Reborn As Your Own Saviour And Hero

When faced with unprecedented challenges, such as being presented with a huge workload comprising stuff you’ve not done much of before and hence feeling nervous you won’t come up to scratch, stop for a moment to have a brief conversation with yourself about how you wish to proceed now.

Whether or not you meet the challenge before you successfully now depends entirely on whether you choose to. Once you’ve chosen to, by simply stating to yourself, ‘I choose to meet this challenge successfully,’ it then comes down to trusting yourself to come up with the goods as and when required.

This is also essentially a simple of matter of stating to yourself, “I’m willing to trust myself to come up with the goods as and when required”.

But though simple, it is not necessarily easy to pull this off with full effect, as you’ll inevitably encounter interference from the negative part of your psyche which thrives and depends for its existence on reinforcing self-doubt and will do so convincingly, necessitating you repeating the choice repeatedly, over and over, repeatedly, over and over and so on until you actually start to mean it.

For as soon as you do, as soon as you really are willing to trust yourself to come up with the goods as and when required, you will start performing a thousand times more effectively in everything to put your hand to.

The only way to find out if this is true, is by trying it for yourself.

May it work for you with such effectiveness today, you feel as if you’ve been reborn as your own saviour and hero, which of course you were all along but were too distracted to realise till now.

Love, Doc

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