In the tightly packed, delicately balanced, high-intensity lives we enjoy or otherwise these days, one of the perpetual anxieties lies in wondering which bit may stop working, as bits inevitably do occasionally or often and then wondering how that might affect the whole machine to your detriment.

There’s a direct relationship between external reality and your perception.

If you perceive reality as a machine comprising bits that go wrong, that’s how it will perform for you in real time.

If, however, you perceive reality as an expression of the infinite, unfathomable, perfectly-working Tao, in which even what look like glitches, are when viewed from a panoramic enough position, merely necessary aspects of the perfectly-working whole, you will actually notice reality reflect that back at you by reducing the number and severity of glitches that may pop up to add spice to your day (or night).

One magnificent way to bring on this state of transcendent perspective and thus instigate a healing effect on all the situations you’re currently dealing with, is to relax and repeat silently on every out-breath for the rest of the day, no matter what else you’re thinking about, speaking about or doing and no matter what objections your rational mind chooses to throw up in reaction, ‘everything works’.

Simple as that – everything works.

Repeat it over and over like the sacred mantra it actually is.

Everything works. Everything works. Everything works. Everything works.

It feels good in your body, does it not?

And it’s radical.

Which means it’s exciting.

And being excited about life is better than being anxious.

So you’re winning already.

And that’s what we like.

May your day and night be supremely smooth-running.

Love, Doc

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