If you’ve prioritized this exploration of the near limitless powers of the body to heal itself, regenerate itself, rejuvenate itself, strengthen itself, defend itself, provide pleasure, endure the greatest hardships and even transform itself into a superhuman fighting machine if required, congratulations.

You’re clearly drawn to the practical aspects of the human mechanism and without doubt working via the physical is the most straightforward way of accessing the limitless powers of the subconscious.

Likewise it’s essential to learn the techniques to dispel the pain, unease, stress, and illness that stands in the way of you fully harnessing the power of your autonomic system

I began my training at 11 and half a century or so later have been a lifelong practitioner of Taoist martial arts and healing modalities ever since – and feeling greatly advantaged as a result.

In the spirit of wanting to share these innumerable benefits I’m able to train you to a sufficiently respectable level to enjoy the fruits fully.

But aside from and often before starting any training process healing is necessary.

I’ve employed my training both as doctor of Chinese medicine and as a teacher of it, combined with the invaluable experience of having done well over one million treatments to date as well as working with thousands of people in various groups and retreats, to produce courses that teach you how to heal yourself of every malady – but also offer personal one-to-one virtual sessions if required.

My approach is to de-mystify. I don’t use hocus pocus and mumbo jumbo to impress or obfuscate any gaps in the knowing – it’s all there, and it’s simple, very, very, simple and incredibly exciting. I make what are ancient and arcane arts readily accessible to help you help yourself and others achieve wholeness and balance – because your body is your temple.

But it’s your nightclub as well. And we honour this by getting you so fit and lean and loose like a longlegged goose you can’t fail to have more fun.

And whether you want increased health, fitness, and energy levels or learn a new superskill – the Taoist approach to the physical is holistic. The body and mind and all the sound and motion of your existence function as a unified field.

Or will do once you get started on the training.

I say the same therefore at this point in all three of the main areas and you’ll forgive me being repetitious…

Holistic necessarily infers circularity – but not so much flat circles on the horizontal or vertical plane, as spherical. The Taoist system is a 3-D sphere of information relating to every single aspect of existence and specifically your own personal existence.

Taoist holistic techniques are extraordinarily powerful and when practiced properly will change everything about you and your life for the better – not incrementally but exponentially.

Holism means everything working together as a whole.

What affects the mind, affects the body, and what affects either and both also affects the external conditions of your life.

Holistically speaking there is no division between body, mind and circumstances – all are fully interdependent and operate from the same underlying psycho-energetic template.

So wherever you cut into the loop, through adjusting the physical, psychological or practical, all three aspects benefit equally by the intervention regardless.

Hence dividing the different ways you can intervene in the workings of your life, for the sake of simplification is relatively arbitrary, and the spherical ‘shape’ of this vast body of data makes it challenging to propose a linear path to funnel you through.

So while one training is ostensibly related to mental activity for instance, it will necessarily also address and affect the physical state and state of affairs in your life.

So rather than one exclusive set of trainings for each of these three areas of focus on the site, it’s much more a matter of emphasis.

What we’ve done is suggest an order of sorts for each that prioritizes certain trainings over others.

Hence why in each of these body/mind/life sections you’ll find all the trainings but in a totally different order – and if you’re committed to optimizing your mind, body and life consider becoming a monthly or annual member of Barefoot Doctor’s Inner Circle as you benefit from ALL TRAININGS HALF PRICE.

Naturally this rationalization process is ongoing and all your feedback is most welcome to help us improve how we do things to make it all more easily understandable for you.

Transformational trainings to optimize your body

Qigongo – $197

In-depth daily qigong system drawn from all four Taoist martial arts, six sets of exercises to learn over six weeks, video-based training. No amount of words, however adroitly chosen or deployed can go anywhere near conveying the startling effects of practicing this qigong system even once let alone every day – truly, with no exaggeration, I put the fact that I’m still here on the planet at all down to the fact I’ve practiced Qigongo, Barefoot Doctor’s In-Depth Qigong System every day without fail.


