Scale The Peak

After a while of visualising something to happen, it does generally start to happen, providing what you’ve been visualising is in some way in accord with what’s for your highest good and when it does start happening, at first there’s a thrill, usually followed close at heel by anxiety – for what if now it’s started to come true, it suddenly reverses and doesn’t come through to fruition? – and this anxiety though natural, is not to be indulged. Indeed as soon as you spot it, you must negotiate it away, lest it forms a block to the manifesting process, as it surely will if you let it develop.

At every turn, the Tao checks to see if you still really mean it when you say you want something, whether you’re still truly willing to invest your faith in it happening, no less so, the closer it gets to manifesting. To the contrary, the closer a thing gets to manifesting, the more poignant the tests to your faith when they inevitably arise, because now you can actually see the end in sight, it would hurt even more if you weren’t to reach it.

So as you see your visualisations starting to bear fruit and reality begins delivering you what you’ve been wanting all the while, rather than growing anxious it might not continue all the way through to full fruition, give thanks. Look up at the peak you’re aiming for, not down into the crevice into which you fear you might stumble and fall if things don’t work out, in other words.

May you scale the peak of every moment with aplomb today and tonight.

Love, Doc

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