Six Day Shift – mini training sequence – day 2

How did the first process leave you feeling? And might it have subtly altered your perspective on how you’ve been describing reality to yourself. Did the reframe of considering the Tao as squeezing itself through your form form an impression on you? Give me some feedback – I suggest watching the first video again here just before you listen to today’s audio meditation process.

The process if you’ll pardon the romantic tone embeds the notion – You Are Divine – to remind you you’re utterly fabulous in the eyes of the Tao – in fact your eyes are the eyes of the Tao that enable it to see through the unique prism you provide – so how could it be otherwise – and then by extension that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about ever again because the Tao has your back (this can also be taken in the sense the Tao is what sits in your back bearing witness).

Day Two – You Are Divine

BAREFOOT-MEDPODnew11You’re utterly divine and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about because the divine is benign, sonically supported by a specially composed PURE BAREFOOT beat for your existential and sensual delectation and delight – with love.

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Right-click here to download You Are Divine Audio Meditation


It’s about 13 and a bit minutes long and it’s a fun wee ride to take yourself on. Listen from start to finish at least once, then continue practicing the content as you go about your day’s doings, occasionally interspersing it with the process in the first video.

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  • Thank you very much Stephen!

    Gess what, I realy do feel divine….

    Love love love


  • Jill Humphries
    3 years ago

    Absolutely love it! You and your music are Divine X

  • Janet Brighton
    3 years ago

    When we see ourselves as Divine, then we can trust ourselves to be fully human.
    As fully human then we need courage because so many people want to hide from the light within us. I think that’s what stops me exhibiting my Divinity more, that I’m afraid of messing it up. So need to keep affirming, “Everything is going to work out fine.” There might be a stage at which it might not look so. I’m thinking of a specific example when I know I’m playing small, pretending I’m not Divine, because I don’t want to hurt someone else. So I keep hurting.

    3 years ago

    I haven’t had so much fun for ages!! I am now full of beans – thank you so much!!

  • A great start to the day – thank you for the reminder! xx 🙂

    3 years ago

    Greetings and Blessings Stephen BD,

    Fantastic meditation the sonics were just right and the beat done perfect to bring about a grand effect of spiritual uprising or uplifting to an attunement with and an ascension in becoming the Tao. Fantastic could feel the chakras all aligning and joining the beat then awareness shifting from mind to higher self, then ascending to a grander perspective and seeing all as a luminous city of lights dancing and bobbing. Then as we chanted the resonance echoed at first through me, then around me, and then around the world. Admittedly I did not want to return.

    An endless infinity of blessings in every possible aspect and perspective for all that you do……..


  • The rhythms are divine. Awesome sound. What a beautiful meditation. It brings pure sunshine.

  • I’m a Big Fan of yours, Doc – Listened to many of your Audio podcasts, You have a Warm and kind Voice & the Music is Rich, Odd-beat and Tantalisingly Curious ! i LIKE this Quite a LOT !! Ok, Now onto the Next one ! P.L.U.R and Word Up, fellow Travellers !

  • Haha, that was brilliant! Thank you so much Doc. Love, Jean

  • Thought provoking. I do feel fine when I’m in nature.

  • It is relieving and liberating. Calming and uplifting at the same time. Thank you BD <3

  • Rhonda (12 chakras)
    3 years ago


  • Katerina
    3 years ago

    The other day, as I was doing the “I Am Divine” meditation, something funny happened: When I said “I Am Divine” for the first time, I didn’t feel very convinced about it. I repeated “I Am Divine” for a second time and a voice inside me answered: “Divine, my a##! You stupid thing!”. It was very annoying and I thought it would ruin my whole meditation. I took a deep breath and repeated “I Am Divine” for a third time and here was the voice again. I felt I was getting angry… And suddenly, I heard my self, calm and poised, answering to the voice: “Alright! Maybe. But this is a description of my own making.” That was all! The voice shut up and disappeared without even saying bye bye! And I returned to my “I Am Divine” thing, more peaceful and confident about it each time I repeated it. 🙂

    Btw, I loved the music and the rhymes in that meditation! Thank you!

  • Thanks Barefoot, am having horrible time as Mum really ill, thanks for bringing me back some Divine connection.

  • Dawn Buffalo Heart
    3 years ago

    Wow, really neat! Listening to this music after the “You are a lovely woman” practice really made me feel good, peaceful, positive. Helped me to take in more fully that the Divine is benign. This audio is so uplifting and fun, I want to put it on an endless loop inside of my mind! Stephen, your music is so creative and engaging – thank you for this one 🙂

  • Listened to this before my meditation barefoot. Fantastic!! Grateful to you. Xx

  • Listened to 1 and 2 several times now. Dear Barefoot Doctor today on my birthday I feel definitely so good and one with the Universe. Again, thank you so much! Your gifts are such a blessing to all of us!

