Short Series On Attaining And Maintaining Peace Of Mind – Day III – Weekend Edition

In days one and two of this short series I talked about desisting taking your own opinions, beliefs and views too seriously and desisting judging things as either good or bad respectively, if you wish to attain and maintain peace of mind.

The next step is to desist condemning or praising the actions or achievements of others.

Judging others accurately is absolutely impossible unless you find yourself in their shoes.

Being centred, your natural set of inherent ethics will prevent you taking any actions that could be intentionally harmful to others – it has nothing to do with morals, which are exogenously generated. When you’re filling your skin and are centred within, with your heart open and your love for life, self and others naturally flowing, you cannot but act respectfully and lovingly.

And that’s all you have to know. Let others live out their own destinies without comment. Of course if the actions of those around you seem dangerous or harmful, you do all you can to protect yourself and others from them but unless you wish to trap yourself unnecessarily in the existential slipstream of judgement, which inevitably leads to self-judgment and others judging you, far better to keep it at that and not pass judgement or comment.

You’ll find your life growing instantly lighter, freer and more filled with vitality as soon as you step out of judgement mode.

So every time you catch yourself doing it, notice how your body and spirit contract and instead say something along the lines of, ‘there but by the grace of the Tao go I’, and focus on centring yourself in order to realign yourself with your own set of intrinsic natural ethics –  te or virtue, as the ancient Taoists called it.

May your cup runneth over with te (actually pronounced tay) and an abundance of wonderful surprises today, tonight and right through the weekend.

(I’ll tell you the final step on Monday).

Love Doc

Continued in more depth in the Members’ Wisdom Drop

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