Rich colouration

Trusting what’s happening, based on believing in the intrinsic benevolence of the underlying motile pattern driving all the visible action, that belief based on believing that the way you believe reality to work is the way it will work, you stop resisting what’s going on and start flowing with it instead, using the thrust of the momentum to propel you in the general direction you were always going anyway, thus feeling empowered by the movement rather than depleted, having first got clear with yourself that empowerment rather than depletion is what you’re intending for yourself and if you have good sense, for everyone who comes into contact with you, for empowering others rather than depleting them stands you in better relation with the universe.

If that hasn’t managed to overload your rational mind into a state of neutrality, stop thinking now and say to yourself, ‘I intend to be empowered by the movement of life, rather than depleted, from now on.’ If you like the way that feels in your body, repeat it five more times with passion and as you do, simultaneously take note of your breathing and allow it to deepen and slow down and along with that allow all the muscles in your body to soften and relax, causing you to feel yourself sinking into yourself. To prevent crumpling or collapse in the relaxed state, simultaneously lengthen your spine as if your head was a helium-filled balloon exerting an upward pull on your crown.

Intend to be empowered by the movement of life rather than depleted by it and remember that intention, especially when confronted by apparent adversity, desisting from giving way to panic at any time, conversely desisting from giving way to delusions of grandeur when confronted by apparent triumph, remembering both adversity and triumph are merely illusory effects of the constantly turning wheel of alternating yin and yang, contraction and expansion. Remain centred, breathing slowly, body relaxed and allow the circle to turn as it will – you can’t stop it anyway – and by and by it will turn with the nice bit facing in your direction.

And may it do so for you with startling brightness, warmth and rich colouration in the weekend ahead.

Love, Steph the Doc

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