So many blessings

In each and every moment, including this present one…and this one…and this one and so on, you have a choice: either allow life to feed you fully or block the nourishment it’s offering. Each and every moment is pregnant with infinite possibilities. These are only limited by the restrictions you, yourself, place on life from working out fully for you.

Of course, no matter how well fed you allow yourself to be, you’ll still be required ti undergo various challenges along the way to achieving your goals and may even sometimes be apparently led off to a totally stream of activity altogether but by allowing yourself to be fully fed, no matter where you’re at, you gain maximum value from being alive, which on one level, is what the game’s all about.

Allowing yourself to be fed, requires a willingness to receive more. Take note of your breathing. Breathe out fully, for only then, can you breathe in fully and the more fully you inhale, the more life can feed you in the moment. Focus only on the out-breath, however, as the in-breath will then take care of itself.

Flatten your belly against your spine, as it were, to expel the air and allow it to swell again as the new breath rushes in.

You have to let go of what’s gone before to make room for what’s to come. This achieved in the moment, moment-by-moment, as you exhale and inhale, respectively.

Imbuing the fundamental act of breathing with this power, helps make it be so.

It’s a light-hearted discipline but one that will radically alter your relationship with reality for the better.

As you practise this conscious breathing, simultaneously be aware of your solar plexus region, the area of the body that deals with receiving, processing and assimilating food. Relax and soften it progressively more, for not only will this help the physical digestion process, it will also help you receive more on a metaphysical level, which in turn, translates into manifesting more of the life you want.

May you be replete with all the goodness of life today.

With love, Steph the BD

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