Way-Strongo Qigongo  $77

Get fit fast – 90 minute megablaster workout in five easy-to-follow-and-learn steps. When a Taoist wants to get superfit superfast the Taoist doesn’t sweat. The Taoist doesn’t strain. The Taoist doesn’t do anything to make a blood vessel bulge. A Taoist doesn’t get out of breath. A Taoist hardly raises a pulse rate. A Taoist doesn’t wear Lycra or go peddling in a slave galley or gym. The Taoist does something we in the contemporary West call WAY-STRONGO QIGONGO. No sweatpants, no cheap techno, no shouting, no strain.


Stand Strongo Qigongo $97

Advanced standing qi gong – once-a-week-or-so static standing practice. Learn to stand still and upright in qigong and you’re able to (literally) withstand all the pressures of life including all the pressure you put on yourself and you’re able (literally) to understand every situation and you (literally) up your standing in life because standing qigong is magic. It’s also incredibly powerful exercise – the most advanced level of physical practice and the one that takes you higher the deeper you go…in preparation for:


Last Longo Qigongo $138

The whole point ultimately of all qigong practice is to develop the immortal spirit body – this training shows you how. Take your QIGONG…AND YOUR LIFE to the next level with in-depth internal alchemy. Learn how to MOVE THE CHI through a series of subtle energy-pathways to create a psycho-energetic sheath and sturdy vehicle to house, carry and protect your true self – the immortal spirit body.


Tai Chi Trio $374

The fastest, easiest way to learn Tai Chi – warm up, learn the moves, then put them together as the form. Tai Chi means ‘supreme ultimate’. When you practice you go progressively more into the fully enlightened, ‘supreme ultimate’ state. Once the form’s become second nature, you relax deeply as you flow with the moves. Your breath flows smooth as silk and you enter a deeper, broader, higher level of consciousness.  My method simplifies the learning process.


Practically Perfect Pa Kua Primer $297

Boost your health & heighten your psychic perception with Pa Kua Chang – the oldest, most esoteric Taoist martial art with the most powerful effect on the psyche and physical state. You learn how to ‘walk the circle’, counterclockwise and clockwise, with a series of eight distinct movement sequences that train your body at a subconscious level in the self-defense technique, massage your vital organs, induce flexibility, suppleness, strength, agility, balance and grace, increase longevity and enhance your psychic awareness.


Superhealing $197

Heal yourself, get the basis for healing others and be healed by the Master.  6 x 1 hour in-depth audio trainings, supported by notes, diagrams, and three state of the art soundbaths.  Receive and experience healing from me, while learning how to do it – whether an absolute beginner or well-practiced healer – this is a demystified, thorough training in the five element basis of Taoist medicine with precise tools for making an intervention.


Taoist Healing Sounds $47

An depth guide to the six Taoist Healing Sounds – audio training. Among their vast panoply of healing techniques the Taoist sages of the ancient orient laid great store in the six healing sounds, which they suggested if practiced daily without fail will add a new layer of efficiency, strength, pep and resilience to your vital organs, which between them command every function of body and mind and even determine the development of external factors, finances, social life, personal life and so on.


VIP Acupressure Training $97

To make you well, make you feel swell and get you high naturally – there’s a fairly secret sequence of points which whether needled or pressed correctly have such a powerful all-encompassing healing effect for pretty much any condition or set of conditions.  Learn this VIP sequence of points how and when to press them to be fully high on life, and relieve a plethora of different symptoms, video training with supporting diagrams.


Taoist Superself-Massage Training $97

The most powerful, yet simple, fast-acting, enjoyable self-massage system for your superself in the entire universe so far. Don’t just love and care for yourself, though that’s good, don’t just heal yourself at a profound level, though this is vital, don’t just set yourself up with optimized zest and life-force each day, though this is important – exhilarate your superself with this super-easy, super-quick to learn superself-massage sequence to be very very healthy, very very well, highly highly energized, deeply centered, much-much relaxed, fully alert, wildly fresh, frighteningly focused and far-seeing, …and all in just a few minutes each day!


Transformational trainings to optimize your mind & life


E.A.S.E – Enjoy Alleviating Stress Effectively $97

The Ultimate Anti-Stress Device. It is actually possible to live a live of ease – reclaim your pace & direction, regain control of your reactions & reduce your level of stress to minimum optimum levels with Barefoot Doctor’s revolutionary, sensational E.A.S.E. TRAINING – the failsafe, all-terrain, all-weather antidote to stress. Online, video-based training.


