Push hands with the Tao

Sometimes the action in the drama of your life is intense, sometimes relaxed. It’s like a game of tai chi push hands with the Tao. Push hands is a two person, slo-mo boxing form in which you push towards your opponent’s centre, causing them to either yield or lose their balance. At the extent of their yielding, they swing back and push towards your centre, causing you to yield or lose your balance.

So it becomes a game of sticking and yielding to the action.

Occasionally, the Tao pushes with such force you don’t quite manage the yield and are thrown off-balance. At first this seems like defeat but is in fact major victory, for through the requisite rebalancing that subsequently occurs, you are enriched immeasurably in terms of self-growth and the increase of peace, consciousness, authenticity and love that ensues.

By the same token, you might push with too much force and find yourself over-extended, at which the Tao, for the sake of good sport, simply lets go and allows you to go hurtling.

Eventually with practice you learn to yield rather than resist and to follow without forcing. This implies being willing to transcend all preferences as to outcome – the point of the game is to play the game rather than win it. Ultimately only the Tao can win this game because ultimately the Tao is the only one actually here. All of us are merely the different masks it wears to make the deeper underlying game of hide and seek it plays with itself here more convincing.

For you, from the player’s point of view, this is another way of describing the Taoist notion of investing in loss. Invest your energy in letting go of the need to win the game and instead release yourself fully into the playing.

The more you let go and love it – even and especially the rough bits, the more it rewards you with pleasantly unfolding stories on the ground in real time.

Everyone has their crucial part to play in the story, even and especially the apparent bad guys and the more you let go of your grudges, forgive and love others for the innate beauty in their soul, trusting that everyone is doing their very best, each according to their respective stage of personal evolution, the more magnificently those stories turn out – usually in the most unexpected ways.

At the deepest level, it’s you writing the story anyway, so relax and trust your author skills now – it will all turn out well.

Say six times so it penetrates your unconscious, where the story is being written, ‘I trust myself,’ and carry on as you were.

I wish you an unprecedented flowering of all aspects of you and your life today.

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With love, Steph the BD

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