  • This has given me a boost! Thanks Barefoot.

  • Keep doing what you are doing BD. Keep sending the ripples out, it’s working.

  • marie c
    3 years ago

    Thank a million doc, that was very uplifting indeed. Is this music available to purchase on a CD?

  • James Pickerell
    3 years ago

    This is a joy I was in funky place today and then heard the your part no need to ever worry, and everything is gong to work out fine, Iam Divine, reminded me hey wake up which gave me a boost on gaining confidence in my own innate healing abilities to heal from a seemingly “chronic” condition, to keep moving forward and never give up while helping once again connect to who I truly am, Divine, master of my creation, so now, movin on with my inner smile intact.

    The first video was a great reminder as well on how I defined things and created a sense of freedom from viewing as concrete and helping to see the flexibility and choices that exist in all that is.

    Thank you so much, U ROCK Doc!!!

  • Just listened to 1 and 2 . Tears are running down my face. Have been so depressed the last week and these thoughts are of my own making I gather after listening to tape 1. Even when sad things happen I need to look at them as a gift from the Universe and feel blessed that I am alive.
    Tape 2 the meditation is fabulous. I came back feeling like there is great hope for me.
    Indeed I am divine, but so often I forget it. Thank you so much. The beat and music along with your voice are so inspiring!

    • Just keep reading and doing things that inspire you, and breathing and being kind to yourself.It’ll come good, heart wishes to you.

  • Mieczyslawa Pascoe
    3 years ago

    This is wonderful, Stephen. Profound yet lighthearted. Ancient wisdom injected with a sense of humour. I felt like dancing to it. Thank you. Agata

  • Well worth waiting for. Thank you xx

  • That was quite a bonkers experience! now, THATS my kind of meditation;)

  • Thanks, Doc. It’s like a morning cup of coffee without the jitters. Excited to start my day. Aloha.

  • Jamie Lumley
    3 years ago

    Love this. Thank you!

  • Lindsay Gordon
    3 years ago

    smiling, smiling, smiling.. (dunno how to do those emoji whatsits haha)

  • Wow! Love the funky music. It spoke to the divinity in me. I find myself just moving naturally to it in a free-flowing kind of dance – it was just so freeing, meditative and exhilarating at the same time. I didn’t want it to stop. I am Divine. Divinity defined. The Divine is benign. Everything is alright. Thank you soo.o… much, BD. This is an amazing gift.

  • Hi Sue,
    Will this S3 work for my iPhone5, as I can,t get the audio either
    Best wishes from Andrea

    • Steph, BD
      3 years ago

      I’ve switched it out Andrea, so it should work for you now…. Sue (Du Crew)

  • Sieglinde Dewald
    3 years ago

    It felt like flying after having experienced some rather scary fantastic out of control nonsense today – it’s a medicine I will take regularly 🙂 you are such a beautiful miracle in this world – thank you 🙂 … and thank you too, Sue du Crew!

  • Anne Poltera
    3 years ago

    Thanks dear BD. That helps me to remember.

  • Absolutely love this 🙂 thank you S xxxxx

  • Jacqueline
    3 years ago

    I’m using iPad, which doesn’t support Adobe Flash Player. 🙁 Is there any other way to access the audio ~ I’ve pressed everything I can think of and it’s not coming up. Thanks.

    • Steph, BD
      3 years ago

      Hi Jacqueline – Sue from the Crew here… thanks for giving us the heads up about this… I’ll upload the audio to S3 and switch out the link for you… will take a while to load but it should be done for you tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience meanwhile – I wasn’t aware it wouldn’t work on ipad. Best wishes, Sue, Barefoot Doctor Crew

      • Jacqueline
        3 years ago

        Excellent, Thank you, Sue ~ the alternative link worked just fine!! 😉 🙂

  • Pnina C
    3 years ago

    I will learn by heart your words, the beat and sounds. I am divine! I will prepare the gold pigments, thank you so much! With love and gratitude

  • That tune rocks, you really are quite good at this …and I… am… Divine!

  • Mei Ling Kwan
    3 years ago

    Love that Barefoot style meditation. Thank you!

  • Bisserka Williams
    3 years ago

    Dear Stephen,

    your PURE BAREFOOT beat, Divine presence and my favorite sentences ‘You are Divine’, ‘I AM Divine’ have created a unique beauty that is beyond words. THANK YOU!
    Love, Venus 🙂

  • Hi Stephen….just got transported into a new realm listening to this meditation ..Loved it. malkitx

  • That was exactly what I needed to here this morning! Thank you BD!!!!

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