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  • Dear BD, Saw it some time ago and now watched it a second time. Thank you — always helpful and real.
    Jo Ann

  • Just got round to watching this -felt great – I will keep practising. Should have watched before now eh/ Thanks x

  • Hildy Lyn
    6 years ago

    Hello Doc!
    I do enjoy you and your honest work. Way back you taught a Tao Push-UP and I use it with every Yoga class I teach and they love it. Just before we go down with a wide-legged stance we slap our hands on our mats and yell and express our “primal selves”. Often they are a little reserved being older ladies, but I set a pretty noisy example and now they just LOVE it!!! Then we walk our hands fwd and rock back and forth about six times, with great intention. Like you, I’m a Brit, born in Chester, Cheshire and I was always rather rebellious I guess!!!! LOL Hey!I LOVE being ME!!!! But also like you, I love being able to help people to help themselves.
    Be Well…take good care…Namaste’
    Hildy Lyn, xoxox ♥

  • Hi BD and thanks again. I really liked the affirmation and will use it whenever I can. I also liked the Taosit Yell, but struggled to get much sound out. I did feel the energy inside though. Very invigerating. Thanks.

  • Love the videos, I stopped people pleasing many years ago and was branded “weird” as I now live in the mountains in Spain it is much easier to be my authentic self but I recently had to return to the UK for a month after my son was in a bad car crash. I am humble enough to appreciate that even I, with my natural life, am always learning and find your videos refreshingly supportive and enlightening.Escaping the rat-race isn’t always possible and ultimately “escaping” does not address the issues that caused reclusion so I have to give you a heart-felt thank you for what you are showing us. Namaste xx

  • Will try this out in the privacy of my own home to start with, but resonates with the yoga I try to practice weekly. As always you reach the parts other doctors don’t quite manage!! Cheers BD, loving it Jx

  • Jeanette
    6 years ago

    I have a great problem with making a loud noise! Find it difficult to even shout down the garden to call someone in. So I am finding this exercise really interesting. Slowly my voice is coming back. Thank you for taking time to share.

  • paul tindall
    6 years ago

    hi barefoot ive all ways found your stuff the most acsesable the first excercice worked for me on the level of reilef like de programing.but the hardest thing is convincing myself i deserve freedom im always amazed at how we do ourselves downits not natural is it.i ssem to have a blockage.when it comes to pushing forwared with what iwant to do thanks bd

  • Loved it. I now have the freedom to shout it out and it feels so good. Brilliant. My thanks. Karen

  • so many thanks B.f.D for the fabtastic fun exercise and affirmation vid -will certenly have fun with this and might even try it in the supermarket lol- u truely are an enlightened insperation for welbeing old chap – and i am still spinning on this wonderfull planat and good to see u r too lol-and still scooping the loop afer first reading barefoot warrior 10 years ago.many thanks again bfd.

  • Thanks for the video – not tried the scream yet (everyone in the house has gone to bed!)But really like the affirmation – going to keep using it.

  • TY,another great and simple to use techeque that is so powerfull.

  • Raffaella Paci
    6 years ago

    dear Barefoot Doctor,
    I am a martial art practicing and think to exactly understand what you mean!Sometimes,though, changes are far to happen but I keep on believing they will,and yes,you are completely right, when you say that we have to accept what we are now,no matter how bad we think we are.
    I have done this completely and throughly.making me eventually happier and healthier than ever before!
    (Unfortunately NOT wealthier!!! ah ah)

    Raffaella from Italy

  • Richard
    6 years ago

    Hello again Doc,

    Thanks for another wonderful video share. I felt the drawing in a great deal of energy and then the gutteral realease was great. When I applied pressure to the liver area under the ribs afterward felt a bit of pressure and gave myself permission to be more or less. I felt a release and a bit of light headedness. Not dizzy mind you rather just a release of tension in total which created the sensation of energy passing out and joining the universe.



  • ty doc, another goody, lovin the liver x

  • I recognise and I am so pleased you are connecting with so many people worldwide Iconnected with my primeal voice i loved it

    love as always to you , me and all

  • Simple and effective. Thank you. love, and hugs.

  • silverymoon
    6 years ago

    That was fun, will try again when transmission is better.
    Respect to you always Doc.

