Finally, a nine-part practical program that can help anyone – at any age – manage fear & overcome anxiety to feel naturally happy & relaxed in any situation



Barefoot Doctor teaches the Taoist method for managing fear, or more precisely, harnessing it and using it as was intended, as a superb driver for your life’s adventure, rather than the inhibitor it is when left to its own devices.

This powerful program quickly embeds new behavior patterns into your subconscious – so you can finally break free, live your life authentically, to the full, riding this magnificent adventure for all it’s worth, aware that you’re safe & you’re worth it…

  • You’ll learn the difference between real, primal fears and the fear based fantasies that initiate the anxiety spiral

    – so you’ll know what’s real and what’s not in any situation you face

  • You’ll find out exactly how to dismantle your faulty, unhealthy anxiety mechanisms

    – so you feel empowered to lead yourself, trust your decisions and never give into your fears again

  • You’ll know how to deal with others opinions for what they are, just someone’s opinions

    – so you never feel judged, ridiculed or bullied again

  • You’ll understand about negative behaviours and phobias and know how to change those patterns

    – so you can break free from whatever’s holding you back

  • You’ll gain the confidence to lose the mask, be your authentic self, and express yourself more naturally

    – so you’re no longer exhausted with the act of pretending to be someone you’re not and unafraid to say ‘no’, or ask for what you want and need

  • You’ll feel able to face change and challenges, and seize new, exciting opportunities

    – so you’re not afraid of new experiences and can walk away from situations which make you feel stuck and unhappy

Your life is a magnificent adventure once you open up to see it as such. The only factor inhibiting it developing into the fully flowered show it was always intended to be, is the set of faulty anxiety-based mechanisms you’ve been limping around with all these years.

We’re all terrified


Living genuinely, travelling the world teaching and healing people, Barefoot often finds himself hanging out with some of the world’s most interesting characters – super-rich international geniuses, heads of organized crime syndicates, geopolitical advisors to presidents, cross-dressing music producers, craven drug addicts, spun out DJs, dangerous psychotics, compulsive marketeers, doctors, nurses, candlestick makers, models, economists, traders, hustlers, healers, dealers, actors, and the whole gamut of humanity.

His role, his service, is in the realm of alleviating pain (on all levels), of helping his brothers and sisters get back on the path when they feel lost, to encourage talent, and to generally wake up fellow earthly angels wherever and whenever they’re ready to wake up – he does this is in his own wayward way, which is certainly not like anyone else’s.

He has met royalty and murderers, the richest and the poorest and discovered that the one thing everyone, has in common, is that underneath the surface, behind the disguise, the mask, the personality, the bravado, the fashionable looks, the reputations, the power displays, the posturing, and parading, we’re all totally and utterly terrified of each other, of the universe we’re apparently experiencing all this in, and even of our own minds

You can’t do away with fear – it’s intrinsic and essential to the human condition as a primal survival drive. But you can harness it and deploy the energy derived to power you along on your adventure.

Indeed if you don’t, the fear will cripple you and reduce the adventure to watching mainstream bullshit on TV and everything that goes with that – the stultifying display of spectacular mediocrity we generously describe as modern culture.

Fear is primal

fear responseBehind the glossy surface is raw nature and nature is ferocious – and the armies of rats hiding in the wainscot waiting to take over once we drop the ball are the least of it. But essentially fear boils down to the basic primal fear of loud noise and fear of being hit – and perhaps the fear of the ground falling away beneath you – this all commensurate with the conditions our primitive ancestors were negotiating. Hence shouting is frightening because the sound hurts and can damage your ears and people are frightening because if the shit hits the fan and the thin veneer of social etiquette fell away they’d be capable of hitting you.

We no longer need be so constantly ready to flee from or tussle with a wild predator, a crazed caveman, random earthquake, or so on but the fear drive is still just as strong, so the mind projects it onto all manner of lesser fears – fear of abandonment, fear of humiliation fear of destitution, fear of banishment, fear of inconvenience, fear of status-loss, fear of losing loved ones, fear of losing altogether, fear of dying and so on.

To play this game the mind is obliged to conjure up fear-based fantasies, and this initiates an anxiety spiral, which weakens the kidney chi, which in turn increases anxiety. Our entire civilization is built on accommodating this anxiety – and it’s time to address it.

