Six Day Shift – mini training sequence – day 6

At the outset of this eany-weany micro-mini-but-rather substantial-anyway-series I asked you to think about what you would do differently in your life if you had more confidence and to note it down –

“If I had more confidence, I would…”

Now at the end of our six days journey I expect you’ve experienced a subtle but actual shift, and wonder if you can imagine replacing any of the ‘I woulds’ with ‘I wills’ ?

To augment the transition from would to will, here’s an audio meditation/visualization/affirmation session to boost your faith in your path, and in your capacity to walk it with aplomb and maximum effect so you’re benefitting more and more with every step you take.


Day Six – Faith In The Path

BAREFOOT-MEDPODnew4A soothing chordal sonic carpet supports this Taoist-based meditation/visualization/affirmation session to boost your faith in the benign nature of the path, the Way, for your existential and sensual delectation and delight…with love.

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Right-click here to download Faith In The Path Meditation

It’s been a joy and privilege guiding you through this micro-mini-but-not-so-skinny training – a prelude to the in-depth, online, video-based Deep Confidence transformational training. I’m expecting you’re already experiencing subtle but notable changes at the core level of your being and feel somewhat different in relation to reality – perhaps a little more secure, more relaxed, more settled, with more sense of belonging, more connectedness and a bit more internal poke to ask for what you want.

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  • Thank you barefoot. Loved the course. Really helped me stay on my path x

  • Found day 6 today in my junk mail, retrieved it, listened and yes
    I do feel the beginnings of subtle shift of my life getting better and better.
    Glad there is a delay in the start date of the 3 week course as I haven, the finances yet to fund it.
    I am divine and know the money will arrive at the right time.
    Thank you and lots of love. xx

  • Richard
    3 years ago

    Thanks Dock that was spectacular. Yet another technique to use daily. As I got truly centered and began the breathing exercises and mental focus I saw myself sitting or hovering above a lotus flower. As the breathing continued the breath circulation became a golden light and the body became lighter and lighter. Fantastic experience!


  • Helpful exercises. You call these tiny micro lessons but they are really helping me in all sorta of ways, all through the day.

  • Sieglinde Dewald
    3 years ago

    That helps a lot, I’m glad you did that … and may you be blessed and protected wherever you go 🙂

  • One of my ‘I would’s…’ was that I would start talking to people to get the groundwork underway to launch my own business but 6 days ago the mere idea of taking this step terrified me (social anxiety). Today I was out hiking and found myself talking to people about it (without giving it much thought). It felt like the right people were perfectly lined up for me and I felt really confident communicating with them ….
    The ‘I will’s…’ are underway! Thanks so much – excited

  • Just wanted to thank you again for always having your hand on “the planetary pulse” . I personally feel this mini-confidence teachings are exactly what is needed. People need to remember their Warrior Self., and to learn that bravery, or courage, is necessary in life. Now, is the time for people to feel empowered and confidence is everything. Thank you for the wake up call ! Aho!

  • Thanks so much, Doc. Just what I needed.

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