out-of-proportion pain and emotion, joy and sentiment of the world of the world, resulting in the exhortation to ease off, which leads almost without warning into a soothing, warming jazz-funk passage to ease the stress and engender soothing warmth all the way down to your hips and beyond, before returning to the main theme, which gathers presence and amplitude exponentially before resolving in a vast anthemic climax of orgasmic scale, leaving you feeling renewed on all levels and ready to take on the adventure no matter where it leads.

Track 3: The Way Stately, definitive Barefoot D, in a 59bpm, E minor key, neo-Floydian homage to Dark Side Of The Moon, in honour of the Great Way, featuring KINGZ PLATOON (lyrics and vocals on hip hop section), NICOL (sung lead lyrics and vocals in song section and choruses) and NICO (sax in sax section). A trip-worthy, description-defying journey to steady the soul and inspire greatness, perfect for relaxing to, being sensual to, driving to, walking to, working to, slow-dancing to, contemplating to, doing tai chi to and meditating to, fitting into a similar sound-context as early Massive Attack, rich and maximal, textured and layered, replete with slide guitars, soulfulness, hip hop, sacred oms, twisted sax, all moving in and out of varied sound-scapes, resolving into a no-holds-barred emotive climax for your listening and spiritual pleasure and the supreme delight of your soul.


For high potency, instant transformational healing, energising motivational uplift. Journey through an impassioned cyclical fusion of spiralling energy-resonant frequencies, multi-layered rhythmic patterns, epic melodic structures and daring excursions into uncharted sonic dimensions, featuring ‘aural world-painting’ multi-level sound events recorded in the field at various geographical locations and times around the globe, powered along by rip-roaring average tempos ranging from140 bpm to 175 bpm, to transform and elevate consciousness unaided by artificial stimulants. The result of 23 years work developing optimum healing (and enjoyment) effect through frequency, key, melodic progression style, rhythm and tempo. To gain maximum benefit play entire cycle in sequence. Best enjoyed through sturdy, bass-friendly headphones or monitors. Warning: can be addictive. Due to the potentially strong transformative effects of this music, pay extra attention to remaining aware of what you’re doing if using it while driving, cycling, operating heavy equipment, walking in urban areas or engaging in any other perilous activity. If using while driving, extra-fast tempos during certain passages might cause you to become speed-limit-forgetful – always keep an eye on the speedometer.

Track 1: Tao of Space A spirit elevator in the tempo of joyful anticipation 140 bpm and the key of C major – key of happiness and celebratory energy, this starts with a rowdy-yet restrained phasing drone to inspire instant uplift, inflected with harmonics to tilt the senses, kicks through a rousing melodic progression, cruises through a succession of sympathetically distressed beats augmented by people- and seagull-noise, restaurants, tittle-tattle and American gurus, enveloped in light-touch acid arpeggios, driven along by an occasional power chord and thundering tribal drums, bursting through finally into an emotionally gratifying reprise of the original melodic progression, which moves swiftly into double time and then drops you from a height onto a sumptuous orchestral bed of soft feathers, relaxed, having fun, primed and ready for the next phase: acceleration. All instruments and production, Barefoot D and featuring Zoe Z on ‘everyone will be happy’ and ‘have fun – relax’ vocal lines.

Track 2: Bongoolerization A motivation booster featuring Raja Ram, Godfather Of Trance and Zippi The Soothsayer, in a tempo of 165 bpm for accepting and settling into triumph over adversity and the key of G major for motivation to begin the new. Starts with a complex woven Aum-chant-drone at Bath Spa station on the way to Paddington but before even hitting central London, whisks you without warning into a parallel universe, powered along by a deftly doctored alpha wave pulse engine and thundering tribal drums into drum ‘n’ bass land, surprise-drops you into bossa nova territory and before you can say Stan Getz, the drone picks you up again and carries you into a boiling cauldron of electronic frenzy, just about gives you to time to catch your breath long enough to check Raja Ram before dropping you back in the cauldron, now even hotter with the addition of sci-fi rhythm ‘n’ blues guitar and acid arpeggios, then just when you thought it was safe, whacks you into an unexpected anthemic melodic progression climax to jerk the heart into a state of sheer joy, releasing a stream of courage into your system.

