Restore full harmony in a trice

Street corner, Nice, FranceThere’s a corner of the port in Nice, a few doors along from Jeffery Hessing’s sprawling studio – I’m staying at his this week to do some work on his set for THE BIG OM and sort out the videos for the tracks we’ve made, and to do my meditation group in Monaco, both of which projects have been in abeyance since February – where I’m drawn to sit of a morning and watch the world go by. It’s not a fancy corner, though the coffee at the tabac is good, and it’s not a fancy port, though the light bouncing off the surrounding antique buildings is scintillating on the eye, but there’s a constant parade of the most fascinating characters walking by and I’m guaranteed at least one heartfelt smile with a stranger per coffee. I tend to gravitate more to the un-fancy – I find the fancy interesting for brief interludes but too precious to fixate on for long.

And I get good thought-streams sitting there – it’s a spot that unscrambles my head when I’ve been over-busy and am having difficulty seeing the straight line in the curve or the curve in the straight line.

Today’s understanding revolves around the cycle of phases you discern in your life if you watch carefully (I’m saying you because when I’m contemplating the mechanics of existence I’m thinking of you and how to share the insights as they arise). Many people live conventionally – obviously or the conventional life wouldn’t be conventional – so have their phases artificially determined by the 9-5 set-up, weekends, vacation times and so on. But if you take the clamps off, what you spot are phases where your focus is on working to achieve something, often causing you to be sequestered away from the general swim of humanity, say when studying for exams, writing a book or thesis, recording an album, making a movie, or doing whatever it is you do or are attempting, followed by phases of partying or relaxing, followed by phases of focusing on your inner development, phases of abundance, phases of lack, phases of joy, phases of sorrow, phases of sitting snugly in reality’s bosom, phases of being at odds with it and so on.

A lot of the unnecessary stress you/we feel arises from not noting clearly which phase you’ve moved into, carrying on as if living in the phase before, and so being at odds with what is.

So unless you find stress for the sake of it enjoyable, the thing to do is pay attention, identify the phase-shift, relax (stop fighting) and surrender to it.

Surrender implies accepting. Accepting implies loving it. (Love is the natural urge inherent in all motion and happens of itself as soon as you fully arrive where you are).

Then the Tao appears to you. Or more precisely you cease running the internal interference, hitherto obfuscating awareness of it.
And once you see the Tao again (in yourself, in the world around you), the phase you’re in yields up its fruits – the needle falls back into the groove, the tune stops jumping in your head and harmony reigns once again.

The trick to it lies in…well, perhaps I’ll put that in the members area, tease that I am.

I wish you full harmony restored in a trice, whenever things wobble, the whilst.

With love, Steph BD

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  • Good wisdom drop.

    Do you think the character of a place is lost when fancy?


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