Realigning Yourself To The Optimal Flow

Here’s how it is but doesn’t seem like it is because material reality or your perception and hence experience of it, is nothing more than an elaborate construct – one whose building blocks have been passed down from generation to generation, each nation or nation-sector with it’s own unique twist, much of it contained and shaped by the language or dialect of that nation or nation-sector but all of it essentially nothing more than myth, based on a set of assumptions and opinion and vice versa. And your mind doesn’t think so. But not because it isn’t true. Beneath all the mental bluster, the deepest part of your mind knows it’s true but its more superficial conscious layers cling ferociously to the construct as if it were truth itself, for without the construct, the  superficial mind has no reference points by which to evaluate what it perceives as going on.

As well as which this elaborate construct you tend to mistake for reality itself, is incredibly well designed and built, better than even the finest conjuring trick. It would have to be or it would be hard organizing our lives as individuals and collectively as society. We exist day to day with our perception limited to that scale of the frequency spectrum associated with the illusory plane. However as soon as you widen the filter and use more of your peripheral senses (vision, hearing, smell, mostly), you see infinite dimensions cospatial with our familiar time-space one, in which the Tao, the Great Isness of the Universe expresses itself through forms vastly different from our own.

The realm of what we often refer to as angels is one of these, for instance.

The swirling angelic shapes visible in the broader spectrum, though perhaps more fluid, free and motile than our own, are also illusory at the deepest level, which doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They exist in the angelic dimension and yet even in their exalted state are still only relative.

The sole phenomenon that can be called real, as opposed to merely relative, is the source of all phenomena, the Tao, or Great Spirit itself. Everything else is just the effects of a vast dream the Tao is having.

At the deepest level of self, there is no self, other than the self of the Tao itself.

Meantime, you’re here in the illusion so might as well not waste any of the precious time you have on this particular ride feeling miserable for missing out on the magic potentially available to you.

The way to get your full quota of magic from moment to moment is to surrender to the Tao – let go of your fears for things going wrong, your fears of failure, pain, illness, separation, let go of your self-doubt and right here, right now, allow the Tao some space to perform for you.

This means not crowding it with your various versions of reality and how you believe it should be and should work out and instead, be still a while, set it all adrift and ask the Great Spirit, the Tao of everything, how best you can serve the world. The Tao will let you know one way or another and provided you relax into it and let its flow carry you where it will, it will carry you to you where you’re meant to be and all will be well.

May your day and night be filled with the presence and miracles arise as a result.

Love, Doc

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