Six Day Shift – mini training sequence – day 3

Halfway along in the six day shift process – Have you noticed yourself being more aware of how the way you describe life to yourself determines how you experience it?

With truer perspective it gets clearer that rather than being in a contest for resources with the rest of humanity, obliged to gauge your value by comparing yourself to others, you’re more like a flower of nature, an expression of Tao in human form. And in terms of your worth and hence whether you qualify for humanity, if you’re good enough for the Tao to squeeze itself through your shape you qualify. If you’re here reading this you qualify. This subtle yet radical shift of inner view profoundly resets your relationship with the world around you.

Next, how you talk to yourself in your head directly affects your confidence levels. Most of the time you’re not even aware you are talking to yourself so we continue today with an exercise to help you be cognizant of the inner dialogue. As I say, it’s key for building confidence – do this process on the video:

Day Three – Video Exercise – Reset The Way You Talk To Yourself


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  • Jill Humphries
    3 years ago

    I accept that I am a lovely woman, but some inner voice gave me a few “even though”s to deal with: I am a lovely woman, even though this, and even though that. The last one being, “I am a lovely woman, even though there are some things about myself I may wish to change”. Then I decided, “I am a lovely woman, exactly as I am in this moment.” I am lovely. You are lovely. Everyone is blimmin’ lovely. Life is lovely. Yee hah!

  • Julie Shanti
    3 years ago

    ~ I Know I AM! πŸ˜‰ β™₯β™₯β™₯ ~ And so is everyone here! Love recognizes Love, always! You’re a Lovely man, Stephen! β™₯ ~ Julie

  • Richard
    3 years ago

    I ran out of negatives very fast and it switched to becoming a matter of convincing myself of what I was saying. I also found that within a couple more statements the voice which seems to be very quiet as of late began agreeing with me completely. An interesting conversation with the self and yes it lets one know where we are at in regards to our true feelings of self worth.

  • Wasn’t sure what the term, “Swarm factor”, meant?
    I enjoyed the subtleties in this exercise as with all the mini-tiny-micro exercises. Good job once again amazing and simple even for a child to understand.
    I believe that each one of these exercises is like doing some sort of qi gong for the ego. Very subtle mind movements using words. Love it!!! <3

  • Thank you Doc, that’s a lovely exercise πŸ™‚ I had a whole string of insults ready to say to myself, but after a few minutes I found the insults too much effort to say, and then I felt no resistance to saying “you’re a lovely woman” and in fact started to agree with that. I will use this as often as needed, thank you.
    Today I definitely noticed a change in my confidence, I was in a situation that would normally have me feeling like a complete failure and a waste of space, and instead I noticed myself automatically telling myself that I am Divine. I was not consciously thinking that I must do that because of the fact that I’m doing your teeny training, it just happened and it was a wonderful surprise to feel worthy. Thank you so much! Love, Jean.

  • Thanks, a subtle cracker. Turns out I am loveable…… who knew?! You mean I don’t have to be ‘perfect’? πŸ˜‰

  • Many thanks Barefoot. As the protests dwindled, a softening…that also feels firm and strong and deep.

  • Brilliant barefoot. Appreciate . X

  • Carolyn H
    3 years ago

    Amazing. It was fascinating to witness my inner critic finding it harder and harder to come up with negatives. I’m a happy woman!

  • I finally convinced myself that yes, I am a lovely woman, just wish everyone else felt the same about that statement.

  • Thanks S, yes this one is good, made a difference, appreciated πŸ™‚ xxxx

  • Anne Poltera
    3 years ago

    It surprised me that I didn’t disagree that ‘I am lovely’.But what I found was the Tao continuing, ‘so be that lovely woman. BE THAT LOVELY WOMAN, A PRINCESS IN FACT.’ When you are aware of the Tao seeing you in your full Tao beauty, you move differently, treat yourself and others with great respect. We need to not just know we are lovely but BE it, act like the DIVINE being that we are.

  • Mieczyslawa Pascoe
    3 years ago

    In the end I heard: “Oh, shut up, just accept that you’re a lovely”, which made me laugh. But the little voice stayed with me. You’re a lovely man, Stephen. Agata

  • Quick and effective, another gem, thank you!

  • This has helped me feel more at peace, and I can feel the love – thank you!

  • Dawn Buffalo Heart
    3 years ago

    What a pleasant exercise! At first, I felt embarrassed to claim such a thing, but I soon went from, “Wellll, not really” and “A little” to admitting, “Yes, and thank you!” It really opened my Heart Chakra, made me feel warm within and without. Definitely felt energy channels opening up and tingling throughout. Or maybe it was the sugar in the muffin I ate at lunch? LOL!
    Love these mini sessions, they are just what I need when I need it — Thank you, Stephen, for leading us in peaceful ways.

  • Thank you again. This little reminder was instrumental this morning, I tend to cause myself a lot of grief come morning, so thanks DB. You too are a lovely man:P !

  • A mixture of things happened. It only took a few minutes: Midway I felt emotional, sad. As I affirmed my loveliness I replied with more basic insults, a little bit nit picky. Then my final devil voice said “see you can’t even think of anything bad about yourself”…and I just laughed. Still smiling now.
    Thankyou x

  • At the beginning was actually cringing hearing the words ‘you are a lovely woman’. Then I had ‘buts’ behind it like ‘but you drink too much’ … ‘but you are an emotional wreck’. Kept going and then I started to recall lots of compliments that I have been given by people in the past and realised that I hadn’t let them in. E.g you’re a great mother, you make everyone feel really relaxed in your presence, you’re the best mate anyone could ever wish for etc etc. In they came, flooding. It was like they were shelved away in shame. So I was allowing them in properly for the first time with this exercise (and actually believing them). Thanks so much for this today BFD….you’re pretty divine yourself

  • Wow that solved my dad’s curse of being in-likeable and in-loveable.
    I quite quickly ran out of negatives.
    Felt a sense of self-love.
    Truly powerful yet gentle technique.
    If you were in the room right now I’d be giving you a big hug of thanks. xx

  • Linda Chambers
    3 years ago

    During this exercise I became aware of my feelings of love for myself and the feelings of doubt and fear I hold towards myself. It felt really good to have the voice of love hold steady and sure during the flounderings of my fearful dialogue , and to realize that love loves everything without exclusion. Such a simple exercise, however this experience is of great value thank you so very much.

  • Silence from the negative voice! Fizzing energy from spine to crown ..
    I am laughing… brilliant. Thank you.

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