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Life stuck? Need help moving on in any area?

184x240Barefoot Doctor is probably the world’s fastest and most effective unblocker and positive direction-suggester. No matter the situation, he’ll help you find a way through using reframing and repositioning techniques based on Taoist principles that move you on fast.

The way it works, is you tell him your problem and he shows you a new way of looking at it that reveals the way through and over it via a series of emails back and forth, in which he suggests various simple exercises, comprising visualizations, affirmations, energy points, meditations, physical movement if appropriate and new philosophical angles.

Expertise as a life-advisor developed from running one of the UK’s busiest acupuncture healing practices from 1983 to 2000 in which he treated over 100,000 people successfully and subsequently through almost 10 years of coaching people effectively via email.

One-to-one sessions with Barefoot Doctor via email are available over 5 emails – members of Barefoot Doctor Global’s Inner Circle receive one free one-to-one five email session FREE as part of their membership ($470 annual membership, $47 a month monthly membership), as well as a host of other members-only benefits.

Non-members 121 with Barefoot Doctor $497 – click the button to order and book your session:

Or become an Inner Circle member and get five FREE email 121 sessions 


“The one-to-one e-mail exchange has just pulled me back from an abyss of fear, panic and despair. Initially, I didn’t see how some e-mails with someone I couldn’t see face-to-face could pull me out of the deep hole I was in – but desperation made me sign up.

“It had the most amazing effect – and very fast too. I don’t know how he does it, but he managed, in an incredibly concise and speedy manner, to put his finger on the heart of the problem and show me a route out of my pain and fear which gave me back my sanity. And, in due course, the stressful and frightening external conditions which were triggering my fear and panic in the first place, got resolved.

“This huge amount of help and support was given in an incredibly loving and generous way – far beyond what anyone might consider the ‘call of duty’. If you’re in a bad place and need help, don’t hesitate to embark on this brilliant process. Thank you so much, Barefoot Doctor.”


“I practiced everything you told me and it’s worked in such an amazing way that there is no way in the world that what occurred could have happened without some type of divine intervention.”


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