Pump up your pleasure

It was Epicurus the Greek philosopher over a couple of thousand years ago who was the first known Western proponent of the notion the reason we’re here is to enjoy it, and that enjoyment is what gives life its value. But just like the Taoist sages of ancient China, who’d said exactly the same thing a few thousand years prior to that, and just like me, he wasn’t suggesting mere hedonistic gratification, even though many believe Epicurus was responsible for the birth of hedonism. To the contrary. The pleasure he proposed was simply that of allowing life to please you in each and every moment (pleasure and please obviously share the same root), even if undergoing hardship, by valuing the unfathomable and unequaled gift of existence itself (something we take for granted to our detriment). You might think this should come naturally, but in fact without the method, we tend to unconsciously default to preventing it from pleasing us instead, hence all the moaning minnies about the place.

And it’s the method we’ll be deploying with effect on Sunday as we gather in our numbers from every time zone on the planet like a band of angels with magic wands and hydraulic jacks on a mission to pump up the pleasure for everyone.

And truly if you’ve not been before, come, it’ll be special. And truly if you have been before, come, it’ll be special – http://barefootsatsang.com – come and pump up the pleasure – rare moments of connection with each other, that cut through any drama going on and remind us all life is beautiful or at least has its beautiful side/s, despite all its hassles.


Session 3 – Pleasure Restorative – pump up the personal pleasure
possibility and increase your sensual enjoyment of being
1800GMT Sunday 15 February 2015

Register at http://barefootsatsang.com

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I look forward to us all basking in the pleasure of our collective company.



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