Prevent slump and sloth

As you go about your business today, as you take care of all the menial tasks and all the big jobs, keep a thought on your muscular rigidity levels.

Because without realising it, every little waft of jagged energy passing your way, every wave of hostile or aggressive chi in the air, triggers tension in the muscles. And because muscles follow and accentuate whichever pattern they find themselves in at the time, in a similar way to how a login box remembers your password, if you don’t issue them a counter-command, that’s how they’ll stay, gradually accumulating more and more tension.

This in turn triggers stress in the mind, which gives rise to a general tone of negativity to the thoughts, which in turn causes the muscles to tense up and thus perpetuates a vicious cycle, which it would be prudent to dispel at your earliest opportunity.

Notice where you’re tensing your muscles for no good reason. Imagine lying on the soft sand of some idyllic golden beach in the warmth of the sun with the sound of the waves lapping up on the shore. You wouldn’t hold yourself tense in that situation and there’s no good reason to hold yourself tense in any other situation. It won’t make you more effective but less. Relax it all now – the following tells how.

Scan your body via the following route. You’ll probably notice the back of your neck could be less scrunched up than it is. Make it longer now – soften the muscles, let the back of your neck go and drop your shoulders. You’ll also probably find your anal sphincter muscles could be gripping a little less. Relax throughout your pelvic floor now. You may find your chest feeling as if you have an armoured plate shielding your heart. Soften your chest now with your mind until the breastbone feels almost fluid. It’s also likely your elbows and knees, wrists and ankle regions are all more tense than they need be. Allow your limbs to grow heavy now. There’s also every likelihood your diaphragm, the large muscle that works your lungs, is being held tight, which inhibits your breathing, in itself one of the biggest stress inducers going. Stop holding your breath now and let yourself luxuriate in long, slow, deep, steady breathing at all times – it’s your entitlement as a human being to do so. Finally, in this short, by no means comprehensive but nonetheless essential checklist, the chances of you face being tense are high, considering it’s this part of you, you use to face the world with and with all that smiling and frowning the whole day and night long, the muscles get tired. Soften your face now, let all your features relax and feel as if any semblance of facial expression is sliding right off onto your shirt or blouse.

In this state of increased relaxation, in order to prevent slump and sloth, elongate your entire spine from your sacrum all the way up into your upper brainstem as if the crown of your head was reaching upwards towards the top of the sky. Centre yourself by concentrating a thought just behind your navel. Draw your mind back slightly into the centre of your brain. And now you’re all set to step out from behind any self-made bars you inadvertently constructed to hem yourself in and walk free with the whole world as your oyster.

Over and out.

May you feel relaxed and filled with a sense of your own wholeness and innate magnificence.

With love, Steph the BD

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