Patience comprises the ability to see the panoramic, zoomed-out view, rather than confining your focus exclusively to the narrow goal-fixated view. When you see the broad view you are able to derive the existential satisfaction you want from a variety of sources and thus remain always fed by life, hence undisturbed by the need to force things to a conclusion, regardless of how swiftly or otherwise your goals seem to be materialising.

It also comprises being able and willing to enjoy and thrive on the forward-thrusting force impelling you and to enjoy the friction it causes in your mind and body in relation to how slowly or otherwise everything seems to be coming together and to breathe and relax with the sensation it engenders in your belly and chest, rather than allow it to cause tension in your thoughts.

In short patience is engendered by relaxing your body and breathing slowly, especially when feeling restless, yet enjoying the sensation of restlessness, while holding fast to the vision of what you wish to manifest, yet simultaneously being aware of and grateful for all your countless blessings, regardless of when you manifest whatever else it is you want.

In this way lies infinite patience. In infinite patience all things are made manifest.

May your patience be infinite today, tonight and through the weekend.

Love, D

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