Passing clouds

Attention/time deficit- friendly summary:

1 – In the echoes of an apparently huge event like the election don’t jump to conclusions about anything

2 – Especially when you’re probably not fully or at all abreast of all the salient factors and have gleaned your data from propaganda

3 – Nothing is as it seems and is usually the opposite

4 – If you wish to have a clue as to what’s about to unfold empathize instead of judge

5 – Avoid panic-thinking, intend everything to work to your advantage despite not knowing how it possibly could, and it tends to do so.

Attention-rich prose version:

I’d not normally be given to feeling obliged to chime in gratuitously and unbidden with my view on a day like today (not that there’s ever been or will be a day like this or any other day, though days may appear similar), when all the sheep are doing all their pointless noisy bleating as if their opinion or noise is significant, which it isn’t particularly, aside from being indicative of a need to be noticed.

However having now received a slew of requests to do so it would be churlish to decline.

For what it’s worth.

What follows is not a knee-jerk reaction, as a fundamental aspect of my inquiry into the human condition and consequent facility for helping you (and everyone else) ameliorate it should you/they wish, using ancient yet fully relevant Taoist mastery skills, hence is based on consistent research over many years and months and conversations with people involved at relatively top levels of the game in question, combined with my own deduction, which may or may not be accurate or congruent, though I believe it be – so listen but decide for yourself.

Moreover I’m not speaking from a partisan or political standpoint – to the contrary, politics is merely a surface noise as far as I’m concerned. I’m talking pragmatically and existentially.

So in this latest episode of the Simpsons where they did a clever cross-branding exercise with America’s Got Talent, in which Donald Trump trounces Hilary Clinton to the Oval Office, strangely surprising all the smug, deluded commentators who were as convinced it would be otherwise as they were that no one could be stupid enough to vote for Brexit, instead of panicking or assuming the worst, having based your view on snippets of slogans overheard above the usual din of everyday life, be bold enough to empathize with the main character, to put yourself in his shoes, if you wish to gain some sort of perspective and thereby retrieve a sense of peace and balance with regards your standing with the world and vice versa.

Rich kids generally have little need to develop a set of ethics because they get what they want regardless. However as they go along they tend to develop ethics as and when situations require. Having everything they want, they tend not to be strategists because there’s no need, hence tend to be pragmatic instead.

Donald Trump has just achieved something unprecedented – he’s bagged the presidency fully self-financed, hence ostensibly not beholden to any banks, special interests or any other third party. He’s done so by playing the media game like the games show its become and playing unashamedly like a master.

The more extreme views aired during the campaign, often off the cuff, did as intended, they got attention. Supporting pro-life gained him the vote of a vast swath of women who support pro-life, advocating nationalist and racist agendas gained him the vote of a vast swath of men and women inclined that way, behaving pejoratively towards womankind in general gained him the vote of a vast swath of men inclined that way, and so on.

However as a pragmatist as opposed to someone following an ethical schema, and even as his acceptance speech already attests, the likelihood of him reversing positions on all or many of such contentious issues is high.

Similarly his personal relationship with Putin albeit denied during the campaign, is based on mutual respect as one pragmatist to another, both operating, remember, in pretty much the same international networking circles.

And this mutual understanding is far less likely to provoke the unthinkable horror of WW3 with the now militarily superior Russia-China axis than had his opponent won, with her dangerously unrealistic old-school geopolitical stratagems.

Short term this is advantageous for us as it precludes the probability of being vaporized by neutron bombs, particularly if China has decided to make its move on Taiwan in the next couple of months, which is not out of the question.

Bear in mind Russia and its activity in the Middle East and Ukraine serves as the left feint, while China delivers the right hook in the East. People are generally unaware of the true picture and the potential danger because the propaganda about China hasn’t started yet for a variety of reasons.

Whether this is because the West is in denial over the probability of China-Russia now becoming the dominant world power, or on account of sheer ignorance it’s hard to say.

If in that event however Taiwan were to resist it would oblige the US to get involved by treaty. But if the Chinese negotiate it in their usual adroit style, Taiwan won’t resist and war will be averted.

Contrary to Clinton’s ”loose-cannon” propaganda Trump’s attitude to this scenario is pragmatic rather than dogmatic as would have been with her.

Mid-term it’s possibly not so great however, as without a major barney the chances are Germany’s far right will come into power with a mandate for a European army and we all know what happened the last time something similar happened.

Ecology-wise, according to any honest scientist, since the point of no return in 1986, even if we were to instantly simultaneously stop all shipping, all flights, all road travel, all transportation of goods, all manufacturing, all energy production and use, as in stop everything right now, which we won’t, it’s too late to stop the effect. Carbon is now 400 parts per million and isn’t going to come down. This indicates the sea is now full to the brim with carbon and can’t absorb any more. The warming will therefore now accelerate exponentially.

