Something amazing happens next

The entire universe and every aspect comprising it, including you and every aspect of you, is governed by a contraction-expansion, negative-positive, entropy-growth, destruction-construction, off-on, dark-light, yin-yang dynamic, in which these two primordial opposing and complementary forces are ever alternating, producing the various cycles of rise and fall of fortune and of freedom of expression and activity, we tend to think of as our luck being in or out.

If you are currently experiencing constriction or restriction in any area of self-expression or activity, it is inevitable it will be followed by a phase of expansion of expression and activity.

This expansion is what we tend to call success.

To optimise it when it comes, however, you have to be awake to it and want it strongly enough, otherwise it, being merely a wave of potential you can either take advantage of or not, will pass and you’ll have to wait for the next one.

The best place to wait for this wave is in the constricted state. So before trying to push your way back to expansiveness and success, take a moment to appreciate being in the constricted state. Imagine it as an entity and thank it for providing the necessary contrast by which coming expansion can be facilitated and recognised.

Then, because your mind is all-powerful when unified around a single decision, say out loud if possible, or under your breath if not, by way of commanding reality: Constriction gives way to expansion and everything comes right. Something amazing happens next.

Something amazing happens next because every new minute being alive is amazing and the more you attune to that childlike state of wonder, the more amazing being alive becomes and external reality, which tends to reflect the inner state, will actually transform itself into a more amazing set of circumstances to match.

May your inner state be supremely harmonious and flowing and the outer reflect that by bestowing untold gifts upon you today and tonight.

Love, the D

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