See the vision

Once you’ve set your intention to achieve the manifestation of any particular set of circumstances, say a new home, job, career, bank balance, relationship, or whatever, you have to facilitate a gradual build-up and gathering of psychic force to support and protect the manifestation process as it wends its way from the etheric realm through the denser atmosphere of human society, the milieu in which it will eventually take form.

This is a subtle business, which requires you develop a relationship with the force as it gathers. This force is, in essence, love. Use your mind to visualise a growing gathering of love-imbued particles, like a large and growing army of benign entities behind you, flanking you, in the vanguard, above you and even below you, until you’re surrounded by millions upon millions of benign entities, all directed at the goal in question. Don’t over-dramatise it. Let it be subtle and discreet – no big noise, just a humble surge of millions of beings with you at their helm, all directed towards a particular goal.

Whenever the fear or doubt of failure grips, instead, relax, breathe and see the vision. Patiently over time, you’ll feel the force growing until one day, all at once, as if out of the blue, hardly noticing how the transition occurred, you find yourself actually having manifested whatever it was you wanted.

May you feel supremely satisfied now.

Love, D

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