The sea level rises occurring on account of polar ice-melt is already significantly affecting the eastern seaboard of the US as that’s the side it’s running down first – the west coast of Europe will follow. So whether Trump encourages more fracking or not, aside from the increase of earthquakes such as the huge one in Oklahoma last week, it’ll essentially make no difference.

Had Trump lost, there would likely have been some sort of civil war, as there are a plethora of libertarian and ant-government militias tooled up to the hilt ready to go at the drop of a hat.

Mid-term however that’s not so great as his victory will almost certainly be taken as mandate for such groups to be bolder about their missions, similarly to the Brexit effect in the UK, and the misogyny and racism suppressed by years of political correctness is likely to be given more vent.

So you start to see the yin-yang dynamic underscoring it all – you get a bit of this, you lose a bit of that, and so on. But to think idealistically is not something we have the luxury of now. To assume we should be living in a world led by altruistic heroes where everything works out fairly for everyone, is deluded. It’s never been so. Especially now as the resources dwindle exponentially faster and time is running out on us as a species.

But just as with all Simpsons episodes there’s always another and no matter how weird or far-out the action gets it always resolves and life goes on.
At least for now.

And with our position in the cosmos growing increasingly precarious by the second at least for now is as good as we can expect it to get.

So eschew long term projections – sure make plans and roll with your projects but don’t assume anything will actually transpire as you imagine. Instead enjoy the wild, wonderful insecurity of not knowing, of not being able to rely on illusions as have our forebears. We simply don’t have the luxury of illusions of stability and permanence any more.

But what we do have is this remarkable unprecedented opportunity of having ringside seats in this spectacular immersive theater show of a world changing beyond recognition before our very eyes.

And if you want the warrior’s response, and you want to live by it so you get your full value from the ride come what may, you have to grab this adventure by the horns, and live it, love it, and ride it for all it’s worth.

I produced a track for the Lost Apes a year or so ago that actually made it to number 13 in the Beatport charts for a second or two, called Passing Clouds. That’s all any of this is – just passing clouds.

So don’t be dismayed or afraid. To the contrary be exhilarated. Because the real power behind all this, the Tao, is only doing any of it to entertain us and keep us from getting utterly bored while we hang around waiting to die.

Love the Tao, love the ride, love Donald. Love his hair, love it all, and it will all resolve with more elegance than you can presently imagine.

The Barefoot has spoken – again, before anyone jumps on this as has happened often to me before, taking bits out of context and read it as a partisan statement, I reiterate I have no political agenda whatsoever, merely one to be of the best service possible to all my human family at all times – and nothing I say here is intended as an opinion to debate, nor as truth to believe or not, simply as a relatively informed view, so listen but decide for yourself, and may it serve you well.

Bless Donnie-boy – he achieved something spectacular yesterday, whatever the consequences, bless America (and remember it was originally the home of the native tribes before the Europeans went and stole it all, so bless them especially), and bless all humanity, because inside we’re all just babies craving the tit, and we’re quite up against things right now.

Thanks or reading , I appreciate your time and energy are vital.

Barefoot Doctor, 7th son of the 7th son of the 7th son of Mactervish.

8 Responses to “Passing clouds

  • This is the ‘wisdom of insecurity’. Good old Alan Watts wrote a book about it.

    • Yes bless him he did – it’s also wisdom common to the Sufis – and indeed anyone not deluded into imagining anything here is permanent.

  • ardnahc
    1 year ago

    You are welcome, reading your wisdom section has become a daily ritual for me.

    Actually I am okay & feeling good about the things right now contrary to the popular opinions. We don’t want illusions which we have been mesmerized under for about a decade with no or little actual benefit which has been sucking up all the energy.

    So I guess I am fine with insecurity rather than false sense of security which we were under for a long time.

    Whatsoever I am ever thankful for all the energy that you put here to share the wisdom. you are always loved 777 🙂

    • hey 777, thankyou, I appreciate you saying and feel likewise – once the casing of the illusion is broken it’s actually easy letting go of at least most of the false crutches isn’t. Bless you and thanks for your words of support.

    1 year ago

    super sage advice! (((O)))

    • hey dearest Magnetic, that’s wonderful of you to say sir, thankyou

  • Shelley Skinner
    1 year ago

    Bless you Barefoot! I needed to read this just now.

    – a passing cloud

    • Bless you too, dear Shelley – you’re the ray of sunlight piercing through

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