Powerful instant way to reset yourself to receive the blessings you desire

The cultural ambience in which you grew up as a small child provided the reference points by which you defined reality – the mores, the beliefs, the customs, the conventions, the habits, the ethics and the atmosphere these all generated, combined to produce a picture, a cosmological chart, by which you defined your reality and no doubt, unless having undergone a major, mega transformative, mind-buggering reframe experience, still do define it.

However, had you grown up in a completely different cultural ambience, with different mores, beliefs, customs and so on, you’d have a different set of references and a totally different definition. Hence no reality can be said to be objective, other than presumably that experienced by the original consciousness of the cosmos, the one presence, the Tao.

Knowing this, allow your construct to dissolve momentarily – let the tension in your body go with an exhalation, desist from holding the construct in place, and allow yourself to dwell in the no-mind state for an instant or two.

This is the Taoist way of refreshing your energy field and so induce a whole new raft of possibilities and opportunities into your life: rather than grasp on, let go, rather than invest in winning, invest in loss and then everything comes to you.

It takes guts but it’s worth it.

I wish you the courage to let go and in so doing receive the bounty your heart so deserves today.

Love, D

PS for a powerful psycho-physical reset technique see today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop

4 Responses to “Powerful instant way to reset yourself to receive the blessings you desire

  • Is it investing in the space (the now) a balanced mind, neither wanting to win or lose where we can manifest abundance, dear Doc?

    • it’s in investing in loss – in having no preference what actually happens or how it happens or if it will happen because you’re so entrenched in the present and are feeling so complete with what is you’re happy to allow the Tao to unfold as it will – however you’re also to clarify intention to emerge satisfied with whatever comes and that whatever it is will promote your increasing completeness – though I say it’s this or that but in actuality it;s whatever you think it is that makes it be what it is – so the answer is yes maybe

      • Yes, yes, I’m getting it, it was the word investing in loss that threw me – thanks for explaining dear Doc. appreciated.

  • joyce.ratford@gmail.com
    1 week ago

    I love that ~ invest in loss ~ thankyou. J x

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