Address your fears

The Psychology of Fear training is a nine week series of one hour webinars (attend live or listen/download the replays at your leisure) during which you’ll:

Explore new ways of thinking and being to help you understand yourself and others better, giving you confidence to overcome your fears and anxieties

Be guided though proven practical exercises to quickly develop physical, psycho-spatial, and relationship management skills that help you interact more successfully with life, at a personal, professional and spiritual level

Absorb and integrate powerful new behaviour patterns and helpful mental attitudes, so you not only welcome fear, but utilize it as a positive force

Understand how to avoid taking things personally so you can navigate the complexities of social interaction and feel comfortable whoever you’re with

Examine your phobias and fear-based actions from the past so you can let them go and feel emotionally safe no matter the challenges you’re facing

This training is for you if:

  • You desperately want to interact with people and situations in a positive confident way, but shrink from it because you don’t feel good enough, confident enough, skilled enough or worthy enough
  • You wish you could care less what others think, but usually feel judged, criticised, ridiculed, or bullied
  • You feel you’re allowing your fears to run your life and it’s making you depressed, but you don’t know who to turn to – or even how to turn to – someone for help
  • Your anxieties have, or could soon, cost you a job, a promotion, the career of your dreams or the financial security you’re capable of
  • Your fears around love, rejection or betrayal are affecting your ability to find love, give love, be intimate or feel loved

It’s not just you – people the world over suffer from these kinds of insecurities, never knowing that with just a few simple techniques they could manage their fears and anxieties effectively and live a more exciting, fulfilling, productive life.

You don’t have to live with low level anxiety, full on phobias, or out and out fear.

Change your life

tobefreeIn just nine weeks as you work through Barefoot Doctor’s Psychology of Fear training – attending just one session a week, then putting the exercises into practice – you’ll experience total transformation of your fear-based experiences and actions.

From the outset you’ll begin to see real results and, as you progress you’ll feel the weight of anxiety begin to lift as you understand how to manage fear whenever it strikes, so you can start to see your life and the opportunities in front of you in a whole new light.

And when you do you’ll find your life opening up. You’ll begin to actively broaden your horizons, seek out new experiences, treat them playfully and embrace what they bring. You’ll open the doors to a brand new way of living – with more freedom, love, friendship, trust, success and happiness.

You won’t just learn the theory. This is transformational training – you’ll completely change your life.

It isn’t the sort of course where you have to remember lots of facts. This is all about understanding a different way of being and learning some simple techniques, which you practice in your own time, so when it comes to the ‘real thing’ when anxiety strikes, you already feel better.

Attend the webinars live with Barefoot, or listen at your leisure – the material will be available for you to download and refer to whenever you need.

Each step of the nine-step process provides you with vital information, tips, exercises and information about related material.

The Psychology of Fear nine-part program

Barefoot Doctor’s Psychology of Fear is a nine part in-depth exploration of the psycho-mechanics of fear and training in how to fully master fear for deployment as healthy motivational energy.

Fear is nothing to be afraid of. You inevitably feel it as an animal in an essentially hostile universe.

Barefoot teaches you how to position yourself within your body and how to let the innate excitement of being alive be your driving force, so you’re less inclined to compulsively channel that energy into anxiety-producing what-if-this-what-if-that horror movies in your head, and more inclined you are to ride the intensity and come out thriving.

You start by understanding the schema and stratagems, then Barefoot explains the antidote to every aspect of fear. You finish by focusing on intentionality and the psycho-energetic method for utilizing fear as a positive force.

By the end you’ll never quake in your boots again (without fully enjoying the experience and making it work for you).

Here’s what you’ll cover:

eyes on hands over face

1 Schema and stratagems

You’ll learn the true nature of fear and how to differentiate fear and anxiety, understanding what real fear is and the causes of fear. You’ll learn about unconscious fear-associations, the causes and mechanics of anxiety. Together with Barefoot, you’ll explore how anxiety’s roots can lie in childhood and the physiological effects of that anxiety. You’ll learn how to situate yourself in your body, how to make adjustments, physiologically and psycho-spatially – so you gain acceptance, understand and know it’s ok to feel afraid, so you can welcome fear as a healthy motivational force.


tied down2 Separation anxiety

Ever felt manipulated or controlled? By your mother,father, grandparents, siblings, nanny, au pair, teacher, friends, co-workers, lovers, children? Barefoot teaches you tactics to use whenever you feel controlled, held back, tied down or hemmed in by others, so you can leave unhealthy, unhelpful situations and people – and overcome any anxiety about hurting them in the process.



