Six Day Shift – mini training sequence – day 5

Something a little different today as we’re combining affirmation with a beautiful qi gong form that can be done sittng or standing, to reset your relationship with the world around you and how you feel about yourself in the swim of humanity – watch this video and do the moves – this process is powerful.:

Day Five – Video Exercise – Seal Your Arrival as  a fully-fledged qualified member of the human family


This six-day shift process is an introduction to the 
in-depth, online, video-based Deep Confidence transformational training



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  • Richard
    3 years ago

    I felt my chi raise and an energy field or wave connect with my palms as I stretched them out. Then as I brought my hands in and expressed the acceptance of belonging and having the gift to give and receive I felt both my heart chakra and spiritual heart chakra open and expand. Than as I grounded and settled I felt all chakras come online in a stream of energetic expression.
    Wonderful share Doc I seriously enjoyed it and shall use this as a daily practice.

  • Slight shift? More like a hefty shove! Big thanks, Birthday, Bod Dylan, x Thai utopia

  • A lovely start to the day – thank you Stephen.xx

    3 years ago

    I love this – very centre-ing and affirming – thank you Stephen :o)

  • Thank you for this exercise, as well as the rest of the training. It was all brilliant. Love, Jean

  • Susanne Gofe
    3 years ago

    This exercise certainly has the effect of making one not only feel connected to creation and humankind, but also a feel of belonging and purpose

  • Aye, that’s got me centred again – and I really was a mass of scattered-feeling energy earlier. Now I feel I can do something worthwhile. Good one. Thanks.

  • Thank you for the experience of the exercises, seemed to lighten the end of the day.

  • Feeling connected and grounded.

  • Hi Stephen …Really enjoyed this tiny winy series of exercises and mediation tapes. Thankyou for these and as always you deliver..
    Love Malkitx

  • that warm, belonging and willingness to explore giving more is beautiful! thankyou, the exercises are heartfelt x

  • Dawn Buffalo Heart
    3 years ago

    Wow! I feel so validated, confident, at ease with myself, a sense of dominion and truly one who belongs here. Also feel very present and entitled to be here, not needing to make any excuses for my presence or my existence. My Heart Chakra has opened, energy channels in my arms and hands all opened, energy flowing strongly through my whole body, down to the soles of my feet. Such a simple exercise produces such profound results! My self-confidence has grown tremendously through these little sessions. Stephen, this is so awesome to me! Many thanks, hugs and bowing ~

  • Amazing feeling and more I believe in myself. Thank you thank you thank you barefoot enjoyed all of them 100%. Gratitude. Xx

  • Feel light and happy…every thing is fine, love is all around. Thank you from my heart.

  • Sabine Konrath
    3 years ago

    Wow, my hands are tingling with energy, I felt the Chi move and I feel grounded and clear. Thank you, Stephen 🙂

  • Sieglinde Dewald
    3 years ago

    That feels divine 🙂 and will round up the daily qigongo – I was thinking about a good way how to end it with something like this 7 million plus connection … and there you go … thank you!!! In primary school they told us its 4 million and at that time I thought that’s it … lol

    • Sieglinde Dewald
      3 years ago

      … ahh yes, millions, billions who cares … I love me 🙂

  • Thank you, BD for the simple but very powerful exercises that are easy to do but so uplifting and inspiring. I look forward to doing them each day.

  • Siobhan
    3 years ago

    Thank you Doc. Got number 4 eventually. Loved this last of the trilogy! Including the wind…
    You know Doc, even though you annoy me sometimes, I keep coming back for more, cause I know you’ve got It..
    I’ve been following you since you used to write in the Sunday independent newspaper. More years than I care to remember! xx

  • Thank you for this wonderful intro. into basic energetics. I particularly enjoyed this last one as after a set I can feel a sense of purposeful compassion toward the Universe and All My Relations. Gracias BD!

  • Lovely tingle in my palms and felt grounded.
    Thoroughly enjoying this mini course, determined to do the exercises every day to maintain constant deep confidence. Thank you xx

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