Right place sound meditation

‘Right Place’: this is a sound meditation with balls and OMs galore to help you feel right wherever you are – suggested dosage: no more than 6 listens daily – headphones best.

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6 Responses to “Right place sound meditation

  • One eyed horse
    5 years ago

    After really struggling for a few days, I had a few drinks with friends and started to feel again.

    Came home alone and needing something poured a glass of wine and found this – and am now writing this after a dance and a deep soul smile. The music speaks to the soul, BFD talks to the rest – perfect – a massive thank you for reminding me that I am, in fact, in the right place doing the right thing in the right way with the right people with the right result. Nearly poured the wine away but F**k it I’m doing the right thing with the right people (me) with the right result.

    Will remember this at work tomorrow with a hangover!!

    So often in my life you have been at the right place at the right time and always with the right result, thanks x

  • Wow -that is powerful -I am buzzing with energy
    I was feeling a bit off track but now I know I’m always right right right
    Thanks BD x

  • Gabrielle
    5 years ago

    Love his track 🙂 I’ve listened to it loads of times and encourage others to do too, ~ and I repeat the mantra daily whist doing my final deepest yoga warrior lunges. It all helps keep me strong & life in perspective <3

  • Donna Bamlett
    5 years ago

    What will happen if we listen to it more than six times?

    • Steph, BD
      5 years ago

      it was a joke – I listened way more than 6 times making it and nothing terrible has happened so far 🙂

  • Janet Brighton
    5 years ago

    A miserable day weather wise and miserable in my heart too. Unclear, whether I was doing the right thing in the right way,at the right time, with the right people, with the right reseult. And sitting here alone, through choice, as I am not doing the thing on offer because I don’t think they are the right people to be doing the thing with and it’s not the time etc, it works both ways, and I am at peace with that choice. I hate wasting time(and energy) and this helped me feel, and will in the days this week, somehow be more pro-active, because I can’t fail, the Universe will Sat Nav me if I take a wrong turn, so I am always.. etc. Very reassuring dear BF.

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