Inequality-cleese-and-bar-0023 Competition anxiety

Are you constantly comparing yourself against others and worrying what might happen if you lose your job or don’t obtain the latest ‘must have’ clothes, car, home, gadget? Feel that others are judging you on your wealth, relationships, career, kids, material possessions, position in the community? Whether its poverty anxiety, status-drop anxiety, comparison anxiety, worth-anxiety, you’ll emerge from this session with a new sense of self-esteem, caring less what others think about you, and knowing that you can trust yourself and your decisions.


on the edge

4 Survival anxiety

Are your worries about money, debt or dependency, constricting your ability to enjoy life? Barefoot will help you overcome poverty anxiety and (financial) insecurity anxiety, freedom or dependence anxiety, and annihilation anxiety – whether you’re fretting about ill health or weakness, your own demise or others’, or even the end of the world (as we know it).



grass greener

5 Deprivation anxiety

Got that niggling feeling that you’re missing out, that there’s more to life, that others are more lucky, more successful, more fulfilled than you? If you feel limited, lost, displaced, settling for and living a life that’s not really yours, this session will help you accept why you’re at where you’re at, take decisions and move on in whatever way feels positive for you.



alone6 Abandonment anxiety

Are you lonely? Do you harbour feelings of rejection or betrayal from previous relationships? Do you feel unloved or unlovable? Whichever loneliness or unworthiness anxiety you’re experiencing – including intimacy anxiety or cosmetic (appearance) anxiety – Barefoot will help you see through it so you can enjoy your own company and interact with others in a more meaningful, mutually beneficial way.



Fear-of-Public-Speaking-image7 Performance anxiety

Scared of leaving your comfort zone? Always making excuses so you can avoid new experiences or ventures because you’re worried about imperfection (getting it wrong), frightened of failure or success? Unable to express yourself authentically because you’re concerned how people will react? Feel trapped by your dependents – constantly fearful for them and over-protective? This session will help you break out of your comfort zone, handle confrontation constructively and get a grip on any anxieties running out of control.


Anxiety-symptoms -written on back8 Panic, phobias & paranoia

From low scale anxiety to a full on attack, you’ll gain an understanding of panic, phobias and paranoia – what they are and how to handle them, using stratagems of false and true insight as remedy. Ideal if you have to speak in public, deal with difficult people, or just need stressful situations to be less stressful.



9 Future focus

Having completed a thorough exploration of the different fears we can all succumb to, this session focuses on the future – your future, setting new intentions for a fulfilling life, every day of your life, and ensuring you feel equipped to manage any fears that arise along the journey

Why fight fear with Barefoot Doctor?

Since he began learning martial and healing arts at the age of eleven, Barefoot Doctor has dedicated his life to studying the human condition and developing ways everyone can use to ameliorate it and eventually to attain to a state of perpetual delight for being alive come what may.

Hundreds of thousands of people across the world have turned their lives around with his transformational training.

A master of the Taoist martial arts – tai chi, xing yi, pa kua and white crane, Barefoot qualified as a doctor of Chinese medicine and has spent almost five decades exploring, interpreting, practicing and teaching the methods and philosophy of ancient Taoism, as well as being an avid student of belief systems, spirituality and human potential.

He studied psychotherapy with the eminent, maverick psychotherapist RD Laing for three years and shamanism with the native American Indians of Taos, New Mexico for four years.

Returning to London in the early 80s, Barefoot ran the UK’s busiest acupuncture healing practice for 17 years, growing in acclaim and treating celebrities including Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Jade Jagger and members of the Pink Floyd as well as people from all walks of life.

He has authored 17 books including ‘Handbook For The Urban Warrior’, ‘Liberation’, ‘Manifesto’, and more recently ‘Pure’, ‘The Man Who Drove With His Eyes Closed’, and ‘The Message’.

He also wrote a weekly column for the UK’s national Sunday newspaper The Observer for five years, has been a regular on radio and national TV and hosted his own TV show.

Barefoot is also a musician, composer, master sound-healer and music producer who developed a new style of healing electronic dance music and pioneered the ‘conscious clubbing’ movement.