  • Thanks Steph,
    Loving the videos
    Maria x

  • Thank you so much – this video has come along just at the right time – am passing it on to those that I love – love and hugs Glynis

  • Jan Etoile
    6 years ago

    Hi Steve,
    Thank you so much for your second video. Again, I love the simplicity and the ease. However it is working at a deep level. Your affirmation is great. May I suggest that you have the text of the affirmation somewhere too. That means that I am fully focussing on the excercise without worrying about remembering the words.

    Thanks again
    Love Jan

  • Jonathan
    6 years ago

    Thanks for that one, made the dog bark next door! great release of tension

  • Another wonderful video sending out the much appreciated peace, calm, and confidence that all can be well and enjoyable in our present world, when we allow it to be.

    Love, Appreciation, and Blessings, bernie

  • Thank you for your video you obviously know me well!!! Have always been a people pleaser I will use this exercise and hopefully will feel the benefit very soon. Felt the release when letting go though.

  • This simple exercise gave me insight into my carrying people (in an empathic sort of way). I felt strong in my choice to end this dragging down feeling and to address these hangers-on in a no-nonsense stance and tell them they must make their own journey. To say the least, it was liberating. I am so grateful to you for sharing this technique. Wishing you much Love and Peace.

  • MattDeToledo
    6 years ago

    Hi Brother-Doc!

    Yep… That certainly blew some tension away! (Tension I wasn’t even aware I had…)

    All the best,

    (and Greetings, as ever, from (a rather windy) Toledo)

  • wendy poker
    6 years ago

    Hi Doc , Thank you so much for making that video for all of us ! I was amazed at the feeling I experienced after practicing myself . I am a people pleaser to a fault , always have cared more for others than I do for myself , my dear friend is dying of Brain Cancer I have given everything I have to help her . Thank you for sharing this I will be able to help my friend and still take care of myself I can not thank you enough . With love , Wendy

  • Donna-Marie
    6 years ago

    I was surprised to see how tight that area was,as I was pushing in with my hand,but as soon as I breathed into it,it softened immediately.
    Felt good-afterward.
    Thank you,
    FYI ,was not able to open the first video,

  • I really like both this exercise and the last. What I love most is the emphasis on the mind/body connection as I live in my head so much I often forget about the effect that has on my body. With this exercise I can still feel the heat generated around my liver area and general relaxation. Not sure how it will affect my people-pleasing passion but will keep practising as people-pleasing frequently runs my life. Thank you for your generosity in sharing x

  • patrick palmer
    6 years ago

    Dear Doc,

    A very effective exercise. I hope I can discipline myself to do it regularly without frightening the horses!

    May I ask you an unrelated question? I have just finished an intriguing book on numerology. It all seems very plausible or is it bunkum?

    20th April 2012

  • Wow this is a really powerful exercise! It has released so much blocked energy, I now feel vibrant, free from more limitations and able to face new challenges with enthusiasm. So thanks a million once again.

  • Really enjoyable and liberating – a strong feeling of self. I feel it is something I need to do every day in the morning before work so that i can centre myself before giving to others. Wow – thank you Doc.

  • Maureen
    6 years ago

    If you are self-conscious about the yelling part, another great place to practice this is in the car.:) (Just make sure you are able to take the hands off the wheel. So maybe when the light is red. And don’t mind what the neighboring drivers think.)

  • Thank you very much….this is very helpful. Needs to be repated several times so that it would sink deep down an become part of one’s thinking. Very helpful.

  • no instant effect as yet, i will persevere. maybe i am doing it wrong

  • Brillant. Instantaneous clearing and spaciousness in my head. Namaste. Alan.

  • Hi Doc
    Fab exercise thaks doc keep up the good work

  • Donna Eden teaches an exercise that you would also like called: “Expelling the Venim”

  • Barbara
    6 years ago

    As usual so effective, instant results, thanks for reminding me.
    My mood has lifted and a few aches and pains gone!
    Love always.