Track 3: Scilly Automatic A sensual energy booster featuring Felix Howard on shuffle bass with a tempo of 166bpm, the victory temp and in the key of C sharp – key of the mystic state. Starts in the arms of a choral drone on a stormy night at sea listening to the shipping forecast as the kick drum bursts onto the bridge, closely followed by a Felix Howard bass line and before you know it slams you into fully-fledged shuffle-boogie mode, containing a sacred spell for good fortune and deep pleasure with tribal drum backup, when all of a sudden you realise you’ve been on a London tube train in another dimension all the while but just as you’re gathering your wits about you and wondering if you remembered to purchase a travel card, you’re off on a screaming four-to-the-floor engine of beats, accelerated by acid arpeggios, bewitching guitar rounds and then, just as suddenly dropped from a height back into the shuffle for a Little Feat style magical merging of time signatures till, even if the rest of you managed to remain static, your shoes start dancing all by themselves, leaving your senses enlivened and your inner playful spirit recommitted to enjoying every moment with optimum gusto come what may.

Track 4: Shrim An energiser in the tempo of triumph over adversity, 166bpm and the key: B flat for going deeper. Starts with scenes of innocent English countryside and without warning slams you into the realms of Catalan thrash, picks up an acid arpeggio along the way and thrusts you at breakneck speed on a wild chase after an escaped heavily-doctored, unearthly alpha-beta-theta waveform through the main concourse at Barcelona airport and with the aid of a magic-sacred Lakshmi chant, lands you in drum ‘n’ bass world on the semi-arid desert island of La Gomera with nothing but the Atlantic waves splashing up against your lobes to reassure you all is well before sweeping you up to a mountain peak of epic melodic progression, all internal and external energy nodes fully recalibrated.

Track 5: Slice Optimism and centring booster at the triumph over adversity tempo of 166bpm and in the key: A major for existential grounding and willingness. Starts with a chorus of south-east Asian frogs swept into a super-stonking drone of multilayered alternating frequencies swimming in a powerful current that carries its own natural root bass note in the South China Sea, without warning, bursting into a shower of tribal drums, picks up a 4/4 shuffle, dives into the heart of an urbane discussion beside the pool and out into a rainy season thunderstorm in the high Himalayas before building to a rousing crescendo and dropping back into the loving arms of a deep drone leaving you stable and capable of achieving everything you have to do.

Track 6: Bouge Featuring Michael Angelo on rhyme this is a confidence stabiliser and spirit-lifter in the transcendent confidence tempo of 175 bpm and the key D major, key of inner magnificence, self-esteem, universal connectivity and emotional stability. Starts with moody drone during a heavy London downpour, slides right into Gare De Lyon onto a TGV and whisks you at a smooth clip to the South of France via a progression of drum ‘n’ bass and 4/4 cycles, subtended by a bass capable of disintegrating underwear on the body, lands you on a sun-drenched beach basking in the rays of an epic, climactic melodic progression before dropping you back into the drone at a deeper level, totally recalibrated, uplifted, re-energised, renewed, refreshed, rejuvenated and ready and willing for anything.

Experience the power of sonic healing

Whether you choose to listen at full volume through your speakers or in headphones at low volume, almost inaudible – the frequencies still exert their intended benign influence, particularly if you suffer from anxiety, depression, mania, paranoia, schizophrenia, poly phrenia, loneliness or stress.

Listen the whole cycle through once a week for three weeks then choose pieces at random.Life’s too short to struggle and settle for mediocrity, to allow cracks to form in your health and relations, negativity, self-doubt and bad habits to sabotage your dreams.

Use the sonic healing cycle to uplift, empower and entertain – it’s medicine for the soul, helping you to balance your energies and triumph over limitations and circumstances.

Listen to these clips now:

Triple guarantee 


Lovingly conceived over 23 years, painstakingly produced over two years with input from some of the very best in the business, each track of the sonic healing cycle aims to exceed your every expectation and take you to new levels of connection.

Deep & lasting results

Listen to the cycle as directed and feel the benefits over the coming days, weeks and months.

Impact on your life

Resetting your system at soul level will spark profound, positive changes – and all through listening to this medicine music – enjoy.

We stick by our claims. If for any unlikely reason the Sonic Healing Cycle doesn’t live up to any of these three promises, just drop us an email within 30 days of your date of purchase and we’ll be happy to issue a prompt and courteous refund.

Affordable healing

The sonic healing cycle has been a labour of love and offers the easiest, best value, affordable healing I know. Were I to work with you in person one to one, having had over 45 years of training and daily practice myself, taught thousands of people in 35+ years of teaching and healed over 100,000 people in 17 years running my practice, I would need to charge accordingly.But you can enjoy four hours of my pure, deep and speed ambient medicine music – and download it so you can listen whenever you need to for just $97.


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