Six Day Shift – mini training sequence – day 1

My congratulations and respect for taking up the challenge to generate a shift in your confidence levels over course of the next six days. Before you start watching the first video ask yourself if you had far more confidence than you presently feel what you would do differently in your life? Note it down as follows

“If I had more confidence, I would…”

Make an intention, an agreement with yourself that over the course of next six days that all your important ‘I woulds’ will transform into ‘I wills’, and bear this intention in mind as you take yourself through the process via the video exercises and audio meditations – here’s the the first video:

Day One – Video Exercise – The Power of Description 


To be confident requires self-esteem, self-worth and a sense of self-entitlement – attributes commonly in deficit due to us comparing ourselves to others and competing to qualify for humanity, rather than retaining true perspective, which has us radically alter the criteria by which we evaluate our own worth. It’s this we’ll be focusing on over these next few days together, to open the doors to greater self-confidence.

We don’t experience reality, we synthesize it. The sense organs transmit signals to the brain and the brain interprets them according to a complex series of descriptions we’ve each evolved since childhood – many of them entirely spurious, all of them subjective. When we expand or alter our descriptions, not only do we perceive reality differently, reality actually impacts on us differently.Before you can alter or expand your descriptions you first have to dismantle the compulsive hold they exert on you.

This first exercise is to undo the power of description so you can start generating different internal and hence external effects. Do the exercise, note down how you feel.

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  • Hi doc, it’s hit and miss, depending on my timing. As lots your exercises, I return to them to repeat later. Therefore depending on my mental, physical and emotional state, the results differ. I won’t dwell on it too long though and simply agree with myself, it’s yin and yang, that the next one will be better.
    Thank you for the exercises and the tools to deal with them.


  • We are all interconnected because WE are ONE. Only we perceive things differently according to our abilities to distinguish what is Real and what we immagine to be real.
    We are only sparks of The Divine Essence, call it G-od, Nature, etc and our mission is to correct all the wrong mind implants that we have.
    I just love to listen to you!

  • Jill Humphries
    3 years ago

    The Is-iness of it all is more is-y without a description. Or is it? This is merely a description of my own making. Descriptions often involve statements that seem to be true, but then when you say the exact opposite of that statement, that is true as well. So I feel I can’t get at the truth about something by just describing it. Made me start wanting to touch things and taste things instead of describing them. To feel them directly. Had the thought, “Description is pointless.” But that was only a description of my own making. Why describe? You can’t get at direct truth with a description: all description is subjective. Maybe every description is a creative act and the value of it lies in its artistry.

  • Jo Loughlin
    3 years ago

    I dont feel I ought write a negative but in the interest of self validation I must:- My descriptons are so negative and gloomy that I may as well not try to change. I feel that I am up against very powerful and all pervading sense of doom and gloom!

  • Janet Brighton
    3 years ago

    Lesson 1 of A Course In Miracles instantly came to mind. “Nothing I see is real…” and subsequently, “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists.”

  • I know this is only mini mini session 1 but surely you are not ‘entitled ‘ to the best if you don’ t earn it or take responsibility etc… Are you saying that if you exist you are worth being here irrespective of behaviour??
    Also there is no doubt is there that a saggy wrinkled arm for example is sAggy and wrinkled even though it may be strong and usable etc…in which case do I have to persuade myself that that is the best description irrespective of saggy and wrinkled?

    3 years ago

    Everything is completely beautiful as itself! Thank you :o)

    3 years ago

    I described myself physically noting all the shortcomings or things that need fixing or correcting yet also noting the beauty and uniqueness of my being. I described how I feel towards myself in acceptance and the freedom to be. I described myself mentally in the sense or observation of what I have accomplished thus far in life good, bad, or indifferent.
    I feel I am ready to make a drastic change fluidly in regards to shifting perspectives utterly from just being along for the ride to that of seriously enjoying the ride for all and with the abundance the ride can and does so graciously provide.

  • Tracey P
    3 years ago

    Describing objects & myself, I felt a sense of stepping back, awareness/calm, a feeling of giving a”truer” definition
    ” these photos of my family, my shelf of books, my hands” became just simply what they were & not all the the attachments, feelings, memories & expectations I give to them….
    The exercise gave me a lovely sense of detachment & neutrality,
    (a pleasant realisation that I focus on natural beauty by default!!)
    & I finished with a wry smile….”ah So I can really change my perspective if I try!!”
    Time to re start my School for Warrior training methinks….cheers for the gentle shove Doc. 🙂
    Now to practice this magic out in the World…

  • Hi Doc, thank you so much for this free training (I love your “teeny, eeny…” description of it!). After a few minutes of doing the exercise I found myself unable to stop laughing at all my negative descriptions of everything, and it was very enlightening and emotionally freeing. Thank you. Love, Jean

  • If i do this it evaporates, if its a mind concept – even ‘this is a tree’ is a mind concept. However its a more of a universal life force like when i look at the tree and realise ‘wow you are so alive’ or something like remembering how connected we all are, then the ‘knowing’ amps up in my body and heart. Like then it goes ‘NO – this is not just my opinion – its a greater knowing’. Though i’m putting words here on something wordless.
    Seems like its a great way of me enjoying the feel universal knowings that are much larger than me.

