Open Your Heart To Receive More Of Life’s Sweetness Now

It’s a strange thing witnessed whilst living in Ibiza, that though life doesn’t get much sweeter, the habitual use of substances for existential crisis anaesthetic  was and is rife and strangely more so, it would seem, with the girls than the boys. Why, you’d wonder, amidst the never-ending lines of people moving to and from the toilets, would so much anaesthetic for the existential pain of being a human be needed in such a lush environment? And I posit that we have had so many millennia of suffering wired into our circuit-boards and until very recently, more so the women than the men, that having a good time doesn’t come easily, in fact it rubs up against the buried ancient pain and makes it hurt even more.

I’m not saying I find it totally easy always handling the sweetness with equanimity myself but fortunately have a whole armoury of natural techniques to keep me relatively balanced and comfortable enough to process the ongoing existential dilemma without needing to scurry off to the nearest loo and come back sniffing with a far-away look in my eyes every half an hour.

Yet still it’s a challenge.

Ironically, I find providing you do daily practice (tai chi, meditation, qigong and so on), it’s a lot easier maintaining existential balance in big cities where there’s something to push against – the pressure of overcrowding, competitiveness, noise, smell and so on. But in Ibiza, for instance, there’s nothing much to push against except life being blessedly sweet in the main, especially if you stick to the forests and hills and the only way you can push against sweetness is by going into sourness, which is certainly not the antidote I’d wish to adopt.

It makes me think how important it is that we all learn to open our hearts more now to receive the sweetness of life, for the more we do, the more sweetness we’ll be collectively channelling. It must surely be time to lessen the addiction to suffering, just as it must be to lessen the addiction to artificial substances.

I’ll talk about how in today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop.

Meantime, open your heart and let the love in – mine, the world’s the Tao’s and with that love, let come an abundance of everything you wish for.

May it be so.

Love, D

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  • Indeed Stephen ~~~~~~~

    I’m getting there…

    Outer to inner~~~

    (ah)ayanna (@Houston)

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