Reset Indecisiveness

Strangely enough, I’m finding it hard to decide how to start this. If only I could read what I’ve written first, I’d know which way to go. But then I notice it’s already begun writing itself regardless and all I have to do is follow it and see what happens.

Which in effect, is exactly how to liberate yourself from indecision.

Looking back over things, you could say it was predestined, but no one alive has ever known for sure whether there really is such a thing as destiny, other than when looking at things with hindsight. No one even knows whether free will actually exists. The greatest philosophers have spent (or wasted, depending on how you look at it) years pondering this issue without drawing any meaningful conclusions.

You could just say that the Tao, the great way of all things, simply has a habit of making things happen as they will, according to a chain of cause and effect with its roots in an infinite past.

You’d still be none the wiser.

According to the principles of tai chi boxing, when an opponent attempts to strike your right side, rather than resist and block the strike, you yield to it by turning your body at the waist further to the right. Your right side being thus empty, your opponent’s strike finds nothing to connect with and its force is spent. Meanwhile, this turning at the waist to the right has caused your left arm to swing round of itself and strike your opponent on their right side, pretty much with the same amount of force as in their original attempted strike at you. By being empty yet grounded and centred, you have deflected their force and sent it back to strike them.

This, however, requires great courage. If you yield a nanosecond too soon, your opponent will spot it and land the punch regardless. So you have to wait until the very last moment after their striking action has already been set in motion before responding by turning at the waist.

It is like being targeted by a heat-seeking missile (not that I ever have been). You’d have to wait until the very last moment before running (extremely) quickly to one side, so that the missile would slam into the wall behind you instead and explode. If you moved too soon, it would simply follow and find you. True, it wouldn’t be a pretty picture for you either way, but it serves to illustrate a point. That is, if you empty yourself and allow the force of events to build sufficiently to start pushing up against your chest, waiting courageously until the very last moment before responding by turning this way or that, there’ll be no actual choice to make. You will, in other words, have used the oncoming force of events to propel you forwards on your path.

Everything you need to know is revealed precisely when you need to know it and not a moment before (or after).

The state of indecision only arises when, not accessing the courage to wait for the force of events to have built up sufficiently to work with, you engage in a futile, energy-wasting attempt to outguess it.

But as well as requiring courage, responding to life like this requires you to be alert, perceptive to the slightest changes and ready for instantaneous action at all times. It also requires you remain centered, balanced and rooted enough to yield to the oncoming force of events without being toppled and flattened.

It’s a dance. But not one you do lying down (except for when resting, sleeping, having a massage or another form of treatment, engaging in various sexual activities or performing certain yogic maneuvres) – you have to stay on your feet.

So in the midst of driving yourself mad trying to decide what to do,

stop, drop your mind down into your belly, specifically where your small intestine lives, and wait.

Just as your small intestine sorts what is good for you to retain and what is better to eliminate as waste, in respect of the food you eat, it also ‘decides’ what is good for you and what is not, which way to adopt and which way to leave behind, in respect of life in general. (I love that phrase, ‘life in general’. Three words that can mean so much and so little simultaneously. But I digress. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of idle chit chat, while you’re waiting for your small intestine to reveal which way to go next).

In other words,

you’ll know exactly what to do next because you’ll literally feel it in your guts.

To accentuate this function over time so that you respond effectively to all incoming information and thus make the best decision every time, use the fingertips of your right hand to press gently but firmly into the center of your belly, approximately one inch above your navel. Being sure not to hold your breath, maintain pressure at a comfortable but stimulating level for no longer than fifty seconds or so and release slowly, affirming as you do,

‘I am alert, perceptive to the slightest change of external conditions and ready for instantaneous response. Everything I need to know will be revealed.’

Everything you need to know will be revealed. Until then,

relax, let go, allow life to happen and enjoy yourself.


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