Ready To Receive

By letting go of your expectations, you get far more than you expected.

Naturally you have an intention to manifest a scenario comprising you feeling everything you want to be feeling on account of having managed to cause both internal and external conditions to have arranged themselves just so to facilitate that state, however if you insist on clinging to expectations of precisely how that should come about, you’ll merely inhibit the creative thrust of reality and cause blockages and delays in the process of manifestation.

So spend a moment or two visualising yourself enjoying the broad-based outcome you desire to achieve and then with a mindful out-breath offer the whole notion of the mechanics involved in bring that state about to your Tao – give it up to the universe as an act of surrender. Make a gesture with your hands – offer it up and let it go.

Witness yourself back in the humble, receptive state now, open and ready to receive whatever blessings the universe is about to send your way.

And may it do so without delay for you today and tonight.

Love, Doc

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