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DSC_1148Everyone learns differently, you may prefer to just listen to the audio, or read the notes – or a combination of both – whichever you choose start with asking yourself:

‘What are you feeling right now?’

It’s the key question at the start of this exclusive-to-you (ready when you are), Barefoot Personal Reset. Honor yourself with but half an hour with earpieces in place to follow that question line with me as I then proceed to take you on a wonderfully edifying ride to see exactly how your vital organs control your various states of mind and how you can adjust that mid-flight just like a plane adjusting its wingtips to maintain en even keel all the time.


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How your vital organs control your various states of mind

5 elements organs and emotionsWhat are you feeling right now?

Does the question draw a blank?

Listen, look, feel or think into your belly. Be sensitive for
a moment.

Is there fear?






A combination?

Nothing at all, as far as you can tell?

Does it trouble you to feel or not feel it?

Does it trouble you that I ask so many questions when it’s me who is meant to be coming up with the answers here?

hoody closed eyesI remember in one of my therapy phases as a younger more troubled man, paying good money for a weekly session with a most unusual therapist called Shri. We were making some progress unravelling knots when we arrived at the whole issue of feelings. When I came for the session, she had me lie down and focus on what I felt rather than what was on my mind.

Fifty minutes later, I woke up to the sound of her saying, ‘Well that’s the end of the session’. ‘But we haven’t talked about anything,’ I complained feeling mildly griped. ‘I told you today was about your feelings, and that’s how you handle your feelings – by going unconscious on them’.

Actually, I didn’t go back to her, deciding that I could quite easily go to sleep for fifty minutes on my own recognizance in future and for free, but I did get value from that last session. It made me pay attention. And now after years of practice I can tell you instantly how I feel in there.

Apart from feeling damn chilly writing this sitting in this old stone barn in the midst of a fierce Celtic coastal gale, to which even an entire battalion of sweatshirts layered one upon the other and the courageous antique stove in the corner are no antidote. I feel elements of fear (for being quite alone and isolated amongst all this wild, wet and blustery nature), elements of excitement for the same reasons; a mild pall of sadness for all the needless suffering in the world being caused even at this very moment through stupidity and cruelty; some grief for all the bustling activity and loved ones left behind for now; subtle frustration at not being able to think and write faster; and a distant longing for something unspecified (probably to get on a plane bound for a hot beach under a blue sky somewhere).

Fear, however, is the prevalent party in the mix. And all this is subtly discernible in the precise way I am unconsciously (till now) holding the soft tissue of my belly. I don’t try to fight or change it. I simply observe and keep breathing so that the movement of breath massages the belly and prevents the feelings lodging and becoming stagnant energy, which will then make me miserable and unable to write – and seeing as there’s absolutely nothing else to do around here but write, I’ll be sure to avoid that little self-pity trap.

So how about you? What’s going on in there? I’ll just go and stand by the stove for a minute while you have a listen, look, feel or think into your own belly. While I do so, I must say that the wind is howling all about, it’s cold, it’s dark, there’s no one around for miles except six mad horses in a nearby field and I’m really starting to appreciate your presence here. I hope that you’re beginning to get comfortable with it and enjoy it as much as I am.

So what were you feeling? (Tell Uncle Barefoot).

What’s interesting and what will unfold through the this and subsequent reset trainings is how every feeling you have is related to the state of energy in your five vital organs: your kidneys, liver, heart, spleen (and pancreas complex) and lungs. The following is by no means an exhaustive explanation of the way this works in practice, and is only intended to give you a flavour of the scheme.

The rest will show up over the course of the resets.

Furthermore, these theories are sure to provoke harrumphs and derision from more narrowly focused practitioners of Western allopathic medicine, as well as some of the more anal practitioners of Oriental medicine.

If you’re one of either of those and believe the following to be utter bullshit, you may well be right. However, its bullshit that works, so try it out before drawing any final conclusions. (Thank you).

five elements photosEach of your organs and bowels along with their associated functions, correspond to one of five elements.

