Pleasantly stunned

I’m in London at the moment putting all the components of THE BIG OM together and have been struck by a strange phenomenon.

London like many other huge cities has a large pigeon population. I have lived or spent time in London on and off much of my life so far and have seen so few dead pigeons in all that time I could count them on one finger, which leads me to wonder where pigeons go to die or whether in fact they are on the whole immortal.

It’s not something I spend vast spans of time pondering and have mostly filed it as an issue in the same category of mystery as where pens and lighters vanish to or what makes untangled wires tie themselves in knots. I occasionally have visions of another dimension replete with lost pens, lighters, experts on wiring auto-bondage and dead pigeons but generally keep breathing at such times and let the visions pass.

It’s the same with moods and their respective mind-sets. If you’re stuck in one you don’t like, one that is making you feel miserable, you’re free to click on the X and close the window.

In the same way you don’t really give a damn where all the pigeons go to die and can drop the issue without a second thought, you can drop a negative state of mind, which would otherwise produce an experience of being diminished in spirits and vitality.

At every turn you are free to adopt a positive mind-frame and enjoy the lightness of spirit it engenders. Sometimes, when external conditions seem to be stacked up against you this is difficult to achieve but it essentially boils down to being willing to click that X. The X-clicking mechanism consists of desisting from holding your breath and allowing it to flow freely in and out instead, thereby releasing the negative state you were holding onto, progressively more on each out-breath and welcoming in more and more fresh life, replete with limitless potential, on each successive in-breath, regardless of the circumstances.

Tell yourself, ‘I’m choosing to optimise the value I derive from this day (and night),’ and carry on as you were now.

But really, where do all the pigeons go to die?

I wish you optimum value from today and tonight and may you be pleasantly stunned by how surprisingly well it all turns out.

With love, Steph the BD

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