  • I found it took time but did diminish my judgement of myself and my surroundings. I was shocked at first how negative my initial thoughts were and this alone has taught me a great deal about my current mindset. Thank you.

  • Lorraine
    3 years ago

    Thankyou BD for these mini trainings, a timely reminder to revisit the Taoist Healing Workshop material. Look forward to next post.

  • Got a feeling of it all being illusory and hilariously much of it a shared illusion with my fellow deluded!

  • I struggled with this the first time. I thought of what everything used to be eg a tree, part of a rock, plastic derived from oil which itself is formed from long dead creatures etc.
    The second time I saw everything in the room and outside including myself and the space as groups of atoms all formed into separate entities but all interconnected and all with a purpose. I still haven’t got total concentration but I like this idea and will go with it and see where it leads.

  • This ties in with and reinforces the 8-week MBSR course I completed earlier this year.

  • I found that I didn’t have to own it. I could detach more easily and it was good timing when this came. I got stuck and was sorta teasing myself, saying, “Got stuck again did you Donna”. It really helped provide me with what I needed to set my mind straight again. Thanks BD 😀

  • I feel more relaxed (yet also excited about the potential here) and more in control. It’s quite a perspective changer.
    Thank you as ever.

  • The exercise has removed the drama, thank you.

  • catherine
    3 years ago

    listening for you I was internally arguing with you, the part of myself that definitely agrees with you and the part that always say : ah! ah! (in french ;-D) easier to say than to do… a little schizophrenic isnt’it? many thanks anyway I’ll work on it…

  • Suzanne
    3 years ago

    I identify quite closely with the first comment.

    My negative dialogue during simple everyday things:

    Oh I haven’t done that yet, I am disorganised and scattered.

    Oh I have left that dirty, I am slovenly.

    Then came:

    Oh I am pleased with myself, I have just realised how I constantly criticise myself.

    followed by:

    Am I being smug, feeling pleased with myself.

    My descriptions of myself kept turning every little thing I do into negatives.

    When I do something I am pleased with, I get a little rush of pleasure inside, but they are generally rare occurrences in the run of things and can easily be squashed by a negative as described above.

    I was horrified to find that my eternal dialogue around getting two slices of toast with real butter for my lunch was that I should be having one, instead of two and should I be having real butter and I was being greedy

    That would have normally taken my enjoyment away from the action, instead, I took myself out to the garden to eat and just enjoyed the moment.

    Then I got involved in something on the computer which absorbed all of my attention and no critical thoughts came.

    A way of avoiding further awareness episodes?????

    Thats my negative description of that!

    The other is that this is such a long diatribe that people are bound to get fed up with it and I should have summarised more, like most other people!

    Thats my negative description of that!

    • Thank you Suzanne. I am glad you took the time to explain your feelings and reactions to this exercise, I relate to them and with the first comment here. Your words helped me associate with the exercise much more. Next time you are hard on yourself, try telling yourself this, that what you have said has helped another in the past and will do so again. Well done, hope this helps somewhat in return.


    • Sorry, the comment I referred to is the 3rd one, from Sarah, not the first.


  • James Pickerell
    3 years ago

    Thx Doc Steph!!! This sure puts a new spin on my beliefs on what is thus enabling a shift in perception from real to unreal opening up for a wider awareness and a view of greater choices and the freedom to do so with greater confidence to move forward into the next moment of my creations, sort of like busting bubbles of preconceived outcomes, like a child again with a sense of wonderment.

  • Oh my goodness, I suddenly got a sense of freedom! Liberated in more ways than one. Being in the now – feeling the power. Thank you . X

  • Things started to seem ‘neutral’ – no longer having qualities that I might have been caught up in the descriptive mix – and some items were less threatening, or easier to consider doing, than previously. And being neutral, they were less noisy, and more interesting for that. Thank you.

  • Been given notice of redundancy lately and been a bit in mental overdrive. The exercise – it took a good long while but after telling each doom thought well that is merely a description of my own making – I got to a really tranquil place – yes I could have mustered more doom if I had really tried hard to dredge it up – but just didn’t want to go there and got to a place of peace – it didn’t really matter anymore

  • Jacqueline
    3 years ago

    Hi Stephen,
    I didn’t know whether you’d told us to carry out the exercise for 14 or 40 minutes. So I did it for a while, then wondered whether I was doing it ‘wrong’, drifted off, caught myself doing that and snapped back to attention…It just didn’t seem to be having any effect on me at all and I concluded that I was rubbish at it, but that’s ok, tomorrow is another day… Then I ‘came to’ briefly during the night, thinking abut how I’d worried about doing the exercise ‘properly’ and I said to myself, ‘however, this is just a description of my own, that I am making up.’ D’you know what? I suddenly got it, smiled and went back to sleep!! 🙂

  • Dawn Buffalo Heart
    3 years ago

    Quite an awakening exercise! I realized that I see beauty in many things. I learned from just listening to the intro that I don’t think I feel entitled–I think I learned at an early age that I was not entitled. This in itself is a profound awareness for me. I felt more thoughtful and open-minded after this practice, and life felt a little less harsh to me. It was difficult for me to sit and pay close attention to my thoughts.