  • I’m a empath so it is my nature to want things to be in balance in my relationships,and some times I give too much, this excercise is so beneficial I felt so much release . I will do this in nature to feel the full effect. Thank you, love you sooooooooo much Lexi

  • Liz Miller
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much for what you are doing for us! It is so good to have these behaviours explained so I have an understanding of how I operate as a social being and not feel bad or ashamed of it. I feel validated and freed up. I am learning the cost to myself of being a people pleaser and finally doing something about it.

    It’s great of you to pass on this wisdom. xxxx

  • This was a great exercise: totally felt something shift when I let go of my conditioned self. Thanks so much Barefoot. Love and blessings. Look forward to the next one.

  • Love it- thank you ♥

  • Lynn MJ
    6 years ago

    Dear BD

    WOOWWWWWWWWWWWW, Yeah !! After the first video/exercise I cried for hours, obvioulsy releasing something – yesterrday I managed to tell my boss how I had felt in a particularly horrible meeting – something I have never been able to do before – and after this video/exercise I feel even more empowered – Thank you from bottom of my liver ! xxx

  • Very enjoyable.

    What’s the best way to deal with powerful dissaproval from someone close?

  • Thank you for another wonderful video. No tears today this one made me smile. Can,t wait for the next video.

  • Rosanna
    6 years ago

    Good again, Doc. I’ll practice this exercice very much. Thanks!

  • Hello Stephen,
    Thankyou so much for the video.Another great excercise that you have helped me with. Will definitely keep practising them and they will eventually gel with the liberation to make own choices.
    As always your caring for your fellow men and women have come through, your humility ,and love shows in every which way.
    Lots of love

  • Great timing as always Stephen. Keep smiling

  • Words can not express so… from me and my liver
    . _ *★* ……………¸¸.O´¯`(░).¸.o´¯`o.¸(░)
    .( `\( ).¸¸.* ” ˜* (░)¸.o´¯`o.¸(░)
    ..` /♥)\_/¯……………`O.¸¸.O´¯`O.¸(░)
    .(_(’ /……………………`o.¸(░)
    ……\ \
    ……/ /
    ……\/Loved it thank you RESPECT ♥ XXX

    • The sounds and organ healing are key to my Taoist practice – Tuning into the Tao has radically changed my life for the better – Everyone should do this stuff everyday to really feel a massive benefit – I see that we get so caught up in being there for others/ people pleasing we don’t prioritise the time to spend on a daily practice for ourselves! But they all benefit too! When I think about how much the world would be a better place if even half of us spent this time on ourselves, I want to help you share it! How about showing peeps how to ‘stretch time’ to allow the practice to ‘fit’ into their lives? It works for me..

      FAB! As always Thank You Steph


  • Gillian
    6 years ago

    Namaste Steph

    Thank you so much for bringing the wisdom of the East to us in such an ingenious way. We can learn so much about blocked energies which eventually may manifest in the body as illness. Releasing tensions, past conditioning and worn out beliefs systems ~ Good Stuff.

    Power to your elbow!

  • Thank you Steven yet another brilliant video, very useful excercises, will keep practicing them

  • I seem to have few problems in being self-ful, unfortunately it’s the knock- on effect of the reactions of the people around me me which causes the difficulties. I am faced with extreme jealousy and possessiveness and long-term resentment! Even from people I choose no longer to be around!! Some guidance in how to deal with this would be great! I believe that we are all responsible for our own feelings – I tell others my belief but still…

  • Hi Steven,
    this video and the last one was incredibly interesting. I have known, for a long time that when I get stressed i feel the tension around my middle. I always say “at my liver level”.
    Interesting that my own body knew yet I didn’t have the head-knowledge to put it together.

  • There was no sound on the video

  • Tears when reading responses. Coincidences continue. Started doing 5 elements Tai Chi with a group this week for the first time for many years. My surname is Wood.
    Love the poetry. I am part of a creative writing group and having found your Liberation book, which I hadn’t looked at for years either, I read out your poem on stress. Got a few strange looks after the anus but was able to say….. don’t care and that was before todays video. Wonderful Thank you

  • Dear Stephen,
    As always I rejoice at the beauty of your language! I admit to reading your emails largely because of the lovely wording that, to me, is reminiscent of the best in English literature. However, to be more to the point, I found this exercise very interesting and I plan to add it to the other ones from your site that I am already doing.
    I look forward to your next communications.

