Relax All Your Muscles

Stress is the biggest block to health, happiness, effectiveness and success there is.

Stress in the mind instantaneously produces stress in the body.

Stress in the body instantaneously produces stress in the mind.

If something isn’t done to intervene, the entire system will shut down and it’s goodbye you.

The mind is a vast and unruly realm and the risk of getting lost in there is great.

Don’t bother with it.

Instead intervene through the body and specifically through that aspect of it closest to the surface: the muscles, as it’s the easiest level to get to with your mind – (you’re more familiar with the surface than the innards simply from seeing yourself in a mirror over the years).

Check the following key areas for any unnecessary gripping going on and wherever you spot some, which you surely will, use your mind to tell the muscle to relax (say, “Muscle, reeeeeeeelax!”): face, throat, neck, shoulders, belly, lower back, pelvic floor, rectum, forearms, soles.

To keep stress to a minimum from now on, especially during extra-stressful phases, repeat this at least once every 30 minutes from now on, for the rest of your life.

My wish: that you get this so clearly and start using it so diligently, you never suffer the deleterious effects of stress again and are thus able to operate with twice as much ease and achieve four times as much.

BD x

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