To determine what my retreats are all about, after three decades of doing the conventional thing of conjuring a theme and then sticking to that whether it felt right when it came to it or not, for the past ten years or so, I’ve kept that space blank and just called them retreats, or more recently with a nod to irony and the absurdity of modern marketing method, ‘Super-retreats’. Which in fact isn’t overblowing them, in the sense of the literal meaning of super, that which sits over or above a regular retreat.

From a participants’ viewpoint aside from showing you testimonials (participants’ testimonials when you click through the links above if you’re curious – they’re interesting to read) I can naturally only speak for myself and can truly say these are the only retreats I’d go on myself and in fact always do whenever one’s happening. Which though surrealistically vaguely comedic is true because an aspect of me is obliged to be a participant even as I lead, otherwise how would I have the requisite empathy with everyone to take care of each properly.

So through observation, I discerned a few obvious themes that could describe these remarkable gatherings I’m privileged to facilitate, but I hesitate somewhat these days shouting out flashy names for things, though you might think many of the names of our various online trainings contradict that, because there are and have been so many chancers plugging their offerings all with such huge promises, promises have become meaningless.

Change your destiny

But it came to me reflecting, what these retreats do is change people’s destinies – one of the central themes of Taoist practice, in the same vein as quantum biology’s understanding you can change your own DNA if your harness your mind and marshal your intention in the prescribed way.


If you can change your destiny it was self-evidently your destiny to change it, therefore you didn’t actually change your destiny.


But had you not changed it, destiny would have stayed as it was.

Your storyline would have continued developing on the same lines it had been.
On the other hand we can’t really even verify that. But it certainly appears to be so, and it would be hard to prove otherwise.

Concentrated help

If say you feel like you’re only living a half-life, like a piece of spent uranium, and know you could really be having the full deal…

But you feel or fancy you feel the impenetrable, intractable, non-negotiable weight of a million obstacles in the way…
Or if you’re in a crisis, or just recovering from the trauma of one, or if you know you’re heading into one, and you need concentrated help and support and a failsafe thoroughly explained and imparted method tailor made to address your particular situation, or if you’re simply on a continuing path of self-healing from all historic personal trauma (however mild or severe)…

What’s driving you

…And if you want to truly understand your drives so you can harness them better to your advantage, and so discern what you really want (rather than what you used to want or think you should be wanting), because once you know that it starts happening for you without you having to strain anymore about it…

Lifetime tools

…Then if you want the lifetime tools to facilitate that and empower your healed state and maintain and grow it subsequently for the rest of your life…


…And on top of all that if your soul (and bones) craves healing photon-rich sunlight and warmth with majestic views rolling forever towards the distant shores, ensconced in aesthetically pleasing, lovingly created, nurturing surrounds and quarters…

Expert help

…And needless to say, if you feel the pull to be around me (in person) to talk to and help you and to teach you in depth the full Qigongo routine (the internal nei gung as well as the external gungs) along with all relevant related techniques to ensure your self-healing, self-balancing, motivation, confidence, emotional equilibrium, and mental acuity – to activate your superpowers in other words and show you how to use them, all taught specific to your needs…

Open company

…And of course if you’re drawn to be in the company of a gathering of people from around the world, each with a fascinating story to tell, each helped by me off their artifice and blocking mechanisms and so shining and lovely as when they were born for everyone to enjoy…

This is for you

Yes, this is for you.

Obviously it entails expense.

It’s an investment in you – one that pays off in spades – on all levels including the financial, your relationship to which after all is only reflection of your internal energy flow and relationship to your Tao.

Compared to equivalent level retreats given by other world-class teachers and masters in their respective fields, you’ll find this one averages out at approximately a tenth of the cost.

And that’s not a reflection of value – to the contrary. The retreats I run are worth billions if you had to set a real price to them, but I’m an egalitarian and would ideally like everyone on Earth to be able to do these. As it is that’s impossible but just as with all the online trainings (here’s a link to all trainings which is good to click as there are many of them covering all aspects of the human condition, to refresh your awareness or make yourself aware of these resources – for you or anyone you know and care about who needs help in repointing and restoring themselves), rather than milking it, being greedy or prostituting myself by setting my prices at the silly levels I could if I chose, so only very cash-rich people who tend to like to stick together could afford them, we make everything as affordable as possible – and I keep it fair and my mind broadening by doing the super-rich thing in private when called upon to and if I have time and feel like, so get to serve humanity that way too by being of help to people who have the temporal power to influence things most for everyone else, without succumbing to being a tart. This in turn is also helpful to everyone else as I’m able to report back where appropriate with any salient information on world events, or interesting background trends and so on, that might otherwise not be available to you.

Talking of rich

I was about to say so that’s it, in a nutshell, but that would be a bit rich, or it would have had to have been one hell of a big nut – like the author.

But the key, rather than change it, is to deploy your apparent madness to benefit you and others – turn it to good use. And that underlying theme of not fighting with yourself but going with yourself, trusting your stratagems are right for you, especially when at odds with the supposed ideal, is one you’ll be developing at the retreat. Because as soon as you start going with your choices, however zany, your choices start going with you too – they start behaving themselves better, and things turn out better as a result.
Obvious really but until you get to work it through and into your circuits it’s a bit abstract – hence the retreats.

Approximate daily format

Breakfast-time: breakfast

10ish Qigongo-bongo

12.30ish brunch

1.30ish time for one-one-ones and/or doing whatever you feel like, swim, sunbathe, talk, have fun, walk, dance, even practice the morning’s moves

5ish meditation, discussion, healing, revealing and magic-sealing session

7ish dinner

8.30ish social

Change your destiny retreats in beautiful places with that Barefoot Doctor – next retreat:

Venue, date & details to be confirmed – come back soon