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Mini-lesson 1

Open the form – it’s symbolic of opening into a new phase of life. Draw up the chi of the ground. Draw down the chi of the sky. Mingle them inside. And hey presto you’re a tai chi superhero.

Mini-lesson 2

Ward off – this is your ritual for warding off all the negativity of the world and accessing such sensitivity you could lightly grasp a sparrow’s tail and it would be glad of the intimacy.


Mini-lesson 3

Roll back – this is your ritual for yielding to the oncoming pressure of life, grabbing its chi and using it to bounce back doubly strong


Mini-lessons 1 to 3


Supreme Ultimate Tai Chi Short Form Training

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  • frankie
    5 years ago

    Thank you so much, exactly the introduction to Tai Chi I was hoping for. Just watching creates a sense of peace, I’m off to try it now! A wonderful teaser, will definitely be following up.
    Frankie x

  • David Warden
    5 years ago

    Hi stephen.
    Superb 3rd lesson. The precise details e.g. left hand moves onto the radial pulse etc., are exactly the type of information i am looking for to enhance my existing knowledge.
    Your movement is beautiful to watch.
    The special offer is most welcome and seals the deal.
    With love

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