Give pleasure to yourself or another

Precious Essence



Pure, natural, organic oils, rich resins, wood, flowers & fruit essences 

Sexy & Spiritual

Precious EssenceLike the ineffable Tao, the olfactory magic of Precious Essence is indescribably difficult to conjure up in words.The merest dab on key points will balance your energy and mingle with your body’s own scent and heat to emit a fragrance that’s uniquely you. You’ll feel simultaneously incredibly sexy, yet with higher plane consciousness – the perfect balance of your body being both your temple and your disco.

Powerful & primal

Scent is the sense that’s closest to your soul, informing your experience of the world and the people in it, unconsciously eliciting desires, evoking and creating memories. The purest scents have been precious for thousands of years, used by ancient mystical traditions in temples and shrines, for rituals, rites and ceremonies to cleanse and purify, to create an altered state, to balance and heal. Scent is primal. Scent is complex. Scent is visceral, sexy, seductive, an aphrodisiac to entice and engage. Its power is such it’s spawned a multi-billion dollar industry based on mass production, synthetic chemicals and clever marketing.

But there is an alternative.

Yin and Yang

Extracting resinMaking a scent without chemicals is skilful work.

Precious Essence only uses the finest purest, organic, natural ingredients.

It’s been formulated from my fascination with resinous fragrances and my knowledge of Taoist herbal and energy medicine.

The trio of base, middle and top notes balance the sacred with the profane, the lower with the higher, the sexy with the spiritual, to create a complex fragrance – one that whoever wears it enjoys an instantaneous healing effect via the olfactory sense.

Base, middle & top notes

resin - benzoin 300x300Natural resins – including woody benzoin and aromatic balsam of tolu – give gravitas to anchor the fragrance. They create a resinous base that’s sexy, earthy, dirty and profane, just like the underbelly of life.

The middle notes provide the ground for what you’re feeling from moment to moment. Musky amber, smoky patchouli, spicy cloves and sweet, minty wintergreen elicit excitement and calm at the same time.

The top notes stimulate you – delicate frangipani, sweet bergamot, citrus tangerine and refreshing mint make you feel alive and awake as well as enabling the scent to sustain, just like your consciousness.

Balancing energy & consciousness

middle - Wintergreen 300x300Precious Essence brings you into your spirit, balancing your three main energy centres (the tan tiens – belly, heart and brain), unifying the different levels of self and inspiring a contained wildness – olfactory magic in the face of the pragmatic world of function.

You’ll experience feelings of excitement and safety, sexiness and transcendence, alertness and calm, warmth and energy, simply by dabbing just a little behind your ears, under your bottom lip and chin, at the base of your throat, in the centre of your breastbone and navel, and on your perineum (between the legs).

Unique & intense

middle - cloves 300x300Precious Essence is unique, intense – and addictive. It’s been created from my lifelong interest in scent and its ability to expand consciousness – to connect you with the deeper forces of nature, to transport you to a different place through memory or desire, to heal through unifying the self.

The original blend was made just for me but brought such accolades even from hardened London cab drivers it eventually led, by a most unlikely route, and without design, to a range of 46 bath and body products in stores throughout the UK, Paris, New York and LA.

With those products no longer available, I’ve received a steady stream of requests to recreate the original. Now, working with a skilled organic perfumer, I’ve done just that.

Sexy, sacred glory

middle -frangipane 300x300Only 50 small bottles of Precious Essence Double Strength remain and once they’re gone they’re gone. Others have copied my blend but no one has it balanced this way – its pertness and depth are particular to Precious Essence alone.

Wear it and you elicit your sexy, sacred glory. It’s is a perfect present for yourself – or give the gift of 10ml of pure, intense Precious Essence Double Strength at far less than the cost of similar natural, organic scent.

It’s highly addictive, but thankfully you only need apply a small amount for lasting fragrance, balance and healing.

For sensual, mindful men & women

Precious Essence is for women and for men. It’s for you if you value your sensual side, love the pleasure of life but remain mindful of the Great Presence behind all pleasures.

Like my healing sound music – Precious Essence affects the chamber behind the navel, whence issues your power, the center behind the breastbone, whence issues your love and beauty, and the center in the middle of the brain, whence issues your conscious awareness.

It stimulates these centres in a balanced way, facilitating harmony between the three which in turn facilitates harmony in all your activities and affairs.

Precious EssenceGive pleasure to yourself or another

Precious Essence


10ml – $75 

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