He created the ‘Damn Sexy’ range of healing fragrances and organic Precious Essence and was a pioneer in teaching self-development courses online.

Barefoot now travels the world running workshops and retreats, doing talks, holding conscious clubbing nights, writing, making healing music, and teaching the Taoist way through his online courses and signature program School for Warriors. He also runs a mental health project at the Pavilion in London to help people diagnosed ‘dangerous psychotic’ transit from the mental health ward into ‘care in the community’.

bfd 200x240In this new Psychology of Fear training, Barefoot merges his lifelong research and experience from almost five decades of practice and three decades of teaching and healing to create the fastest, structured program that anyone troubled by fears, phobias, anxiety, stress or shyness can follow in order to tackle their traumas and begin to ride the adventure of life – no matter at what stage of life you’re at.


What people say about training with Barefoot Doctor

I have experienced undefined, existential fear and fear of being shut off from life for years, a deep mistrust of life. Barefoot’s work has been immense for me–more than any other teacher or guide. I cannot say enough–and I have worked with a lot. The alchemy of the Taoist practices transforms fear and fills body and mind with what is true–and you present these practices in such a digestible way. You have opened my eyes, mind, heart and body and my soul says THANK YOU!”
Tara – USA

“Fear has so many faces – I’ve found & faced down quite a few thanks to Barefoot’s teaching.”
Debbie, Scotland

“Barefoot has literally replaced my perceived “need” for anti anxiety meds…. Thank you!”
Ross – South Korea

“I love Barefoot Doctor’s approach – so genuine, loving, intuitive, connected to Source, and human! That’s quite a combination.”
Helen – USA

“Being a life-long sufferer of social anxiety I found Barefoot Doctor very useful in giving me insight into my thought processes and how to change them for the better.”
Lee – UK.

“Barefoot doctor has helped me with my fears regarding my health. I would recommend his teaching to anybody who is suffering. I have learned so much from him. He teaches us to be brave, helps us with self healing exercises for our mind, body and spirit.”
Mary – UK

“I’ve learned how to work through anxiety attacks that plagued me terribly – now I find it possible to breathe and work through them.”
Jonathan – USA

“You showed me how to live every moment, how to use my energy for change instead of being so afraid. Thank you from my heart :)”
Sabine, Germany.

“My fear was about opening up and trusting another and through the patience, gentleness and kindness Stephen showed me this happened. Not just through quietening of the mind but also through relaxing the body so that I also felt sensations and emotions some of which I hadn’t experienced in over a decade and some I hadn’t experienced since being a baby if at all. Thank you from my heart for a very profound healing at every level.”

“Barefoot helped me clear my fear of death, I was terrified of leaving my kids behind to cope in this crazy world. I now feel enlivened and liberated and am able to be creative again to help this planet get through this difficult time.”
Jayne – UK


Barefoot Doctor’s Psychology of Fear

Nine-step Transformational Training

Nine in-depth, one hour Psychology of Fear webinars
One a week for nine weeks exploring all aspects of fear and how to manage it
1 Schema and stratagems
2 Separation anxiety
3 Competition anxiety
4 Survival anxiety
5 Deprivation anxiety
6 Abandonment anxiety
7 Performance anxiety
8 Panic, phobias & paranoia
9 Future focus
Value 9 x $37 = $333

Bonus 1 – Six meditation audios set to a Pure Barefoot Beat
Relax with these quick, calming five minute meditation pods from Doc
Faith in the Path
Trust-or-fear meditation
Release-from-bondage-to-the-past meditation
Confidence-building meditation
Fear-calming meditation
Anti-psychophobic meditation (including guest appearance by the late RD Laing)
Value $17

Bonus 2 – Barefoot’s fast reset video
Whenever you’re stressed or rushed, take just seven minutes for yourself to work through this self-massage sequence to bring yourself back to you
Value $17

Bonus 3 – Taoist Jumping Magic Satsang Sequence
All six, one hour recordings – each with a 30 min Taoist guided meditation – to help you jump over debt or poverty, dysfunctional relationships, ill health or energy deficit, low confidence, lack of direction, excessive pressure and overwhelm
Value $50

Single pay or two instalments

Barefoot Doctor’s Psychology of Fear

Nine-step Transformational Training

Just $197

Single pay or instalment plan

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2 x $107

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