Reset Low Energy


What exactly is this energy, this life-force I blithely refer to?

It would be wiser to ask what it isn’t.

Everything in this universe is energy, either active or apparently latent – (latent in the sense of being trapped in seemingly inert objects, which in fact are just examples of energy masses moving more slowly).

Energy is intelligent. (For now, accept that as an empirical observation).

Energy is always on the move.

Energy flows relentlessly wherever it can. The more it’s obstructed, the slower it flows. But like water, flow it will.

Energy flows through your body.

When you focus on energy with your mind it becomes amplified

When energy becomes amplified you can heal with it, defend yourself with it and even do real-time magic with it, in terms of making things happen in your life or the lives of others by wu wei.

Wherever your mind goes your energy will follow This is true both within your body and outside of it. If you think of your liver (under the ribs on your right, hopefully), your energy will go there now. If you think of someone (with enough intent), your energy will go to them, I say ‘your energy’, but in fact it’s just energy. Like air, no one owns it.

Energy flows through your body via a series of twelve energy channels or meridians, each linked to a different organ or bowel and dealing with day-to-day environmental interaction, as well as through a series of eight ‘extra’ channels which link your physical body to your ‘spirit body’.

Consider the word ‘chi’ (pronounced ‘chee’ as in ‘cheeky’ but nowadays spelt ‘qi’ for some unfathomable reason probably to do with Chairman Mao), interchangeable with the terms ‘energy’ or life-force’ – suffice it to say, that through unblocking the pathways of chi within your body, liberation in its widest possible sense will occur.