  • Dorothy
    6 years ago

    I love reading all the comments too. Thank you Steph, I was a little scared to ask for this video even though I needed it. But what a huge surprise & relief I can do this, and feel great after the two so far. I look forward to the next one Steph. Can I just say that when I’m in the car I do all your 5 elements, I can’t do the movements but I do the sounds on my way to where ever I’m going. Sometimes I have the kiddies in the back of my car and they join me, they love it.

  • Hello Steph.
    This is the one, most of this life have had a liver problem (do not drink or smoke)
    will keep doing this to heal this area. Thank you so much for the love and spirit you share with
    us all. Grateful for your spirit of gifts. Cheers!

  • C.marie
    6 years ago

    Thanks doc, I am so apprecitive of the time you donated to the making of these helpful videos. I enjoyed this exercise- it made me smile as I added quite a few extra ‘Hah’s it felt good. I also loved your little ryhm at the close. Thank you for your genorosity. Much love 🙂

  • Gilbert
    6 years ago

    Thanks doc ! I couldn’t yell as its dawn but I’ve finished up with a grunt.I felt light headed

  • Thanks, BD. Nice exercises but I’m not feeling great effects for either of the exercises so far – don’t seem to be contracted in in either the liver or spleen, but then I have been doing SW for a while so perhaps that makes a difference? Or that I do acting and writing and other stuff that releases all types of crap? Looking forward to the next one to see what it may do …

  • BD – thank you soooooooo v.much – I am a ‘liverish’ person, was born early in the morning (2.30 am)
    and that is the time of the liver. Am now smiling and my liver feels ever soooo much lighter.

    Gratitude to you and all your crew!

  • After practicing it I felt like my liver was pulsating when I pressed it. Strange feeling in the moment, but great sensation afterwards. And the self affirmations were so nice that I feel like repeating them every morning after waking up! Love ya!!! You’re always answering my inner thoughts!

  • Great exercise! I made my husband jump up out of his chair. (ha!) Thank you so much. I’m going to do this a lot.

  • William Bedivere
    6 years ago

    Very good. I especially like the pressing of the liver at the end of the exercise. Very appropriate for the Wood time of the year!

  • Wonderful, as always Steph! I found it difficult to shout at first (too much people-pleasing!). I gave it a few tries before I really let loose. I guess I need to practice that more often!
    The previous one (Spleen) took a few hours to really get the full effect. But it was amazing. So I imagine this one will take awhile as well.
    Thanks for all you do!

  • Lisa M. Smith
    6 years ago

    Excellent, Dr. Hope you know, you are very attractive/healthy looking. I’m ready to go dancing to release some primal energy. I bet you are a good dancer, too. lol


  • Another great video. Mucho gratitude for this simple yet so effective exercise. Loved the affirmation and saying the words afterwards made me feel great.

  • Thank you , going to work on it so cant tell my exp yet 🙂 xox

  • Dear Barefoot Dr., THANK YOU once again for enlightenment and love. Your tools are magnificent, and the generosity you show in sharing them is extraordinary. Be blessed, and know what a privilege it is to be included in your community. Joy, Paula

  • Lovely release, thank you.

  • Doc!
    Thanks again, nice video, and seemed to bolster my physical self and after a few moments a feeling like I want to be challanged by someone so I can show off my new attitude, 🙂

  • Excellent I am a yoga teacher and love your technique’s Stephen. I have practised many of them and they are amazing and simply work this one you freedom..liver is talking to me feeling very warm. Thank You My Friend.

  • Hi Steph, well thank you once again for producing and delivering this simple exercise, had trouble with the yelling part, and a very tender liver! Loved the affirmation, thank you again from the bottom of my heart, love and light.

    Anne x

  • Thank you, lovely teaching!

  • I’m just so disappointed that you don’t yet have the power to control the aeroplanes. Yesterday, it was the crows! I don’t actually think I need help with stopping the people pleasing rubbish so much these days. Which is nice. The exercise was great. I did it in all seriousness and was genuinely surprised when the result was a big grin and a bit of a laugh.. Lovely, thank you xx

  • Clifford
    6 years ago

    I tried to watch the video but my wife wanted to use my laptop so I can’t comment yet. Will let you know when she allows me some access to my property. x

  • lindsay
    6 years ago

    Lovely bridge from the morass of swampy thought to simple body-talk and clearing. Everyone’s in bed so I’ll yell tomorrow.
    Muchos gracias. Lindsay x!

