Ringtone Stress Gauge

You can instantly gauge your actual stress levels by observing what happens when your phone rings in your pocket or bag and you’re afraid you won’t reach it in time. At these moments watch how your breathing changes and how you tense your muscles in belly, chest, throat and face. Learning to let your body soften and breathe slowly when you’re phone’s ringing in a hard to get-to place and you’ll find the effects spreading to all other activities too.

Because it doesn’t matter how relaxed you are, when that phone rings and you can’t get to it, the mind and body seem to react compulsively and go into stress.

And there’s nothing to be ashamed of about it. We’re herd animals. We react on the animal level. Not reaching the phone triggers at the unconscious level fear of loss, exclusion and abandonment, hence the stress. It triggers the people-pleaser within, that aspect that feels it’s at the beck and call of the world.

However respond from your core by relaxing more and you’re no longer coming from the animal level. Now you’re coming from the enlightened human level.

So what if you miss the call? You’ll call them back or vice versa. Nothing to stress about. Your enlightened self knows that. Your animal self doesn’t.

Your enlightened self watches your animal self’s stress being triggered and has compassion.

It knows you have options and so gives the command to relax and let go.

You let go. Maybe you miss the call, maybe you catch it. Either way, the world doesn’t stop with the former or go any faster with the latter.

Achieve relaxation when your ringing phone is too well-sequestered about your person to reach comfortably in time to catch the call and you’ll achieve it in all areas of life.

May you be as serene as a bubbling brook in the sacred mountains – the real thing not the ringtone.

Love, D

2 Responses to “Ringtone Stress Gauge

    3 years ago

    By complete contrast to the truth of ‘the ringtone’ reaction, I am now experiencing relief – relief from knowing others get a similar thing going on in their body! Nice one Barefoot man x

  • I have changed my ring tone to an amazing tune, that i just love dancing to….. then when it’s finished, i call the person back 🙂
    Thanks Doc x

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