And each organ or bowel is responsible for conducting its corresponding elemental energy through your body, mind, spirit and affairs.

Your kidneys and bladder correspond with water, liver and gall bladder with wood, heart and small intestine with fire, spleen (combined with pancreas) and stomach with earth and your lungs and large intestine with metal. The law of the five elements states that water makes things grow (as in wood), wood burns to make fire, fire cools down to make plants (like Earth) and from the surface of planets metal can be extracted. Metal melts and becomes fluid.

So they say water feeds wood, wood feeds fire, fire feeds earth, earth feeds metal and metal feeds water.

Conversely, wood blunts metal, water puts out fire, fire melts metal, earth limits water (by forming river banks and seaside resorts, Southend-on-Sea or Acapulco to name but two), and metal, of course, cuts wood.

Everything in existence is evolving through one phase or another of these cycles.

Your ability to utilize the cosmic force of yin and yang as it passes through you, doing this mad dance of five elements in a constant state of mutual feeding and checking, all depends on the relative strengths and weaknesses of your organs and bowels and the energy/chi they both produce and conduct along their respective meridians (energy or chi channels).

Moreover, your organs and bowels – each being associated with one of the five elements – determine how the dance is manifest in your body, mind and spirit and hence, by extension, how external events in your life will materialize.

kidneyboxFor example, if your kidney chi is weak (low water), your liver will suffer (because water feeds wood). Or if your lung chi is too hot, say from smoking too much or having a hacking cough, your liver will be weakened (metal cutting wood), and if your liver energy is overheated from, say, generally being an irritable old sod, or drinking too much absinthe, your lung energy will weaken (wood blunting metal).

The whole picture – including all possibilities – is vast and endless and is probably something that can only be deeply engaged with through years of study and subsequent practice. But that doesn’t stop you understanding and using the fundamental formula and applying it with great effectiveness to balance your own energy and state of emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, sexual, social and even financial health and well-being (as you’ll see as you wade easily and effortlessly further along the river of lines of text that stretches out
beckoningly before you).

As you move along the river, you may notice a preponderance of mind-states up for reset that seem to be attributable either to spleen or kidneys. You may also think that’s unfair for all the other organs and bowels.

While every effort has been made to be fair to all innards involved, it just so happens that either the spleen, kidneys or both are at the root of most situations. Many oriental doctors believe that every problem can be treated by dealing only with the earth element (stomach and spleen), because if your connection to the planet is sound you stand a chance of being sound in all aspects.

Other doctors believe everything can be treated by dealing just with the kidneys (based on the idea that as kidneys are associated with the water element and that water is such a major factor when it comes to supporting life on planets that if your kidneys are associated with the water element and that water is such a major factor when it comes to supporting life on planets that if your kidneys are balanced, your whole life support structure has a
chance of being so too).

With twenty years or more of intense clinical practice behind me, it looks to me like both are true. Hence the preponderance. But a big shout nevertheless to your heart, lungs and all the other bits and pieces for doing such a fine job for so long and may they all continue to do so for many years to come.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, if you feel afraid it means your kidney energy is cold and needs warming up. Conversely, if your kidneys get cold and contract it’ll make you feel afraid or anxious. So, when feeling afraid, by warming your kidneys, the fear (which after all is only a form of energy) evaporates or at least stops hogging centre stage. (Much more about dealing with fear, anxiety and panic in the Psychology of Fear Training).

If on the other hand, your will is so strong no one can stand in your way no matter what and you have no friends as a result, it means your kidneys are altogether too hot and need cooling down before you go and start a war.

Your kidneys are in command of your will to survive and must be balanced for you to use it to maximum effect without damaging others as you go. They correspond to the element of water and the quality of fluidity and continuity and so generally control the flow of energy in and out of your life.

liverboxIf you feel angry, frustrated or simply overbearing it means your liver is overheating – hence the word ‘livid’.

