Regain perspective

It’s incredibly easy to lose perspective at every turn of the way and blow things totally out of proportion, thus producing a fearful, agitated state for no real reason. To counter this tendency, repeat the following statement a minimum of six times (and as many as you want) with feeling and conviction:

I always meet all my physical needs easily, effortlessly and enjoyably: I always water, feed, house and clothe myself (and any dependents) adequately no matter what – I’m at home on the material plane: I love it and it loves me.

I wish you the deepest sense of inner security, reflected back at you by life bringing you everything you need in the most extraordinary and delightful way today.

Love, D

The affirmation above comes from my wu wei manual, MANIFESTO, the internal revolution. Check out the online training ‘A New Manifesto – a training in manifesting, a training in being”


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