Opening Yourself To Receive Life’s Blessings Today

The armour you’ve built around yourself without realising, the armour that prevents you feeling the pain of life too much, but which actually just isolates you and so causes you even more pain, also cuts you off from receiving the blessings of life – it cuts you off from and deprives you of the flow of good coming your way – it blocks what you need coming into manifestation.

This is especially so in relation to the area around your heart. When your chest is tight and guarded it blocks the flow of love and all love carries with it – not only the love trying to radiate from you but the love trying to reach you from others. It’s this love that comprises the stream of energy that brings you what you want in life. Of course the things you want don’t  drop from the sky, out of thin air – what you want is sent by the Tao but is delivered by other people.

The more open-hearted you are, the more freely others are drawn into your orbit and it’s this movement of energy towards your person that brings with it the opportunities and situations you need to ensure your success.

I give an exercise in the Members’ Wisdom Drop today to help you dissolve the armour a little bit.

But for now, in any case, use your mind to command the muscles and soft tissue of your chest to relax a little bit more now – picture your chest and say, ‘reeeeeee-lax, chest!’

Wish: a whole slew of good things come bounding along your way today.

Love, Doc


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