Don’t try and run from the pain or discomfort you’re feeling. Instead open up to it and welcome it as a sign of life. Then

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2 Responses to “Self-balancing

  • William Stridar
    7 months ago


    Well as i twanged my back (yet again) yesterday and whole body feels bruised sore tight and i am doddering around like a man 20 years my senior. Todays drop of wisdom was very pertinent.

    I woke 1am this morning not able to sleep as i was very uncomfortable i got up with quite a grumbly mind. It is not un heard of for me to awake at these odd hours but i usually find a chore or two to do which gets me ahead of the day or my preferred way is to get some Tai chi in or another such practice. The tight muscles were not up for it and my mind started to sink in mood dramaticly as i thought of all the time i have put in could vanish if i am unable to do practice for a while.
    I sat and did the drop meditation at the same time doing Acupressure i then watched the last of the vids of last longo and i instantly got it so practised that.

    by this time it was 4am and body hurt but i was no longer feeling helpless and so glum.
    I got back up at 9am got straight (my now full set of longo) followed by a very slow pakau as not to aggravate the body
    and then i did tai chi once as more seemed unwise.
    Has the pain gone ….NO and i feeling a bit glum – well a little but that is only the pain wanting too much attention (probably needs it as unless you shout i often will just carry on as normal). But i have slowly got everything done i needed and a few things for others.So though i am not feeling like doing cart wheels i chugging along happy and occasionally chuckling at my self as i dodder around like an old Yoda with his stick.
    Though i love these lessons i do far prefer the ones when your body and mind feel great and moves marvellously and pain free .
    So thank you Tao but if i am projecting i need more pain and restriction its a mistake i did not mean it !
    Please bring Health wealth and prosperity (which i though was what i did order).


    • William what a great message for everyone to see especially maybe me because how you’ve described and so eloquently the reality of processing pain (of any sort) using the Taoist method and how doing so you’re able to keep rolling albeit in modified fashion for a short while and not be floored by it is precisely my intention and wish for everyone who partakes and anyway I’m glad for you you weren’t floored and naturally wish you such a swift, smooth retrieval of ease and comfort it almost knocks you clean over but doesn’t as that would be counterproductive. Love

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