  • Another good one. Would be useful to have the mantra in print so it could be more easily memorised! Life is all about balance….

  • perfect in its simplicity. i’ll definitely carry this one in my back pocket. so timely! and love the phrase you say when softening around your liver. peace out!

  • Penny T
    6 years ago

    The yelling part was great….the massaging the liver part, very tender! Before these videos I was thinking I needed a liver cleanse, guess I’m on the right track. Thanks so much!

  • Hello Stephen

    Thanks for this very simple and to the point excercise.
    Having practised Martial arts and Tai Chi, all tho not on a regular
    basis, I have always found this excercise before any movement is made, a brilliant
    start or end to a situation which either had a build up to or a wind down from.
    The Liver point was a great add on as its the central energy system from which we
    operate from. Primal Scream is so underated and can be a very powerful release which by the way
    certainly was. I have in my past been a people pleaser and its robed me of so many opportunities
    that it would fill a self pity seminar, so not going to go there. Now I have you and your brilliant team…I,am going to get strong..I,am comtemplating entering the Life Coach with Law of Attraction pathway…so your imput and knowledge is vital to my mindshift..

    Thank you for this valuable teaching duly added.

    Love Light Blessings and CHI to you, Sue, and the Barefoot Dr Crew.


  • Thank you BeeDee. I have just spent today sitting and thinking about the last ten years of my life after my “friend” of those last 10 years told me that he had never had the feelings of overwhelming love for me that he had for his first two wives!! As you can imagine this made me take stock and regret the waste of those years trying to be the person he wanted me to be (I take people-pleasing to the nth degree)
    Just doing your exercise has made me calmer and for the first time in a long while I can see clearly.
    What a release, what a relief, what a rush. Thank you.

  • sheelagh
    6 years ago

    I love how my Be-ing justs brings it on!! Yesterday my body pre-did this, if u know what i mean…I literally could barely move from the “weight” of energies I had un-consciously allowed into my field, my conscious boundaries feel pretty clear, but the sensitivity of the subtler bodies seem to allow “non-mine” energies in. Just so I could learn this lesson!!I called for help, my horses and a healer human friend helped me banish all the shit, yes i was “HA HA !! ing”, shaking it off and out, asking the AA’s Michael et al, for golden protection shield, and in quick time moved alot of heavy sticky energy, and invited in Freedom, Joy, Expansion and Light.
    Dear BD, thank you thank you thank you, Hao Hao Hao, you are so in the Flow, so in the Tao, I am thrilled to be part of ALL-THAT-IS!!You rock my world, my Liver loves you, I rock my world, I love my Liver!!
    May the blessings of a thousand blazing suns shine upon you, shine upon all.

  • Hello Barefoot Doctor. Thank you very much vor both videos. I´m learning so much from you. The second one, I can´t do now because I had a surgery(Gall bladder surgery- Doctors took out a very big stone and
    three litlle ones). So I´ll have to wait a little more to do this exercise. Thank Doc for your help I´m so grateful for your help. Here from Argentina, Prov. of Misiones, where the very very beatiful Catartas del Iguazu, are. (Waterfall of Iguazú).
    Thank you,

  • Oh that was all wonderful, you’re wonderful! The yell was very primal, almost didn’t recognise my own voice. Loved it and I’m going to do it again.:) xxx thank you!!!

  • Barbara
    6 years ago

    I have yet to try this as I am currently in my sister’s basement room. I am here staying in Switzerland for 10 days to take care of her son whilst she and her husband are at work. Today I lost my temper and shouted at her 10 year old son. He is on holiday from school. I am here to help her, giving me 10 days rest from caring for a very demanding 84 year old father.
    I had to go to hospital last week. I have cysts on my liver and scars on my right kidney. I am in almost constant pain since a gall bladder removal in October 2011.
    Look forward to trying the exercise when I am alone. She would not understand.

    Thanks for being there for me. XxXxXxX

  • Would have loved to watch the video – I gave it over 10mins to download. It may be that some of us have too slow a broadband speed to stream it. The first video was great though, and the thought of accepting where you before you can move on are stays with me,
    With thanks and blessings.

