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Communication on communication – mini-series – video 3

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Being a native of those sacred isles myself, I was observing this week’s election in the UK from more than one angle, one of which was the actual presentation, all pertinent players displaying an elephant in the room (as in none of these guys know how to do public speaking, ironic for politicians but there you are), dearth of the following,as far as I could tell in my brief incursions into the land of TV news.

Because part of what lies at the heart of being able to speak in public, something that had they had it would have made the whole affair easier on the sense organs, is to make it feel as if the conversation is one to one, from your heart to the heart of whomever’s listening to you, no matter how many in number. That way you strike an empathic resonance – each person in the audience feels you speaking directly to them – and provided all other relevant factors are in place –striking the congruent tone of voice, body movement and stance, being clear about your message, and so on, everyone comes away feeling better and more beautiful for being seen and communed with, no matter how prosaic or challenging the situation.

Meanwhile, I’d not imagine you’re jumping at the bit to enter the insanity of politics but the subtext of gaining other people’s agreement for whatever cause, big or small, remains the same in all human interaction, whether addressing an audience of one or one million.

And if the thought of having an important or difficult conversation – going for an interview for a job you want badly, a personal negotiation with someone close, at work with a tricky colleague, or socially, let alone having to give a best man or woman speech, give a business presentation, or speak to the Queen – one where you want the best possible outcome for all concerned – if such a prospect has you internally donning hard hat, protective clothing and running for the hills:

watch this video for a reframe technique for important or difficult conversations

It certainly won’t tell you everything you need to know in a couple of minutes but it will get you nicely started. It’s the last of a mini-series about communication and developing presence – Great Presence – being in command not just of what you want to say and how to say it, but how you hold yourself for that conversation and in life – your presence in the world, your internal confidence and esteem in presenting yourself to others.

Watch the communicating about communicating mini-series here

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I’ve got your back if you need to make a speech, a presentation or a pitch, or have the conversation that’s going to get you moving on with your life – click through for details about the Great Presence training on the Communication On Communication mini-series page here.

Thank you for reading, dear Sue, your energy is important, and I love communicating with you.



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