Short Series On Attaining And Maintaining Peace Of Mind – Day I

Starting today I’m going to present a short series here, with a more in depth look in the Members’ Wisdom Drop each day, explaining the basics behind attaining and maintaining peace of mind according to ancient Taoist philosophy, which though from another time and place is universally applicable to us today and works with great effect once you get your mind round it.

The first thing is to desist from insisting to self or others on your opinions, beliefs or version of reality. This implies that no matter how sorted and sound you think your views, no matter how well sussed you think you have the universe and the way it works, you must always hold your judgement about it in suspension and allow life to surprise you. You must always allow life to be the unfathomable mystery it is, rather than kid yourself you know exactly what’s what. Thinking you know exactly what’s what about everything or anything rigidifies you and makes you lose touch with your inner childlike spirit of adventure, whence springs your true vitality.

Allowing yourself not to know may at first give rise to insecurity, it’s true, but don’t be afraid of a little insecurity. Simply relax into it and enjoy the internal trembles.

It’s when you’re at your most existentially insecure that the greatest miracles happen in your life.

I wish you a run of great miracles now.

Love, Doc

 Continued in more depth in the Member’s DocBox

Barefoot Satsang – Sunday 1800GMT – Peace Restorative – pump up your peace and relaxation in the midst of the action

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  • Yes to realise we know nothing for sure is a wonderful, magical, freeing thing. And probably many lifetimes practice in and of itself…

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