Self-Love $297

Undo all the negative programming, nullify the shame and self-disdain and claim your rightful and natural state of self-love in 20 days with this supremely exciting SELF-LOVE TRAINING. If you’re really ready to tackle your negative programming and thinking and stop the self-limiting patterns of behavior, then this intensive training requires a mere five to 30 minutes of your time each day to listen to an audio and/or, as appropriate, watch a short video – all with supporting text.


Deep Confidence – $197

Regain & Restore Your Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem & Self-Worth. Deep Confidence is an in-depth transformational training, direct and to the point. In just three weeks it takes you step-by-step through your current beliefs about yourself and the world, challenging your perspective and tasking you with exercises to shift you forward – fun and forthright comprising 22 follow my leader videos.


100% Anti-Depression Training $297

Avoid depression 100%, liberate yourself from depression 100% forever and retrieve 100% of your beautiful, glorious, un-depressed self with this 45 day Taoist Treatment course. Barefoot Doctor takes you through what depression actually is and the psycho-emotional components of depression before showing you how, by addressing each factor comprising the condition, determining where you originally made the choice to be defeated by each of them, and then actively choosing differently, your depression lifts.


Anxiety Busting System $97

Probably the simplest & most effective antidote in the world to anxiety & panic attacks.  Anxiety is not compulsory, necessary or obligatory – it’s a process, but if it’s habitual, or panic attacks are becoming your default position, it’s time to address how you manifest anxiety in the mind – before you get to crisis point. Barefoot Doctor’s ABS – advanced breaking system for anxiety and panic attacks – is a simple yet profoundly efficacious 16 step protocol to implement whenever anxiety or panic attacks strike.


Psychology of Fear – $197

Finally, a nine-part practical program that can help anyone – at any age – manage & overcome fear. Gives you the full in-depth understanding of the fear behind anxiety and how to use it to your advantage as a superb driver for your life’s adventure. This powerful program quickly embeds new behavior patterns into your subconscious – so you can finally break free, live your life authentically, to the full, riding this magnificent adventure for all it’s worth, aware that you’re safe & you’re worth it… Nine x one hour in-depth sessions.


Total Taoist Recalibration Meditation Training $67

Probably the world’s most powerful, beneficial and profound form of meditation – free of mumbo jumbo, robes or leotards. You don’t need to face a certain direction, contort yourself into shapes, mutter incantations or listen to any specific types of music. Do it sitting, lying or even standing at the supermarket check-out. Grasp a few basic principles then slip into it whenever you turn your mind to it – it becomes a way of life. In depth audio training in Taoist meditation + deeply relaxing guided meditation.


A New Manifesto $397

A training in manifesting, a training in being – step-by-step intensive online training, via video, audio and text. It’s no conjuring trick – Barefoot Doctor’s New Manifesto is an in-depth, proven training to quantum leap your progress in life and retrieve the missing sense of ‘mmmmm’ in your heart and soul.  Yes this is a training in manifesting. More profound it’s a training in being – being you.


Advanced Taoist Mindfulness $197

Three week, in-depth, video-based online training in Advanced Taoist Mindfulness so you can finally feel fully in your body, taking everything in your stride and loving each and every moment of this precious ride of life progressively more with Barefoot Doctor’s easy and quick to learn, fun to follow, unique, in-depth, proven, advanced training in mindfulness.


Great Presence – $197

The failsafe method for confident & enthralling public speaking & personal communication. Great Presence is about being in command not just of what you want to say and how to say it, but how you hold yourself for that conversation and in life – your presence in the world, your internal confidence and esteem in presenting yourself to others. 18 in-depth video-based training sessions + support materials.


School for Warriors – Internal Kung Fu for Eternal Life

Start this intensive six month training with School for Warriors 1 Foundation Level – The Eight Principles of Personal Power – eight weeks, $297. Then move on to School for Warriors 2 Intermediate Level – Access, Develop and Focus Chi, six weeks $397 and complete the series with  School for Warriors 3 Advanced Level – Transmute Chi Into Pure Spirit, five weeks $497