  • dear BFD – i choose to say: ‘thank you from the bottom of my liver’. pax.

  • Thank you barefoot dude..there have been many times when I could not do what was necessary for my own health because I tried to help someone else through difficult times and it drained my own resources..this exercise goes well with my Qigong workouts.that you for all your help.

  • Yolande
    6 years ago

    Thank you!
    I am always looking for more.
    One word comes up : Generosity
    Thank You

  • Shelley
    6 years ago

    Just what I needed today! I just whispered “hah” because I’m in an office, but even just the intention of doing this helped my attitude. Thanks!

  • StephenH
    6 years ago

    I didn’t realise quite how contracted my liver was until I was pressing it, great exercise, now I have a huge energy release around Shen Tao across my shoulders on the yang side, carrying too much tension I guess, this exercise is now a daily for me.

    Thank you again Stephen ॐ

  • Gary James
    6 years ago

    Always put yourself 1st, then you can assist others, thank you BD great exercise.

  • WOW! that works!…..tried it just as i was racing out the door to work… now calm and focused and full of vitality to tackle work and my bosses, but without losing myself in it all. Thankyou Barey xxx

  • This video resonates with my belief that one has to take care of self first in order to be able to give to others. Thank you for providing a tool which I could use to do some self-care.

  • I immediately felt a shiver through my entire body. Cool! I will try to remember to practice this when I need it most. Thank you again BFD. Love Sandra

  • Jose Angel
    6 years ago

    something wrong hapen the video never showup

    • Steph, BD
      6 years ago

      Hello Jose – the file is large, please wait a few minutes for the video to load. thank you. Sue, Barefoot Doctor Crew

  • Carolyn
    6 years ago

    Feels liberating and effective,

    Many Thanks.

  • What a wisdom again, thank you sooo much!

    I immidiatly thought of a dear friend I lost recently and from 3-D perspective, her liver was the primary couse of hertransition. An eye opener…

    Great help for myself too. ☺

    With the greatest respect and love,

  • Cynthia
    6 years ago

    Hello Barefoot Doctor,

    Thank you for making this video. You wanted us to tell you how we felt after doing this. I am so much a people pleaser and when I did this exercise with you I felt a liberating feeling inside. A warm sensation in the liver area. The last video after viewing it, the next morning I was walking outside and felt a warm sensation in my upper body. So it is working!!! Thank you

    Sending love to you and all of your team, thank you for caring.

  • Tears Doc. Feckin circle just keeps goin round . wont start. Last one teriff. love Alan.

    • Steph, BD
      6 years ago

      Hello Alan – the video file is large, please wait a few minutes for it to load. thank you, Sue, Barefoot Doctor Crew

  • Merci Monsieur Barefoot,
    I found that excercise good for the “self estime” and somewhere I think to secure all choices made in the past to.
    I feel my body more aligned and the heart région more open. I feel more like a animal who stand straight to make is place instead of pleasing for group acceptance.

    Thank you again and well done again

  • Very interesting, thank you Doc.

  • taoyoyo
    6 years ago

    Another good one, resonating here… great irony with the liver/alchohol point! Cheers Steph 🙂

  • Marie Herbert
    6 years ago

    As always you are a delight to watch B.D. These tools are so useful, and your take on them always so special. Many thanks. Love to you and all the team, Marie

  • Outstanding release of tension and most appeasing.
    Profuse thanks Doc

  • Very interesting exercise. The more I see these video’s the more curious I become about Taoism. Thank you for making me curious x

  • sandra offord
    6 years ago

    great yet again thanks barefoot

    • Lorna Rigby-Waller
      6 years ago

      Hi great to see you do the exericise doc, I have read many of your books and all so had 1-1 email healing with your self. I alway’s wonder if am I doing the exercise right and placing my hands in the right place. I have alway’s felt more enriched and balanced after, so must be doing something right! Thankyou for sharing your knowledge, warmth and soul. You are truely inspiratirational person and i love having you in my life. It is comforting to know your there at a touch of a button!! Keep spreading the word and keep the faith

      With love and respect Lorna

    • thank you

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