One of the best comedy moments of my life

Picture this – I’m over in Andalusia for a few days to get a bit of headroom to format this new in-depth online qigong training we’re working on behind the scenes – I arrived late in the night and was driving around looking for the hotel – I knew it by sight but in the dark one mountain road tends to look a lot like every other – nothing was open, there was the odd, cat, eagle and white bat around but no sign of human life and I was getting tired, had no mobile signal, and had finally conceded to myself I needed to ask for directions from someone, anyone, when by some wonderful quirk of synchronicity right there in the middle of nowhere I chanced upon a clutch of five Guardia Civil cars, blue lights a’flashing and a bunch of policemen arresting three guys I assume were brigands of one sort or another, these latter handcuffed with faces pressed against one of the police cars.

So I pulled up and, with a smile of camaraderie as fellow erstwhile peacekeeper and impartial observer of the human condition who’s seen a bit of life, and in my best street Spanish said to the main policeman, “Pardon me, I can see you’re all a bit busy here but could you tell me how to find my hotel?” To which they all got involved debating the quickest route, even the robbers. Soon the main policeman handed me the verdict, then one of the robbers chipped in with a refinement about an extra left turn, the main policeman smiled and mimicked my accent back at me, we all laughed, even the robbers, I said thanks to everyone, wished them all good luck, got back in my car, gave a salute, got one back from all the police guys – the brigands had other things on their mind by then – and drove off.

That’s what I mean when I talk about pleasure – moments of connection with each other, that cut through whatever drama’s going on and remind us all life is beautiful or at least has its beautiful side/s, despite all its hassles.
So I’m not just talking about hedonistic gratification, though that’s obviously lovely when it happens, as long as you don’t milk it too much and get too hooked. I’m talking about the Tao feeling itself through our actions and interactions and enjoying what it’s feeling.

And that is precisely what this coming satsang session is all about – pumping up your pleasure factor – it’s happening on Sunday at 18:00 GMT so if pumping up your pleasure factor sits fairly high on your agenda (and if it isn’t I’d strongly advise reconsidering your position on that) come and join your fellows from every time zone on the planet and let us sit together as a band of joyous angels making magic for everyone – book it here, book it now – can’t imagine a better way of serving the Tao.

And if you’re in the UK in March, anywhere Midlands and north I’m doing the SUPERHEALING LIVE in Manchester on March 10th, and if you’re anywhere Midlands and south I’m doing it in London on March 18th – book it now – dates and locations for all  SUPERHEALING LIVE events in March here.

Where you’ll also notice a wonderful retreat in palatial surrounds in the rich heart of Devon – April 16th to 19th with a whole group of wonderful facilitators, where I’m doing a day myself and I highly recommend the whole thing if you fancy treating yourself to a well-earned reboot – here it is

And not to press the point but on the topic of personal reboot when you land on the events page, you’ll also spot the Urbino weeklong retreat (in Italy) I’m running, starting June 4th at which places are almost all gone, so if you fancy a mid-summer shunt into the full magnificence of you, jump on this with out delay right here.

Above all though remember, it’s perfectly OK to be afraid – fear is an essential driver and contributes much to your ongoing survival, but never let it stop you following your true impulses. Had I, for instance, allowed my natural fear of clusters of flashing blue lights and cops and robbers melodrama to stop me asking for directions I’d have been driving around all night – and would have missed one of the best comedy moments of my life so far.

With love, young Barefoot

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