  • Question:
    How do I dismantle a fixed negative description of someone else’s making?

    My father told me I was un likeable and un-loveable.

    Or work colleagues who described me as a minger.

    Or school child who said I’d never be an actor.

  • Very relaxing, what a lovely exercise, peace,love and blessings on you.

  • Hi Stephen

    very enlightening and lightening exercise and in that it is all mysterious and then ‘I woulds” become “I will”. Thankyou for the clarity

  • it was a key factor was to keep it simple
    And in that way your open to all possibilities
    Thank you xx

  • Veronica
    3 years ago

    I like the idea of turning “I woulds” into “I will”…I know my lack of courage (confidence) has kept me from really embracing each moment and I want my journey going forward to unfold differently.

  • Thank you so very much! This is exactly what I needed to hear! Aho!

  • Anne Poltera
    3 years ago

    That was surprisingly good. It made me have a lighter approach to everything, opened a wider channel to joy and laughter. It gave me a feeling of being hugged by the Tao / by the loving, joyful, wise source of all that is.

  • I feel free – loved this exercise, enjoyable, made me laugh, freed my mind from absolutes and taking myself too seriously, however this is merely a description of my own making
    Thankyou xx

  • Greetings wise one – lovely exercise – kinda takes the pressure off, allows one to enjoy the activity of ‘watcher’, and then embellish said activity with added joy and ease. Immediate creativity. & Countryside suits you. 🙂

  • Lindsay
    3 years ago

    I felt some anxiety!

  • Jamie Lumley
    3 years ago

    I feel as though I cant really “know” anything, or be sure about anything. All is mysterious. Maybe the only way to be sure about anything is not to describe but to just experience?

  • Quentin
    3 years ago

    It gave me an opportunity to really see my thoughts about myself from a perspective I’d not known. The simplicity of this exercise stunning, yet the insight profound.

    Thank you bro

  • Absolutely freeing. Reality is what I make of it. Sitting for 14 mins and describing me in the moment gives clarity. My description can be limiting or freeing – it’ all what I choose to describe myself and how I relate to things around me. After awhile I just begin to experience lightness and gratitude for me and my connectedness to the Tao.

  • Very relaxing exercise. I find myself becoming part of my surroundings. Immersed in it all, being present with it. Losing my worries for tomorrow. Just being present. Realizing I’ve gone from seeing it through jaded eyes to just being. Thanks, Doc.

  • Love it – thank you!
    Are you sitting amongst butterbur? 🙂 xx

  • Smiling with the desire to chuckle! Internal lightness and a distance from my physical self.
    Self critical thoughts some how blocked. Fascinating. Thank you

  • Maz Gilmour
    3 years ago

    Thankyou Doc, I was lucky enough to watch this outside, and I really took on board your reminder that nature/the universe/the tao gave form to me, and thus I’m entitled to the very best that’s available. …that reset to a possibility of self-entitlement was wonderful and gracious, and when I looked around me and saw the trees, and the grass,ie.this world, and particularly this life, i realised there must be a reason I’m here! . …Thankyou Barefoot, I’m feeling reset, with an opening acceptance that maybe I will be able to turn my ‘I woulds’ to ‘I wills ‘ 🙂 x

  • I noticed an opening up of my perspective. A more holistic view of things. Thank you.

  • Adam Sussman
    3 years ago

    How liberating to experience that my reality is created by my thoughts and that I don’t need to respond to them.

  • Al the descriptions I made are totally Subjective.

  • I could identify fictitious yet established points of reference to which I am constantly cross-checking myself. They are mostly negative, self-limiting and defeatist (yikes). Moved from a rigid stance to a more fluid one during this exercise. The challenge is keeping it up as the negative script seems to be default and oh so deeply engrained! Sticky notes all around the house to keep the momentum!!

  • Hi,
    I’m getting a kick out of this exercise. I apply it to something I’m looking at, and either want to start laughing or feel I’m recalibrating my perception of it – I want to say ‘in real time’ !

  • I stopped describing & began looking & experiencing. I felt present & alive with no sense of time. Thank you! X

  • Sabine Konrath
    3 years ago

    This exercise is really fun. I started to feel lighter after a few minutes and my perspective was shifting. If everything is merely a description I can change it – I found myself smiling and curious about how much change is possible in these six days. Thank you 🙂

  • 1. How difficult it was to concentrate for 14 minutes!
    2. Much of my descriptive language is quite negative
    3. Many of the things I ‘saw’ were in my head – recollections of conversations, interactions etc
    4. A feeling that I’m not really living in the here and now
    5. A slightly more objective and disspassionate look at things around me

  • ah. liberating! Empowered.

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