Pleasing To The Spirits

With the global economy joining the global ecology on the slippery slopes now, heralding inevitable transformation in the underlying warp and weft of all aspects of life, it’s likely, unless burying your head deep in the sand, you’ll be occasionally finding yourself feeling somewhat existentially insecure and wondering about the future, in terms of how it will turn out and even how much of it there might be left. At such times of insecurity it is paramount to focus attention on developing a secure internal base from which to experience the accelerating changes in the external world, that you might grow in sanity rather than the opposite, for no matter how turbulent the outside, if the inside is stable, you are able to be more clear-minded, confident, unflappable and therefore more able to turn whatever happens, or fails to happen, in any one moment, to your advantage.

One of the surest ways to build a firm internal base is via meditation on a daily basis.

The Taoist style I’ve been interpreting and developing into something simple and straightforward enough for everyday use by anyone at any time and which I espouse in a near endless gush on a pretty much daily basis for your existential delectation and delight, requires no special equipment or costume (incense, cushions, rugs, throws, blankets, shawls, hats, false ears, robes, baggy pants, corsets, candles, dimmer switches etc), can be done with eyes open while in the midst of activity and needs only a short while spent – just five minutes will do the trick – as long as it’s done on a daily basis, which isn’t as onerous as it may seem, even to the laziest dilettante, as after only a few days of practice, it soon becomes apparent that it makes you feel so good and stable, in a subtle yet radical way, the whole day long, subsequent to practice, it becomes addictive, hence desirable, rather than a chore.

There are a few aspects to attaining a basic grasp of the fundaments, the most powerful of which is the breathing. Start the process now by concentrating on your breathing, gradually causing it to decelerate measurably, making the in- and out-breaths of equal duration, softening the quality until it feels as if you’re reeling silk from a cocoon, allowing the belly to swell as the breath comes in and flatten as the breath goes out again and counting nine breaths before drawing your awareness back to the external world.

This will almost instantly slow your mind down, increase focusing power and bring peace and calm to every cell in your body.

This is one vital aspect – check out today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop for another if you want to deepen the experience even more.

Gradually you train yourself to remain in meditation the whole day and night long, as you work, rest and play, by which time you can be said to be a bit of a master (or mistress).

May you be fully in command of yourself today and tonight and may the results be profoundly pleasing to the spirits.

Love, Doc


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