But when you feel depressed or shy it means your liver is cold, contracted and without sufficient blood. Your liver houses the wild one within, which needs regular channelled expression through dance, (reasonably) uninhibited socializing, exercise and meaningful interplay with the public at large in order to feel fulfilled. If this is neglected through overwork or spending too much time as an overly cultured ape, in command of your personality – the socialized outward face or mask of the inner wild one (personality derives from ‘persona’ meaning mask in ancient Greek), and controls the degree to which you tend towards introversion or extroversion in terms of the world around you. When your liver energy is too cold and with insufficient blood you become a wallflower and a wimp.

Your liver corresponds to the element of wood, as in trees that (hopefully) grow, hence it generally controls the rate of your personal growth and development, or stagnation and entropy, as the case may be.

heartboxWhen you feel exhilarated, wonderful and full of joy and (hearty) laughter, no matter what the external conditions, it shows your heart energy is balanced. Happy heart, happy camper. When you feel so overly full of joy that you walk around tittering and giggling like a twit for no reason (to the extent that people think you’re a bit daft), it shows your heart energy is too hot.

Your heart energy controls the tone and hue of the landscape of your mind, as well as the rate of circulation of your thoughts (just like blood), both while awake and asleep. If your mind is racing or you’re suffering waking delusions of grandeur and disproportionate feelings of self-importance, or wild, crazy or unsettling dreams, it shows your heart energy is overheated. On the other hand, feeling agitated and pessimistic about everything that crosses your mind, and feeling distinctly without courage in the face of the unknown, indicates your heart energy is too cold.

Your heart corresponds to the element of fire and this lights up your eyes when they sparkle – your spirit in other words, hence it generally controls the love, warmth and passion you feel and express moment to moment. When feeling dissatisfied, deprived, isolated, sorrowful or melancholic and you find yourself mulling over the same thing endlessly in your mind, it shows your spleen energy has gone cold and soggy and needs warming and firming up. But if you’re feeling so full of your own opinions there’s no room for movement, so self-satisfied you’re unable to empathize with the suffering of others, so over -intellectual you can no longer feel any emotion, or so connected to the world you start believing you rule it, it indicates your spleen is too hot and dry.

spleenboxYour spleen corresponds to the element of earth, the material plane, hence it generally controls your intellectual faculties and the way you get by from day to day in respect to earning your keep and the ability to monitor and maintain your personal infrastructure in good working order.

When feeling nostalgic, or in any way grieving the past and hence uninspired, unimaginative and uncreative about the present, it shows your lung energy is weak and cold. If, on the other hand, you feel bored and restless where you are and keep projecting forwards into the future, especially far into the future or are feeling too imaginative and creative to tie your shoelaces, it indicates your lung energy is overfull and overheated.

When lung energy is balanced so that there is as much force behind breathing in as breathing out, you’ll not be stuck in either the past or present, but firmly rooted in the ‘now’ (as the
new age bods would say).

lungboxYour lungs correspond to the element of metal (or air) and, through their rhythmic processing of air, they generally control your overall rhythm of life. Obviously this is an extremely crude and simplistic explanation of a highly complex equation, but unless you want this to turn into a boring old tome on Chinese medicine, it would be much better for everyone concerned to leave it at that for now. Save to say that no one feels just one thing at a time. The potential permutations of feelings and corresponding energy levels and qualities in the various organs are infinite, but will come to light later as we get into specific mind-states.

The main point is – it’s actually available to you through tweaking the energy in your vital organs to regulate your state of mind continually, no matter what’s going on all around you, so you reach the hallowed state of equipoise,where all you can think is ‘damn this is a pleasant adventure!’

That, in turn, will liberate unprecedented amounts of hitherto snagged-up life-force (energy), which your body can then use instead to fortify your immune system and heal you of all manner of physical ailments too.

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